Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Line Up For Governor of Oklahoma

Because of term limits, Oklahoma will elect a new governor this fall. The state's primary falls on next Tuesday, June 26th and the line up of republican candidates for the office is as weird and gruesome as you might guess. The message all of those running are attempting to sell is they and they alone, are the only one who can, "Turn Oklahoma around."

Of course, the party of Steve Bannon, FOX News, and Don Trump  has had complete control of the legislature for nine full years and the governor's mansion for the past eight, so the immediate questions which come to mind are, first, turn the state around from what? Second, you mean the budgetary disaster local GOP hacks have driven us into over the past decade?

Indeed, republican domination is so complete in Oklahoma the party holds 73 of 101 state house seats and 39 of 48 state senate seats. In addition there isn't a single state wide office held by a democrat, independent, or libertarian. In other words, the right wing in Oklahoma gets everything they want. And still, the capitalist utopia party bosses continue to promise the people has never materialized.

Well, let's not dwell on the ironic, yet obvious, but rather take a look at the list of GOP candidates who will be on the ballot Tuesday.

First is Chris Barnett. His background, noted by Politics1, is, "a businessman." Well, why not? Even though his business is carpet cleaning rather than laundering money for the Russian mob, he has the right attitude for Oklahoma politics. On his site he says, "Plain and simple. I am against raising taxes period." He also claims he is going to cut the salaries of government employees because, "...they are only looking out for themselves."

Then there is Mick Cornett who is a heavy weight in this crowd. He is a former TV sportscaster/journalist and four term mayor of Oklahoma City. While in office, the city's downtown experienced a massive makeover and the NBA relocated Seattle's team to OKC. He pledges, "To fix the mess and put our state on a new path to success." He remains mum on who made the mess in the first place and is a tad vague on how he's going to fix it, but at this point who cares about details. In current polls he is running with either a slight lead, or places a close second.

Dan Fisher is a former state house representative and a Baptist preacher in El Reno. His site begs the questions, "Have you had enough of republicans who campaign as conservatives, but then govern from the left? Have you had enough of republicans who call themselves pro-life, but then stand by as the abortion holocaust continues?" That's the ticket, Dan. Run the RINOs out. Let only the pure of heart rule!

Eric Foutch doesn't have any background info listed on Politics1 and his Facebook bio only shows his education and membership in a Harrah, OK Baptist church. He does state he believes life begins at conception and notes his opinion is backed up, "scientifically."

Barry Gowdy is a nurse and failed candidate for the Beckham County Sheriff's office. He is far and away the most liberal republican in the field--actually a complete heretic when it comes to this bunch. How else would you describe a guy who wants to increase the minimum wage in OK to $10.50 an hour and says, when it comes to the LGBTQ community, "The discrimination will stop starting at the state level, period. " He is doomed. Other than his own, he might not get a single vote next Tuesday.

Like Cornett, Gary Jones wants to, "Get Oklahoma back on the right track." He's the current State Auditor and Inspector. You know, the guy who is supposed to reign in and eliminate all the fat and corruption the rest of the candidates claim exists. Thanks to being ex-chair of the State GOP, he ranks as the ultimate party insider of the group.

Todd Lamb is the Lt. Governor. He's also a pro politician and as such spews much of same bland, not to mention, foggy pap professional pols do when they're in a campaign. To be kind though, he has to, because he, more than even Jones, has played a large part in creating, "the mess," the rest of the candidates are promising to exorcise. Despite his complicity in that mess making, thanks to some big buck backers and state wide name recognition, he's the odds on favorite to face Cornett in a late August runoff election for the nomination.

Blake, Cowboy, Stephens is often pictured holding a pitchfork festooned with a home made sign which says, "This real cowboy says, get real Oklahoma." He also says, "I believe the marriage union is between one man and one woman." In addition he posted on Facebook he could, "...feel the Lord's presence," at an Oklahoma Press Association Forum for the candidates.

Kevin Stitt is a mortgage banker who wants to audit all agencies (looking at you, Gary Jones) and fire under performing agency heads who are appointed, not elected. He also doesn't think a whole lot of the election process. According to today's The Oklahoman, Stitt has voted in only three of the last 10 general elections and cast a mere five ballots total between 2008 and 2016. His response to the paper was some gibberish about, "...keeping his head down, raising my six kids..." and building his business from scratch. He did reassure everyone he is a lifelong republican who voted for Donald Trump. It would be easy to write him off, but he's poured at least $1.3 million of his own cash into his campaign and as we all know, in American politics, money talks; everything else walks.

