Monday, September 18, 2017

Donald Trump: Red Bull, Chugged, Not Sipped and Rank Amateurism

Nearly eight months in the only thing the entire world can be certain of is, Donald Trump loves chaos. In fact he considers it not just standard operating procedure, but a powerful political ally worth hundreds of thousands of votes among the rubes who despise Washington D.C. and the government for which it stands.

Proving once again the tweeter in chief has the intellect and emotional stability of a 14 year old boy, El Donald once again assailed the world with a storm of tweets yesterday morning. To be fair they weren't all his. Some were previously existing bizarre nonsense which he re-tweeted after careful late night research. You know, like the one showing a train plowing through a layer of snow while it's topped with a giant photo shopped, "Make America Great Again" cap. Never one for details when it comes to strident nationalism, Donald apparently didn't realize the train, in fact, belonged to the Canadian National Railway System and was rolling through one of their provinces. Perhaps, even, near the birthplace of Ted Cruz.

Another showed him hitting a tee shot which was so errant it slammed into Hillary Clinton, knocking her over. As we know, Secretary Clinton lost the election to The Big Orange Guy nearly a year ago. However, she is still loathed by his true believers almost as much as Barack H. Obama and remains a great go to villain when it comes to Don's fragile ego and leading cheers in sweaty halls located in places like rural West Virginia.

Various news outlets suggested these and other tweets were messages to those in his base. Many of them had become enraged after it looked like their man might back track on his anti-immigrant promises and make a deal on the issue with the globalist sonsofbitches in the democratic party.

Others, myself included, decided it was just Don Trump once again waking up then imbibing a weird and toxic combination of chocolate cake, a couple of toots of cocaine, and three, or four cans of Red Bull, chugged, not sipped.

Or, it could be that, in the words of New York republican representative, Chris Collins, "He's just a fun guy."

In response to this madness, the republican mainstream, led by Senators Lindsey Graham, R-SC and Bill Cassidy, R-LA have decided, for what seems like the millionth time, to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Their replacement bill is so horrific at first glance the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the March of Dimes, and the American Cancer Society have already declared they're against it. That's before the Congressional Budget Office has even looked at its ramifications.

On the other side, senator Rand Paul, R-KY says he's against it because not enough poor and sick people get fucked over. John McCain, R-AZ is reported to be wary, because it hasn't gone through republican controlled committees. Susan Collins, R-ME and Lisa Murkowski, R-AK haven't said one way or the other, but the Graham-Cassidy bill retains the same proposals which caused them to vote no the last time this experiment in abject cruelty hit the senate floor.

Meanwhile, last week, two of Trump's lawyers sat down to lunch at a popular Washington steak joint and got into a loud argument on how their guy should respond to the ever expanding Russian Investigation, headed by Robert Mueller. The two goofs, David McGahn II and Ty Cobb, didn't even take it inside, but rather sat down at a sidewalk table and proceeded to blab their differences in front of not only the wait staff and casual diners, but a NY Times reporter seated nearby.

Well that's the problem with relying on chaos isn't it? It not only leads to juvenile behavior, utter confusion, and social-political sadism, but also rank amateurism.

Indeed, that is what we are faced with now. Not only is Donald John Trump a crude and mentally defective buffoon, but he and his people are complete amateurs when it comes to politics and running the nation.

Of course, that's what the trailer park fascists who supported him wanted.

And tragically, it is what the rest of us got.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ted Cruz Likes Twitter Porn

Yes, the weirdness continues.

Yesterday the person, or persons who own a Twitter account called, @SexuallPosts tweeted a two plus minute porn video, because apparently that's all they do. Hey, why not? At least it beats reading Don Trump's bilious rants doesn't it?

Shortly after the post appeared it was, "liked," by one, Raphael Edward Cruz. For those with short memories Mr. Cruz is currently the junior senator from Texas and a former candidate for the republican presidential nomination. He is also one of those fire breathing, self professed Jesus loving, anti gay guys who a few years ago voted against a bill which would assist the victims of what was called, Super Storm Sandy.

Of course that was back when the recipients of the relief were people living in New Jersey, New York, and other perceived liberal enclaves. At this particular moment, despite his fiscally conservative bombast, he has gone all big government. That's because the havoc wrought by Hurricane Harvey on the Texas Gulf coast devastated the homes of boat loads of people who are eligible to vote for him.

