Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Games are Afoot

As these words are being typed the Rhode Island and Oklahoma men's basketball teams are locked in a first round death struggle. Today and tomorrow and to a slightly lesser extent Saturday and Sunday it will be wall to wall college hoops in what is the greatest tournament in all of the truly American sports.

A few years ago TV spots for the NBA playoffs featured Charles Barkley yammering, "Win, or go home." Someone should have sued the league for false advertising. You don't even have to follow the pro game to know during a NBA playoff series you can lose as many as three times without your season ending  Have an off night? That's okay, because unless it's a game seven, you can come back the day after tomorrow and redeem yourself. In the NCAA championship tournament, fuck up just one time and you are gone.

Right now employers across the land are looking at half empty offices as workers cash in on accrued personal time off and crowd into local sports bars. Everyone from Barack H. Obama to the neighborhood meth addict have filled out brackets. Persons who haven't watched a game all year are suddenly experts and vast sums of money have been put at risk.

Personally I have Duke, Villanova, North Carolina, and Virginia in the final four. This despite the fact it is well known the Dukies and their coach Mike Krzyzewski have a long and sordid history of destroying my brackets. When I bet them to flame out they invariably go long. When I have depended on them to make a deep run they end up tanking first round games against people like Lehigh and Mercer. My God, I didn't even know what state Mercer was in when that particular disaster hit. (For those wondering the campus is located in Macon, GA)

This morning I have Rhode Island advancing against Krzyzewski's outfit. I know that means I bet against my alma mater Oklahoma. Trust me, when it comes to dealing with bookies there isn't any room for fond memories of tossing a Frisbee on the South Oval, or old school loyalty. OU started the year hot, but since the middle of January has flat out sucked. The truth is it was a miracle--some say wrought by a FBI investigation into nasty allegations leveled against a few other teams--they are in at all.

Of course it also means I'm relying on Duke to take care of business against Iona later today and as mentioned earlier, that's never a done deal--no matter what over matched band of miscreants the Blue Devils are up against.

Yes, screw Don Trump, the Russians, the NRA, and the rest of the vile monsters who make the current state of national and world affairs such a nightmare. It is time to kick back and dwell on something utterly unimportant, yet totally entertaining, not to mention, if things break the right way, financially rewarding.

Next stop Santa Fe and dry martinis at the Thunderbird Bar and Grill over looking the Plaza.

And this news: despite a valiant, heart stopping, effort in regulation Oklahoma went down in OT 83-78. Hey, so far, so good.

Indeed. To paraphrase Holmes, the games are afoot.

sic vita est


Monday, March 12, 2018

Remaining Stuck For Another Week With a Bizarre and Brutal Reality--Then Escaping With the Thursday Tip Off and, at the Advice of the Eminent Doctor, a Road Trip

Let's face it, things have spun out of control. The Russians have been running completely amok for a couple of years now. That's when it dawned on them Americans will believe anything if it's plastered all over social media. The proof is in the hysteria. Just take a look at the Obama birther hullabaloo and the 2012 Mayan end of time thing. You can almost hear Vlad Putin laughing his ass off as his people  spread unfounded rumors, libelous allegations, and outright science fiction over the internet, leading large portions of the U.S. electorate into unbridled chaos and frenzy.

Then there is Donald Trump. He can rile up the trailer park fascists with the best of them, but when it comes to actually running the country he has all the acumen of a meth addict deep in the throes of a paranoid psychotic break. Even worse, his contempt for the American style of democracy is such that a little over a week ago he had this to say to a bunch of supporters and donors, "President Xi Jinping (of China) is a great gentleman and now he's president for life. And look he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day." Rather than reacting in horror and revulsion the arch conservative audience went all orgasmic with glee and cheered him lustily.

Meanwhile 14 Florida school kids and three of their teachers were shot and killed by yet another lunatic who bought a semi automatic weapon as easily as he could a bunch of bananas. They apparently have died in vain despite the anguish and outcry from their friends and loved ones. After a private meeting with the NRA poohbahs El Donald has begun to back peddle on his own gun control proposals, proving once again, in American politics, bucks count for much more than common sense and high school campuses piled high with dead bodies.