The democrats have two people running, Drew Edmondson, the last of his party to hold a statewide office and Connie Johnson, a former state senator and candidate for the U.S. Senate. The libertarians have three highly credible hopefuls. One, Joseph Exotic is a petting zoo owner, actor, and musician who ran for president of these United States in 2016. The others are Rex Lawhorn, a telecommunications technician and ex-machinist and, Chris Powell who is described as a writer.

None of them stand a chance come November.

No, the next governor of Oklahoma will emerge from that gaggle of true believers and ultra rock ribbed conservatives who have spent the last few months trying to convince the republican hoi polloi they are the most conservative son of a bitch on the planet. (The sadly delusional Gowdy doesn't count. In fact party leaders may chuck him into the nearest available mental institute before it is all is said and done.)

Yes, welcome to the world of Oklahoma politics. Unlike NASCAR events, in order to win this race drivers have to always keep turning right.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the bar remains open.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Truth Justice and the New American Way

The numbers, while not particularly surprising in this age of devout Trumpism, remain a shocking testament to how cruel and unusual the Grand Old Party has become.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, 55% of the republican party supports the forcible separation of immigrant children, some still in diapers, from their parents at the southern border. In addition, 77% support building El Donald's wall along the entire 1,954 miles of the U.S. Mexico frontier, even though that fantasy about making the Mexicans pay for it has gone the way of the Dodo.

Steve Bannon probably saw those numbers. It's why he issued a statement warning his former boss that he risks alienating the great white, beer bellied, GOP base if he compromises on immigration with anyone left of presidential aid and resident forehead, Stephen Miller.

Bannon's fears are probably unfounded. Trump can afford to take the risk since there is no one else who can drive fascist mobs into a frenzy like he can. And, there is no one else who the trailer park Nazis will trust. That's why he is happy to play the same card used by torturers throughout history when he blames the continuing horror of state sponsored kidnapping, not on himself, but someone else. If the democrats just give me what I want all the emotional pain and suffering of those innocent kids will stop. If they don't, then the onus is on them.

Of course when another large part of your base considers themselves to be evangelical Christian it behooves you to break out some good ol' boy to quote scripture just in case they get a bit queasy at the goings on in places like, McAllen, TX. Indeed, it has been proven most hyper religious born again rubes will put up with all manner of sin and depravity so long as it isn't committed by a democrat. However, when it comes to ripping babies from their mother's arms, then sending them off to some new age concentration camp--well, even their hypocrisy has some limits.

Which is why we saw the oft maligned AG, Jeff Sessions do The Leader a solid by cherry picking a quote from an epistle of St. Paul the other day. The words concerned obeying the government, because the government was put there by God to keep order. In the 19th century the same quote was used by antebellum southern preachers to justify slavery.

Yes, it is the old Trump strategy. Never stay in once place too long--never become a standing target. The counter attacks to any criticism must come in a mind spinning blur from all directions, filled with outright lies, half truths, and gross exaggerations. The Germans are being overwhelmed with crime and are on the verge of political chaos because of Angela Merkel's lax immigration policies. The half truth--her governing coalition has become contentious because of immigration. The lie--according to the Germans themselves, the crime rate in their country is the lowest it has been in over 30 years.

Then, finally back all this shit up with soulless shills like Tucker Carlson, who the other night told his viewers to believe just the opposite of what every news outlet in the nation reports, except FOX. This after Donald Trump said, "Fake News," (ie. any news he doesn't like) is, "The true enemy of the American people."

Homeland Security officials denied they are herding families into the McAllen processing center, then telling parents their children are being taken away to bathe, when in reality they are being shipped off to parts unknown. The Texas Civil Rights Project has documented several cases of them doing just that.

At least American authorities haven't stooped to a pre Merkel German policy. That would be the showers option, like select SS men practiced in places such as Buchenwald. Although, to be honest, given the monster in the White House and his howling fans, such a solution to The Immigrant Question doesn't seem so far fetched any more.

The LA Times reports between the middle of April and the end of May this year 1,995 children were taken from 1,940 parents, or legal guardians. The Department of Human Services now houses 11,432 immigrant children in 100 shelters spread across 17 states.