The, "like," was deleted, but not before the few, the progressive, and the suddenly gleeful began pointing it out to everyone who could see and hear. That would include the questionable souls in charge of the porn account who quickly added this to their profile, "Follow for the Same Porn @TedCruz Watches."

The shocking revelation came as no surprise to Mr. Craig Mazin, who spent time as Cruz's roommate at Princeton. He was the guy who reported Cruz used to roam the women's side of their dorm dressed only in a silk paisley bath robe. In fact the future senator did it so often Mazin said he had women come to his room begging him to make Cruz stop taking his strolls.

After the news broke, Mazin tweeted, "Now imagine Ted Cruz doing this four feet below you in the bottom bunk bed. Yes, my misery very much appreciates your company."

Actually we'd rather not imagine it, but I suppose we're now stuck with a couple of different revolting images.

Newsweek reports some wits even drug up a thoroughly impossible conspiracy theory which says Cruz is actually the unidentified California serial killer known as the Zodiac. One tweeted, "Ted Cruz has remarkably normal taste in pornography for someone who is the Zodiac Killer." As tempting as it is to identify the smarmy little shit as a murderer, the fact is Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, CN a year after the last Zodiac killing took place, so he is off the hook for those crimes.

That doesn't mean Brother Ted is immune to all things conspiratorial. During the primary campaign, Donald John Trump brought up the possibility Cruz's father, also named, Raphael, was a pal of Lee Harvey Oswald and was in on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The, "proof," came from a pro Trump supermarket tabloid, The National Enquirer. It had run a fuzzy photo allegedly linking the two in New Orleans and as everyone knows, unlike MSNBC and CNN, The Enquirer never publishes fake news. Think not? Just ask the president of these United States of America.

Late Monday, the Cruz people, after some confusion and possibly a little gawking at the video, issued a tweet which read, "The offensive tweet posted on @TedCruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter."

Today the senator is blaming the entire episode on, "staffing issues." Newsweek says Cruz issued a statement which read, "There are a number of people on the team who have access to the account and it appears someone accidentally hit the, 'like,' button." Cruz elaborated by saying, "It was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent. It was a mistake; it was not a deliberate action."

Well, you have to say something don't you.

In the end Cruz seemed to regret not coming up with the idea of publicly liking porn sooner. He told the AP, "I will say that if I had known this would trend so quickly, perhaps we should have posted something like this back during the Indiana primary." The senator might have a point. Obscene sexual dialogue caught on tape certainly didn't hurt Don Trump during the campaign. And, let's face it, Ted Cruz does seem to be the sort of guy who will do anything in a pinch when it comes to looking for votes.

So why not endorse porn? After all, we're all capitalists here and it is a significant national industry.

Indeed. Who says America and the internet aren't great?


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Oklahoma Republicans Running Amok: High Crimes and Misdemeanors All Over the Place

What is it with these ultra conservative--evangelical--law and order types who keep getting elected to the Oklahoma legislature? Are they predisposed to felonious behavior by genetics, or is there some behavior altering drug they must ingest during the secret initiation ceremony which ushers them into the society of radical right wing politics?

It all began, sort of, with state senator, Rick Brinkley-R, Owasso. He spent 10 years as the pastor of a Collinsville church before turning his spiritual endeavors to the Tulsa Better Business Bureau, the Oklahoma State Senate, and big time embezzling. In 2015 the BBB fired the soon to be former senator after it estimated there was about $1,000,000 missing from their treasury which he was in charge of.

Proving their accounting system was still in need of work, Brinkley ended up pleading guilty to skimming $1.8 million from the organization in order to pay for things like his home mortgage, a new pool cleaning machine, personal credit card bills, and his gambling debts. In April 2016 he got 37 months in federal prison.

Compared to Brinkley, former state senator Kyle Loveless-R, OKC was a small time grifter. He resigned in April of this year after the Ethics Commission began looking into his somewhat questionable use of campaign contributions. Early last month Loveless pleaded guilty to embezzling $100,000 from his own political war chests over a four year period. It was a series of acts which not only proved the senator's abject greed, but also the complete incompetence of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Let's face it, in local legislative elections you don't siphon off cash like that from your campaigns unless you're utterly convinced the opposition is in complete disarray and stands no chance at all.

Ah, but then we get to the really ugly goings on.

In 2016 representative Dan Kirby-R, Tulsa found himself thinking about resigning when it became public knowledge he had to settle a sexual harassment case--or rather a wrongful termination suit, springing from charges of sexual harassment--brought by a former aide. The assistant, Holly Bishop, had alleged she had been fired without reason after accusing Kirby of preying on her during her time working for him.