Yes, given the circumstances, it is time to change the dial, so to speak.

Luckily two things are about to happen. First the NCAA men's basketball tournament tips off tomorrow and Wednesday with play-in games, then in earnest on Thursday. Since I never pay attention to the Tuesday-Wednesday action that gives me nearly 48 hours to study the brackets, make my picks, and get in touch with one, or more of the prominent book makers in the local market.

The field seems muddled this year and while there are a couple of teams who look to be final four material, no one stands out as completely dominant. All sorts of so called experts are on the net and airwaves talking historic trends, past tournament runs and traditional flame outs. They are a bunch of fools and shills and have approximately the same success rate as my wife. She has far better things to do than analyze this shit, so makes her picks based entirely on the likeability of team mascots and colors.

Well everyone has a system. Who is to say hers is any less valid than, say, some guy who thinks he's a wagering genius because he put money on Alabama in this year's college football playoffs.

Beyond the tournament and following the advice of that eminent physician, Dr. Evans, we'll escape from the southern plains this weekend in order to make a road trip to Santa Fe and--weather permitting--certain retail outlets in southern Colorado specializing in pesticide free botanicals.

Indeed, get away from the news and social media. Make sure the only thing on TV is college basketball, while swilling massive amounts of Tequila accompanied by crates of lime and barrels of salt. Find a mountain, climb the fucker, then bask in the moonlight as a layer of snow glows blue-white all around. That's right, go Ice Age Primal--get back to Nature, by God

That's the plan anyway. And yes, the weekend cannot get here fast enough.

Until then we will remain stuck with a bizarre and brutal reality that is everything other than what it should be.

And just think, that's without any help from the foul quacks who manage the MK-Ultra project.  

sic vita est


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Main Problem With The Process

The White House has tremendous energy, it has tremendous spirit. It is a great place to be working. Many, many people want every single job. Believe me, everybody wants to work in the White House. They all want a piece of that Oval Office, they all want a piece of the west wing. So many people want to come in. I have a choice of anybody. 

Donald John Trump speaking about staff jobs at the White House during his first term as President

Yes, The Big Orange Guy has his choice of anybody, yet he has picked some of the most grotesquely incompetent and venal monsters imaginable. The record cannot be more perfectly clear on the issue.

That leads us  to the current media hot topic. Thanks to Gary Cohn folding his tent and pulling out of the chaos known as the Trump White House, it is the extreme turnover rate in the administration. It would seem many are called, but most who serve prove to be corrupt two bit cranks while the rest flee after realizing just how bat shit crazy their new boss is.

The main problem with The Process seems to be the screening and hiring protocols, which currently have all the professional integrity of back alley crap games run by bored pimps and the occasional loan shark looking for an easy mark.

Let's face it, someone really should have figured out beforehand, Rob Porter and David Sorenson liked to spend their spare time savagely abusing their wives. Or that, Hope Hicks was not only fucking Porter, but may have been doing the same with Corey Lewandowski. And, Mike Flynn was so deep in the pockets of Russia and Turkey he needed to unfold himself every morning before showering.

It does behoove us to note Preet Bharara, Sally Yates, and James Comey all worked for The Justice Department and were fired because they didn't--let's say--fit in with Mr. Trump's concepts of duty and loyalty. Hey, by now everyone should know respect for the separation of powers is a drag on the current job market at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and fealty to The Leader is prized above all.  

Beyond them we move on to profane rubes like Anthony Scaramucci. He was such an obnoxious bugger he apparently got his ass shanked by the publicly humble and soft spoken Ivanka.

Steve Bannon hung on longer than, "The Mooch," but in the end was so unhinged he left the stifling halls of power for a more fulfilling career as a freelance ultra right wing kingmaker. That was his excuse anyway and by God he's stuck with it, despite multiple reports he'd royally pissed off just about everyone he was working with, including the entire Trump family. Bannon's first post White House project was to back Roy Moore in Alabama's GOP Senate primary. His man won against the Trump endorsed candidate Luther Strange, then lost the general election mainly because it turned out the former chief justice of the state's supreme court was an extraordinarily dirty old man.

