Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Only Way Georgia is Going to Change

God bless 'em. They just can't help themselves.

Down in Georgia Congressman Paul Collins Broun is running for the U.S. Senate. He went on Georgia Public Radio and had this to say about the democrat's chances of winning the seat. (sic) "The only way Georgia is going to change is if we have all these illegal aliens in here in Georgia, give them the right to vote. It only helps the democrats if we legalize all these illegal aliens in this country who the democrats want to put on federal welfare programs."

It would seem Representative Broun failed to get the memo from GOP chairman, Reince Priebus. You know, that one about trying to convince Hispanics to vote republican. Well, sometimes these things slip between the cracks. It was probably some junior aide's fault.

Broun is in the middle of a crowded primary field which contains eight republicans running for the office being vacated by Saxby Chambliss. And right now, by golly, each and every one of them are trying to be the most gosh darned conservative hep cat in the whole wide world. NBC News reports the closest thing to a moderate in the race is a guy named Jack Kingston.

Of course some people's idea of a moderate is a tad different than others. Kingston has previously urged that the kids who qualify for the federal free lunch program be forced to sweep cafeteria floors in order to earn their keep. Either that or pay a nickle or a dime per meal, so they understand, in this country, "there is no free lunch."

Yes, yes, that is all fine and good--there is nothing quite like a little old fashioned humiliation to build character--but lets get back to Broun. Actually none of us should be surprised by anything he says. He was first elected to congress in a 2007 special election and we've been stuck with him ever since. He is a licensed physician, but doesn't have hospital privileges any where in the state of Georgia. In addition, proving he is strictly a family values type of guy, he is currently working on this fourth marriage.

In the past he has routinely called Barack Obama a socialist. In fact, according to Wikipedia. at one point in an earlier interview he speculated that Obama's proposal to create a national service corps was an evil ruse to establish a shadow military which the president would use to turn the nation into a Marxist dictatorship.

He currently sits on a few committees. One of them is the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Another is the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

His knowledge in these critical areas can best be described as unique. First, the Congressman claims global warming is a hoax meant to destroy the United States. Second, in an address to the Liberty Baptist Church Sportsman's Banquet, he said embryology, evolution, and the big bang are, "lies straight from the pit of hell."  He also assures us, with a straight face, the planet earth is approximately 9,000 years old and was created in six days, "as we know them." The statements moved PBS' Bill Nye, the Science Guy, to say of him, "He is, by any measure, unqualified to make decisions about science, space, and technology."

You know you've made an impression when the host of a children's TV science show is publicly ragging on you.

Will he be the republican candidate in November? Who knows? It's Georgia for God's sake. There is a series of seven debates, the first of which will be held on January 18th. Before they are done the least lucid of these cranks will have disappeared. The primary will be held in May. If no one gets over 50% of the vote there will be a runoff.

Sitting in the wings, waiting on the winner, is democrat Michelle Nunn, the daughter of retired Georgia Senator, Sam Nunn. Her campaign received a $5,000 contribution from a PAC which was affiliated with former Senator Richard Lugar. He was bushwhacked by a tea party geek in the 2012 Indiana republican primary. Former Senator John Warner of Virginia has also kicked in $500. All of which shows what mainstream members of the GOP think of these clowns.

The Pew Hispanic Center says Latinos make up 9% of the Georgia population. It is unknown how many of them are registered voters. One thing can be certain at this point however, Congressman Broun isn't going to get a lot of support from that demographic. The truth is, he might even want to avoid fast food joints and Tex-Mex restaurants for a while. There is no telling what sort of odd bits of hardware will end up in the burrito when the kitchen staff finds out he is in the dining room.

It is a dark, dank, afternoon here on the southern plains, but that is okay. With guys like Paul Broun running loose my day will aways remain bright.

sic vita est


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