Kirby was initially talked out of quitting by Senator Ralph Shortey-R, OKC who was a former Trump county coordinator, and apparently a volunteer advisor to the representative. The whole wretched affair would have probably blown over, because if conservatives nation wide have proven anything, it's they'll go with a sexual predator every time as opposed to a democrat, at least so long their candidate is hetro. Especially when the guy--in this instance, Kirby--claimed the incidents were nothing more than consensual behavior between two adults.However, when it turned out Bishop and her attorney had been paid off with $44,500 of taxpayer money the shit hit the fan.

Indeed, fucking her is one thing, but asking fellow conservatives to pay for it is another. Kirby resigned as outraged republicans howled about the tab they were picking up. As it turned out Shortey should have immediately followed his pal's lead.

He didn't though.

In March of this year, following a tip, Moore, OK police took a look inside a room at a Super 8 motel located hard by I-35. Inside they found Senator Shortey, one back pack with an open package of condoms, another with a tube of, "lotion," the stench of marijuana smoke, and a 17 year old boy.

Today, The Oklahoman reports a federal grand jury indicted the former senator on three charges of child pornography and one count of child sex trafficking.The story, written by Nolan Clay, says the grand jury accused Shortey of, "leading a double life," during his stay in the senate by using pseudonyms to author explicit homo-erotic emails, posts on Facebook, and ads on Craigslist. The former senator is married with two children. He is currently pleading not guilty.

Finally we get to Senator Bryce Marlatt-R, Woodward. According to another story in today's paper written by Clay, Marlatt was charged with sexual battery yesterday after a mis-adventure with a female Uber driver. The driver told police that back in late June, Marlatt began kissing her on the neck and shoulder while she was trying to drive him from a restaurant on Memorial Road in north OKC to a bar. The driver says Marlatt's first words to her after he climbed into the vehicle was, "Hey, you got nice tits."

Despite the urbane smooth talk and suave attempt at foreplay the unidentified woman told the senator to sit down and not touch her, or she would call the cops. His response was to begin kicking the back door of her car.

Clay writes Marlatt claims not to remember the details of the affair, to the point of not recalling he had a female driver on the night in question. He might have an argument. The Oklahoman story says the senator has been in the tank once before, pleading no contest in 2014 to a misdemeanor after Woodward authorities found him asleep and reeking of alcohol in his pickup truck on a rural road.

Honestly, when it comes to the ultra right, sometimes it isn't their cruel and unusual politics, or the smug conviction they are the only true patriots in America. Sometimes it isn't even their complete certainty the Christian God is firmly on their side as they spout rhetoric laced with barely concealed racism. No, sometimes, it is simply the heinous and blatant hypocrisy they indulge in with such unabashed fervor.

And it isn't going to change in this state any time soon. Republicans outnumber democrats four to one in the state senate and control 75 percent of the state house. That's after democrats won two recent special elections thanks to Messrs. Shortey and Kirby.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you can guess, the bar is open. Given the situation what else is there to do?

sic vita est


Monday, September 4, 2017

Returning From the Mountain: The Reason God Created Cruise Control, Communion Atop Pike's Peak, What a Crowd in Corpus Christi, Heeling to the Base, the Utter Chaos Remains Unquelled, and the Guy at the Wheel

For those hearty souls thinking of making the trip, be assured of two things. First, the 350 some odd mile stretch of Interstate 70 between Salina, KS and Limon, CO is the reason the Good Lord invented cruise control on automobiles. It is such a vacuum the distances between trees and the occasional grain elevator, or silo can best be described in terms normally reserved for interstellar travel. It also features the filthiest, most gut churning, McDonald's restaurant in the entire world, located in Hays, Kansas.

Second, once at the summit of Pike's Peak, it is best not to partake in a 60's/70's retro-esque version of communion consisting of a double ultra dry vodka martini and a chocolate chip cookie from Maggie's Farm. If you're a flatlander who hasn't spent any serious time in the mountains for decades, like some in the party, that shit will jump all over you in a hurry at 14,000 plus feet above sea level.

Let's face it, a few of us are simply not what we used to be and afterward--under those conditions--the down hill trip becomes an exercise in abject terror, even after you've given up the wheel to someone with more brains and restraint.

Of course while we were gone things in America continued to unravel at a rate even more unnerving than the aforementioned down the mountain glide and drift. Houston and much of the east Texas coastal region drowned in a witches brew of surging salt water, rain, chemical spills, and raw sewage.