Sebastian Gorka quit because he came to believe members of the administration were undermining Trump's Make America Great Again initiatives. In other words, the Trump inner circle turned out to be far too leftist for Brother Gorka.

The list goes on and on. It includes the hapless buffoon, Sean Spicer and former and now once again reality TV star, Omarosa Manigualt. She was so weird reports are she had to be forcibly removed from the White House by security. There was also, Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services who never saw a private, or military aircraft he wouldn't charter at tax payer expense.

Others who have hit the road are once Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He formerly ran the RNC, but when it came to commanding Donald Trump's White House didn't have a clue. In addition there is, Katie Walsh, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Walter Shaub, Director of the Office of Government Ethics, Michael Dubke, Communications Director, Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, Director of the CDC, and finally. the aforementioned, Gary Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council.

Reports maintain Cohn resigned because he couldn't talk Trump out of leveling heavy tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. According to sources, it was a decision arrived at during a fit of presidential anger over just about everything other than--you guessed it--aluminum and steel imports.

How can anyone believe, Donald Trump is capable of running this country in a coherent fashion? His staff selections have consisted of a bunch of self serving egomaniacs, borderline traitors, feral neo-nazis, and, to borrow a phrase, "I assume a few good people."

It is so bad, our only glimmer of hope at the moment is, that for a variety of reasons, none of these vile fucks last very long.

God save The United States of America.

And yes, if you were wondering, the bar is open.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Donald Trump One Day and Then the Next

I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf.

Candidate Donald J. Trump in August 2016, comparing his work ethic with that of then President Barack Obama


This morning CNN reported The Big Orange Guy, a little over 13 months after he took office, has spent 100 days of his presidency at private golf clubs which he owns. That's nearly 25% of his current term.

Well, what should we have expected? After all, if we know anything about the current resident of the White House it is he will say something one day then do the opposite the very next without blinking an eye.

Not only that, he will ignore any and all proof of obvious lies and inconsistencies as long as he can. If he is finally cornered on any one subject he'll instantly move on to another by igniting a whole new media storm--and those poor fools at CNN, MSNBC, and others never fail to take the bait--leaving behind the previous craziness like so much flotsam in his wake               

Here is how it plays out. A little while ago he seemed all in on a bi-partisan immigration bill. Senators Dick Durbin, D-IL and Lindsey Graham, R-SC were so excited they rushed into a meeting with Mr. Trump to pitch their proposal for one. Their sit down with the chief executive was a mere 48 hours after Trump's overture to compromise. 

Silly them.

Once in the meeting the Senators ran into a buzz saw during which Trump went off and demanded to know why the United States should be expected to accept immigrants from, "shithole," (or shithouse, depending on your source) countries like Haiti and Africa. The fact Africa is a continent and not a country didn't seem to phase him. Durbin and Graham exited shocked and angry and the issue of immigration is still on the back burner of the stove known as Washington D.C.

The episode left a dismayed Graham wondering aloud about the identity of the guy he met with that day because, according to the Senator, it certainly wasn't the Don Trump he knew as a friend and yes,  played golf with.

Which leads us to the elephant in the room known as gun control. The other day Donald Trump rocked the conservative world by coming down on unrestricted gun sales harder than Obama ever did. He accused Senator John Cornyn, R-TX of being scared of the National Rifle Association. In addition he told another lawmaker her idea of linking Cornyn's weak tea bill with hers, which would essentially lessen a large part of what's left of gun control in this country, was untenable.

The President's anti gun rhetoric became so surreal he went on to propose taking away firearms owned by people suspected of mental illness until it can be determined by a court if they are stable enough to possess them.

That stunning moment led West Virginia's democratic Senator, Joe Manchin to philosophize that, much like the old adage, only Nixon could go to China, only Trump can take away the guns of crazy people without due process.

Ah, but the get together once again proved to be just one day in the life. The next morning El Donald was sitting down with NRA Executive Director, Wayne LaPierre. Afterward the President tweeted, they had a, "...good (Great) meeting..." LaPierre was also tweeting. His read, both the President and Vice-President, Mike Pence, "...don't want gun control."