The Big Orange Guy showed up in Corpus Christi and at least attempted to sound presidential. However, in the end, the old carnival barker reverted to form by ending his speech with, "What a crowd! What a turnout!"

Well, when your home is waist deep in toxic soup--something Trump failed to mention during his address, along with the horrifying loss of life--there isn't a whole lot else to do is there? Indeed, would you rather wade through two feet of muck in the den, or listen to the man who is promising you huge amounts of money to rebuild? Unfortunately for all involved, members of Trump's own party are already threatening to derail disaster relief if he ties it to raising the debt ceiling. And, as we've seen, El Donald's track record with the republican controlled congress is a tad lackluster.

Once unencumbered by the nightmare in southeast Texas, Brother Don returned home and reportedly has decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Also known as the, "Dreamer's" program, Obama's act protects the children of parents who brought them into the country illegally from deportation for at least two years. They can stay beyond the limit without looking over their shoulder for ICE agents if their status is renewed, which it will be so long as they are working, or going to school and haven't been charged with a crime.

The latest dispatches say the administration will stop taking applications, and cease renewals for six months before the program is terminated. The somewhat twisted theory floated by Trump's people is if those same republican clowns in congress want to extend DACA's life, or "improve on it," they'll have the six months to come up with the legislation to do so.

In some circles this is known as a win, win situation. On one hand, Trump, as democratic representative, Ted Lieu says, " heeling to his base." In other words, he's placating all the grotesque rubes who blame immigrants for everything that's gone wrong in their lives. On the other he is allowing himself room to publicly wash his hands and lay the crucifixion on a stone hearted congress. After all, if the legislative branch thinks DACA is a worthy program it is their responsibility to save it--from me.

By the way, this line of reasoning only makes sense if you are Donald John Trump, or throwing back large slugs of vodka while consuming cannabis laced confections at 14,000 feet.

Bernie Sanders, the white haired guru of the young and impressionable, said if  Trump pulls the plug, as rumored, he will have made, "One of the ugliest and cruelest decisions ever made by a president."

That takes in a lot when you consider what Andrew Jackson did to the Cherokees and other eastern Native American tribes and how FDR's administration handled the Japanese-American population at the start of WWII.

There is little doubt our man Don is up to the task though. He is, after all, the fascist in chief and possesses a mean streak so wide and petty it takes the breath away.

Yes, it is good to see that even after a week of Al fresco dining in Old Colorado City the utter chaos we left behind hasn't been quelled, or even muted.

But then why should it? Look who is running the show, for God's sake. It is a guy who was bequeathed the wheel at an early age and is loathe to give it up, no matter how grossly impaired and over matched he is by both the altitude and the road he is careening down.

Too bad the rest of us are stuck in the same car with him.

sic vita est


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Great Charlottesville Conspiracy

The conflagration in Charlottesville is beginning to feel like a set up, perhaps weeks, or months in the planning. Planned by whom?. Time may tell.

Patricia McCarthy, writing in, "The American Thinker," on August, 18th.

Actually we don't have to wait for time to identify the evil doers. Ms. McCarthy was ready to name names that day and she certainly did. Among them are Charlottesville mayor, Mike Signer, billionaire progressive, George Soros, Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe, and yes--you guessed it--Barack, by God, Obama.

So what evidence does Patricia McCarthy have that proves these evil schemers plotted the recent mayhem in Thomas Jefferson's home town? Well, as always with right ring conspiracies the details are a little vague.

The title of the article in question is, "Charlottesville and Its Aftermath: What if it was a Setup?" When speaking of the governor, mayor, and Mr. Soros she wrote, "What if Signer and McAuliffe, in conjunction with Antifa and other Soros funded groups like Black Lives Matter, planned and orchestrated what happened in Charlottesville and meant for events to unfold roughly as they did?"

She addressed the motives of the "Unite the Right" demonstration organizer, Jason Kessler this way, "What if he is a ringer, a phony who revels in riling up some crazy people for some political purpose? We know the left is skilled in all manner of dirty tricks."

As for the alleged mad Kenyan? "We know Obama and his inner circle have set up a war room in his D.C. home to plan and execute resistance to the Trump administration and his legislative agenda."

When it came to the violence she wrote, "The local police at some point, on whose orders we don't know, turned the pro statue groups toward the Antifa and BLM groups, many of whom were armed with lethal weapons--soda cans filled with cement, bottles filled with urine, baseball bats and boards with screws protruding to do maximum harm, and improvised flame throwers. These are the people who initiated the violence."

So there we have the proof ultra right wing cranks are ready to run with. Three, "what ifs" followed by an, "on whose orders we don't know." All of it anchored by an accusation, which has been repeatedly debunked, that Barack Obama is operating a nefarious war room in his den and the assumption most of the white nationalists in Charlottesville were there only because of their love of statues.

And that's before you realize the conspirators had to go all in on Trump screwing the pooch. Indeed, if he hadn't spontaneously equated Nazi and KKK thugs with the people protesting them the whole plot would have been for nil and might have backfired terribly. That's a pretty hefty bet on a man who might just be the most unpredictable person on the planet not living in the the Philippine Islands.  

First term Idaho state legislator, Bryan Zollinger was so inspired by McCarthy's detective work he posted her piece on his Facebook page last Friday. When someone sent him a message saying the whole notion was bats he responded with, "I'm not saying it is true, but I am suggesting it is completely possible."

After the reviews continued to be negative the stupid wanker repeated his two bit excuse, "I'm not saying it's true" he wrote, "but I am suggesting it is completely plausible." Then, in a flash of regret, or perhaps reality, he added, "In hindsight maybe it was a mistake to post it. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers."


Honestly, we should have expected malignant horse shit such as this. In fact, given what we know about the goofs on the uber right the only real surprise here is it took this long for one of the crazy fucks to come up with it.

Hey, if these clowns can say the slaughter at Sandy Hook never happened, labeling gangs of Nazis as nothing more evil than, "pro statue groups," then laying the blame on everyone, but them is sheer child's play. As is implicating two perennial bugaboos, Obama and Soros and their newly minted henchmen, Terry McAuliffe and Mike Signer.

Let's face it, The Big Orange Guy's base will never be convinced he is a run amok liar with a terminal hard on for autocrats and white nationalists. The reason they won't is frighteningly simple. As we've seen far too often lately, they are even crazier than he is and they're proud of it.

Personally, I've had it with the gruesome bastards. Next stop for me is Maggie's Farm in Manitou Springs, followed by a week on some mountain that reaches far above the tree line.

Yes--blue skies, cool breezes, and utter silence. It's just what my personal physician, the eminent, Dr. Evans ordered for my well being.

So, hasta luego, mis amigos. I shall return.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

America's First Fully Functioning Fascist President

BREAKING NEWS: Today a van plowed through crowds of pedestrians on a Barcelona street in an apparent terrorist attack. Early reports say 13 are dead. At this time it remains unknown if Donald J. Trump will blame, "both sides," for the violence.

Hey, it could happen. It just depends on what flavor the deadly cranks behind the wheel were. If they're Islamic terrorists Trump will be all over them. If they are fascists he might go so far as to like the sons of bitches.

He is certainly enamored with the ones here, or at least some of them. On Tuesday, during the insane circus nominally described as a press conference, El Don doled out blame for the weekend violence in Charlottesville, VA this way. "Well yes I do think there's blame. Yes, I think there's blame on both sides. And I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either."

Moments later, speaking about the pro, "Unite the Right," crowd, he said, " had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides."

This observation led Fox News correspondent Shepard Smith to say on Wednesday, "So far we've been unable to find the very fine people protesting with white supremacists."

Indeed, once you've taken to the streets in solidarity with Nazis and the KKK, no matter what they're screaming about, you have tossed the moral high ground and any sort of sense of decency out the window. There is simply no cause which justifies standing with people who think the gassing of Jews, Gypsies, gays, and Slavs was a good idea. Much less a bunch of deadly rubes who have spent most of their history lynching black Americans for the fun of it.

In an effort to prove the leftists in Charlottesville were behaving as savagely as the Nazis and their pals, the photo of a purported, anti fascist demonstrator clubbing a downed cop was circulated through the murky world of ultra right wing chat rooms and web sites. Today it was revealed the photo, taken by Getty Images, was shot in Athens, Greece during a 2009 anti government demonstration. The "antifa" emblem on the man's jacket had been digitally added to give the picture a semblance of authenticity.

In order to divert attention from the sticky subject of Nazis holding torch light parades on an American college campus, Herr Trump and others have begun yammering that the ultimate end to the removal of confederate memorials would be the destruction of monuments venerating George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They point out the two were also slave holders, just like Robert E. Lee and other confederate leaders.