Only minutes after LaPierre's tweet the United States Senate, knowing Brother Trump all too well, postponed any legislation concerning gun control until a later, unspecified, date. In other words despite the nationwide outrage, the collective horror, and all logic, congress is once again happily prepared to do nothing in the aftermath of yet another massacre of American school kids.

And why? Because, by now, they understand this President is certifiably amoral and once he stops cynically pandering to the American vox populi he'll drop his out of character pretense of giving a shit about the lives of American school children. When it happens just picture the massive sighs of relief on capitol hill--the members of both houses won't have to worry about a bunch of NRA financed wankers trying to unseat them.

Hey, it is what both he and they do.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Central Michigan University student, James Eric Davis Jr. murdered his parents in his dorm room. The night before he'd been hospitalized by local police for acting erratically on campus and, "not making much sense." Reports are he used his father's gun, taken from the family car, to kill his Mom and Dad.

Needless to say, the bar has opened once again.

sic vita est


Monday, February 26, 2018

Roy Moore's Boy: Courtland Sykes--New to Missouri and Crazier Than Donald Trump

Last year republican, Roy Moore barely lost a senate election to former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones in Alabama. Moore didn't start off his campaign with Don Trump's support, but he certainly got it later on.

After the dust settled, Moore tried to blame his election upset on scads of aliens who snuck into Alabama and illegally cast their votes for Jones. Those of us with functioning brains, however knew Moore blew the race, not because of illicit ballots, but because he had been exposed as being a really creepy guy who, if he didn't actually cross the line into pedophilia years ago, he teetered right on the edge of it.

Two of the people who attended Moore's watch party that fateful November evening were a couple from Arkansas who had recently moved to Missouri named, Courtland Sykes and Chanel Rion.

Sykes reasoned that the cause of  Moore's loss was, "100% an effort by the Washington establishment against MAGA (Make America Great Again) candidates." His fiancée, Ms. Rion was equally incensed. She was quoted as saying, "This election has proven that if three floozies and a fake headline can steal an election then they're going to use this as a template to go further."

So who gives a shit what these two anonymous cranks think, right?

Actually, we should, because Courtland Sykes is now vying to be the republican nominee for the Missouri U.S. Senate seat held by democrat, Claire McCaskill. He isn't the only one of course. The GOP front runner is the state's Attorney General Josh Hawley, who has the backing of the party pros.

That isn't necessarily a good thing though. Last fall in Alabama the republican nabobs backed Luther Strange, the incumbent who had taken Jeff Sessions' spot in the Senate. Strange lost the primary runoff to Moore right before it came out the former judge was banned from the Gadsden Mall years ago for clumsily hitting on under aged girls. Those would be the floozies the future Mrs. Sykes railed about.

In a never ending effort to keep his name in the papers and, no doubt, in order to return a favor, The Huffington Post is now reporting Roy Moore is backing Courtland Sykes and his run for the nomination.

According to Moore, Sykes is, "A man of impeccable character, courage, and Christian faith."

To illustrate his impeccable character and courage, when Mr. Sykes filled out a questionnaire about women's rights he had this to say about activists supporting the movement--they are, " obsessed banshees who forego home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail biting, manophobic, hellbent, feminist she-devils."

He's also said they are, "nasty," and "snake filled," and that they are carrying on, "The nonstop feminization campaign against manhood."

Okay, Courtland, but how do you feel about your future family? According to the candidate he wants his daughters, " become traditional homemakers and family wives." As far as his wife is concerned, "I expect to come home to a home cooked dinner at six every night."

It is unclear whether he will demand his fiancée to go all June Cleaver by wearing an A-line dress, sensible shoes, and pearls, or not, but the odds are leaning that way.

It is also unclear just how much of a real chance this grotesque rube has to grab the nomination. He has been a full time resident of Missouri for less than a year and his past is cryptic enough the Huff Post's mini poll of five state GOP veterans provided one common answer: "I don't know anything about him."

In fact, the guy is such a mystery and so outrageous it led one political science professor to say about his candidacy, "This might be one of the greatest examples of political performance art I've ever seen." Unfortunately the same professor also said he is 99.9% sure it isn't and Courtland Sykes really is Donald Trump on steroids.

Well, if it is political performance art the production has been ongoing for a while now. Last August, around the same time he moved from Arkansas--where had served as a staffer to republican congressman, Bruce Westerman for a year--he tweeted, "There is nothing more Anti American than the modern day democrat."

Hey, if we've learned anything over the past couple of years, it's we can't take any of these raving loons lightly.

Indeed, in the age of Breitbart, Bannon, Russian Bots, and Donald J. Trump, complete insanity has been turned into a political advantage, rather than what it always has been and should remain--a joke in such bad taste we immediately dismiss it with a shrug and a sneer.

sic vita est


Thursday, February 22, 2018

The American Gun Control Debate: My Advice to You is, Start Drinking Heavily

We've been heard by other people, but the people here who make the laws aren't really listening.

Agu Felman, 16 year old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Junior speaking about the students reception at the Florida state capitol.

Both kids in the picture are not students here, but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.

Benjamin Kelly, former District Secretary to FL state Representative Shawn Harrison in an email to a Tampa Bay Times reporter.

Who needs the brown acid, the art of Hieronymus Bosch, or even the demented visions of St. John the Divine? Here is how surreal the nightmare has become. Less than 72 hours ago, in front of 100 teenagers who survived the Parkland, FL massacre, state legislators refused to even discuss the issue of gun control. Don't worry though. The lawmakers didn't completely ignore the safety of their constituents. Before the day was over they overwhelmingly passed a resolution which identified pornography as a risk to public health.

Around that same time Benjamin Kelly sent his message to the Tampa area paper via his official state email account. As he explained in a second email, his rock solid source for this breaking news was one of those YouTube conspiracy theory channels which claims all the mass shootings in the United States are either government false flag operations, or flat out fakes--aided and abetted by a secret army of actors who portray witnesses, survivors, and grieving family members over and over again.

The paper contacted Representative Harrison for comment and he immediately went into a song and dance routine that would make the ghost of Fred Astaire envious. Within hours, both he and Florida Speaker of the House, Richard Corcoran took credit for firing Kelly.

Marco Rubio, who would later have his own troubles during a CNN town hall meeting, reacted to the incident with a tweet which read, "Claiming some of the students on TV after #Parkland are actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency."

The suddenly unemployed, Kelly apologized, not for the content of the email, but rather for sending it to the wrong person without authorization. Before taking his Twitter account private he posted a cryptic message which read, "The truth shall set you free."

Meanwhile, right wing trolls and confirmed Russian "bots" were all over social media claiming the Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz was, among other things, a member of Antifa, a "Dreamer," immigrant, was affiliated with ISIS, and worst of all, a registered democrat.

Not to be outdone, the ultra right wing site, "Gateway Pundit," ran a huge banner which said, "EXPOSED." The person they so breathlessly EXPOSED was Stoneman Douglas student, David Hogg--one of the kids Kelly said is an actor. The site found it damning Hogg is the son of a FBI agent. Actually the kid's old man is a former agent, but at this point who gives a shit about details. The Pundit's theory is that since he is secretly the child of a FBI man, young Hogg's entire point of view is skewed and toxic because his father obviously hates Donald Trump.

Hey, all those FBI sons of bitches do. If you don't believe it, just ask Fox News.

Donald Trump Jr. was so impressed with the revelation he liked it on his Twitter account.

For those of you wondering about the 21st century, "Deep Throat," who led Gateway Pundit's ace investigative reporters to this shocking scandal, it was, you guessed it, David Hogg. He has openly talked about his father's former career and the inspiration he draws from him as a student who dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist.

In order to add further to the civility of the debate, the site also published an image of an alleged Buzzfeed headline which read, "Why We Need to Take Away White People's Guns Now More Than Ever." No such article ever existed. Gateway Pundit just made it up.

Today, our old pal, Wayne LaPierre represented the NRA at the arch conservative CPAC conference. He ranted endlessly about, Barack Obama, European style socialists posing as democrats, the media, the elites who run it, Hollywood's political dilettantes, and gun control advocates--including, presumably, the surviving students of Stoneman Douglas--who, "hate personal freedom." Before he was done he blamed everyone and everything for the Parkland horror except the easy availability of semi automatic assault style weapons, their deadly accessories, and, of course, the NRA's unrelenting campaign against any sort of common sense gun control.