The rebuttal many have used, quite correctly, is Washington, Jefferson and other founding fathers, while terribly flawed when it came to race, created the union known as The United States of America. On the other hand, Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jackson, and James Longstreet to name a few, commanded armies in the field rebelling against that union. Their ultimate goal was to force its dissolution through military action.

There have been some in the media who have blamed Trump's romance with white nationalists on his buddy and advisor Steven Bannon. Bannon, they say, has led him to this dark place.

Well, after hearing Tuesday's unhinged rant everyone should realize that's horse shit. Trump was raised by a racist father and he clearly hasn't unlearned what the old man taught him. He considers people like David Duke and those two vicious clowns pictured holding torches while chanting stuff like "Jews won't replace us," and "blood and soil," his legitimate electorate.

Yes, he might be more subtle than the grotesque brown shirts who took to the streets of Charlottesville, but he understands their sense of victimization and belief in vast conspiracies, because, at heart, he is one of them.

It's time to face the awful truth, America. The nation has elected its first fully functioning fascist president. And--despite wishful conjecture by mainstream media analysts--his malignant base will never desert him. He really could murder someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and still get their votes. In fact, given what we've seen lately, they'd probably like him even more if he actually did.

Hopefully we won't find out for sure if that theory is true, although to be honest, these days, absolutely nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

sic vita est


Monday, August 14, 2017

The Weekend That Was: Don Careens From One Crisis to Another, the Klan and Nazis Celebrate, but The Daily Stormer Has to Look for a New Home

You can say many things about Donald John Trump, but you'll have to admit the man knows how to careen from one outrage to another without even catching his breath.

In the space of three weeks El Don has gone from denying his son did anything wrong when he hooked up with the Russians, to threatening nuclear war, and now, at least initially, he failed to blame the KKK and a bunch of Neo-Nazis for instigating violence in Charlottesville, VA.

Who says the man can't get anything done? This is a pretty impressive list of severe craziness.

On Saturday, Nazi fan boy James Fields plowed his car into a crowd of people who were denouncing a Klan/Nazi rally in Charlottesville. He managed to injure 19 and kill a woman named, Heather Heyer. Later that day, Trump said, we as a nation needed unity and he condemned, "This egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, on many sides."

He didn't explain which, "many sides," he was blaming the mayhem on, although he could have been making a veiled reference to Black Lives Matters, which Trump and the alt-right loathe and fear. What he also didn't do--after spending an entire presidential campaign screaming about Barack Obama not using the words Islam, or Islamic in connection with terrorism--was mention either the boys in the hoods, or the Nazis by name.

His failure to do so sent Andrew Anglin of the on line Nazi publication, "The Daily Stormer," into orgasmic euphoria. Anglin immediately posted on the site, "Trump's comments were good. He didn't attack us. He just said the nation should come together. Nothing specific against us--no condemnation at all." David Duke, a former Grand HotsieTotsie of the Klan went so far as to brag that white nationalists, "...are working to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump."

After thinking the Nazis had avoided blame for Heyer's murder, The Stormer celebrated with two articles on Fields' crime. The lead of the first read, "The crashocaust will go down in history as the greatest cavalry charge of the 21st century." The second, written by Anglin, was headlined, "Heather Heyer, Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident Was a Fat Childless 32 Year Old Slut." Brother Anglin went on to explain, "A 32 year old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value."

His evaluation of the victim was so vile and repulsive GoDaddy, which maintains The Daily Stormer's web site, gave the publication 24 hours to find a new home before they shut it down forever.

Earlier today Kenneth Frazier, the CEO of pharmaceutical giant, MERK resigned from the President's American Manufacturing Council. He left because he felt the government had, "...a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism."

Trump being Trump simply couldn't let him go without a parting shot. He sarcastically tweeted that Frazier, who is black, "...will now have more time to lower RIP OFF DRUG PRICES."

Ah yes, quite the diplomat. But we knew that already thanks to last week's mini panic.

Later in the morning The Big Orange Guy, under duress from his own party, finally called out the Klan and the Nazis by name and threw a couple of derogatory epithets their way. Unfortunately he did so with all the enthusiasm and conviction of a 10th grader forced to recite Antony's, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen," speech to the rest of his English class.

Yes, if this weekend has taught us anything, it's that Donald Trump is either the ultimate political cynic, coldly pandering to hordes of hateful monsters he personally dismisses as idiots just because he craves their votes. Or, as I like to think, he's a barely camouflaged raging bigot hiding in plain sight.

No matter which, we're fucked.

Of course, we already knew that too.

sic vita est