By the time he was done it became obvious the NRA's policy for gun safety is to make all of America a paranoid armed camp and turn its schools into what amounts to locked down prisons.

Ah yes, now there is real personal freedom.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar is open. And as John Belushi once said in a movie, "My advice to you is, start drinking heavily."


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Here's to the Heroes of the One Sided Battle of Stoneman Douglas High

Their sorrow can very easily be hijacked by left wing groups who have an agenda. Do we really think 17 year olds on their own are going to plan a nationwide rally? 

Former Georgia republican congressman Jack Kingston speaking about the surge of activism being displayed by survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Ah, the old, "They have an agenda," response to anyone with the temerity to suggest some sort of gun control in this country might be a good idea. Guess what, Mr. Kingston you're right. We do have an agenda and the aim of it is to stop retail arms dealers from selling lunatics the means to gun down school children as they sit in their classrooms.

A quick visit to the NRA online home reveals where Kingston gets his twisted philosophy. Shuffling through the headers one sees a series of announcements made by various NRA spokespersons. They include words and terms such as, "the lying fake news media, the lying media, the media is failing," and no doubt Kingston's inspiration: "The NRA will not tolerate their use of a tragedy in their war against the second amendment."

That's right, mass shootings wrought by the easy access to military style weapons should have no place in America's gun debate. After all, dead babies and adolescents, while unfortunate, are just the price we pay for freedom and to argue otherwise immediately after they've been murdered is distasteful. Besides, if there had been an armed guard at Stoneman Douglas High School the killer would have been stopped.

Oh wait, there was one. He, or she didn't get off a shot.

An ABC/Washington Post poll released today showed 77% of Americans don't think congress is doing enough to prevent mass shootings in this country. 62% say Don Trump isn't either. That doesn't mean we've come together though. The same poll showed while 80% of democrats and 75% of independents don't believe El Donald is doing enough to stop the carnage, 60% of republicans do.

In other words, six out of ten republicans are convinced doing absolutely nothing--which is exactly what Trump has done so far--is helping to halt the unrelenting slaughter of American school kids. My God, the word delusional doesn't even begin to apply to that mind set.

After the bullets stopped flying and what was left of the Stoneman Douglas student body took to the streets in anguish and anger, White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders issued a statement saying her boss is supporting efforts to improve federal background checks. That would be the system which is totally dependent on each state to copy the Feds the ID's of prospective gun buyers so they can see if they're run amok felons. The bill in the works would provide unnamed incentives to states who stop fucking up for a change and provide the feds with accurate and timely information.

The proposed act, sponsored by a Texas republican and a Connecticut democrat, is such weak tea it doesn't even address the sale of military style semi automatic rifles, specifically the AR-15. You know--the gun Nikolas Cruz bought at age 18 with absolutely no waiting period.

There is a reason the proposed legislation doesn't go there. The ABC/Washington Post poll also showed a mere 50% of Americans favor a ban on the sales of such guns while 46% oppose it. The survey found 45% of independents and 71% of democrats want the prohibition while only 29% of republicans do.

Given those numbers there isn't a republican, or democrat outside of a select few districts and states in either house who will feel the slightest bit of heat to challenge the NRA on the issue. Unless, of course, they have a conscience which outweighs their instincts for self preservation. And, as we all know, that notion falls into the realm of science fiction.

The terrible truth is congress didn't do anything after Columbine. It didn't do anything after Sandy Hook, or the Pulse nightclub. It didn't do anything after Las Vegas and dozens upon dozens of other places. Hell, the only thing that has been done on a national level since the assault weapon ban expired years ago is an Obama era executive order which prevented a precious few mentally ill social security recipients from buying firearms.

Donald J. Trump voided that order a few weeks after he took office.

Well, here's to the heroes of the one sided battle of Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. They have shown grace and bravery after being under fire. Certainly far more than those despicable bought and paid for NRA shills like Jack Kingston and the vile clowns in congress who continue to prove themselves abject cowards.

sic vita est