For those of you conservatives who worry about such things, the mass detention of those kids and their parents comes on the taxpayer's dime. That's right. Instead of working their way into the economy by taking jobs those of us already here would rather not touch--paying for rent, groceries, and transportation; sending their children to school to learn stuff like English and math--they are all, thanks to Donald J. Trump and his band of bellicose xenophobes, incarcerated at our expense.

Ah yes, truth, justice, and The New American Way.



Friday, June 15, 2018

Sleep Well America, Donald Trump Just Made a Deal: North Korea is Our New Great Pal and the Only Thing We Have to Fear is a Free Press

I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain speaking in front of 10 Downing St. on September 30th 1938 after signing an agreement with, Adolf Hitler, Der Fuehrer of Germany
President Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. No longer--sleep well tonight.

American President Donald J. Trump via Twitter after his meeting with, Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Chamberlain said those words in front of about 5,000 supporters that day. What wasn't mentioned in most British news releases--because Chamberlain had almost complete control over what the BBC reported--was, at around the same moment, 15,000 protesters were raising hell about the agreement in Trafalgar Square.

Don Trump doesn't have that luxury when it comes to the press, at least not yet. So he has to say things like, "The country's biggest enemy is fake news. NBC and CNN are fighting to down play the deal with North Korea."

Actually it isn't hard to down play an agreement which is woefully vague on North Korea's commitment to denuclearize the peninsula in exchange for Trump's promises to stop scheduled, "war games," (as opposed to what has always been referred to as military exercises). That's in addition to halting U.S air patrols in the area, and vowing to bring American troops home from South Korea.

All without letting the South Koreans and our own military commanders in on the concessions before hand. Well, you know, too many cooks in the kitchen and all that. Besides, loose lips sink ships and more importantly, Nobel Prize aspirations.

Thanks to Trump's sudden rush to friendship with the former, "Little Rocket Man," it would seem, Mr. Kim, just like Herr Hitler in 1938, got pretty much everything he wanted while Trump, as did Chamberlain, got a cloud full of promises.

To this day, Chamberlain is routinely mis-quoted as saying, "peace in our time." No matter how he put it, 11 months after Germany signed the paper, its troops poured into Poland, kicking off that melee known as World War II. Before it was over, approximately 60 million people on all sides had died. The number Includes 449,816 British soldiers and civilians--another 359,267 were wounded. Chamberlain himself was gone a little over a year into it, claimed, not by Nazi bombs, but cancer.

Ever since then anytime an American leader, especially a democrat, has sought an accord with some antagonistic despot, members of the republican party in particular, but really both political sides in this country, have cited the strange and awful case of Neville Chamberlain.

Given that, imagine the reaction of the American right wing if Barack H. Obama had said this about, Kim Jong-un, "He's a tough guy. Hey, when you take over a country, tough country, with tough people and you take it over from your father--I don't care who you are, how much of an advantage you have. If you can do that at 27 years old, I mean that's one in 10,000 that can do that. So he's a very smart guy. He's a great negotiator, but I think we understand each other."

Tragically The Big Orange Guy is probably right. After he responded to a question about Kim's human rights record this way, "A lot of other people have done really bad things," it became clear Kim recognized a kindred spirit across the table in Singapore. Just ask all those Hispanic mothers who've had their kids pulled out of their arms by American immigration authorities and chucked into what amounts to a concentration camp in Texas.

The, "historic agreement," and subsequent statements came immediately after El Donald publicly called Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, "Very weak and dishonest." At the same time one of his aides told a cable news outlet there was a special place in hell for people like Trudeau who screw with Donald J. Trump.

Obviously we now know, without question, what type of national leader Brother Trump likes and admires. That's right, Fuck all those weenies like Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, and May. Give me Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un any day. They know how to run things!

And, although a tad little less subtle than Chamberlain, those guys also know how to handle dissident journalists and publications. Hey, it is easy to imagine the envy and longing the current resident of the White House has for those who not only don't have to worry about any media criticism, but, in fact, expect and receive nothing, but gushing praise from the local news outlets.   .

Indeed, when it comes to stifling the media, you have to believe DJT, after he downs a breakfast of Red Bull, orange juice, Frosted Flakes, and ultra pure Colombian blow, is thinking, Ah, maybe someday, sooner than they all think, I'll own the bastards here..

Yes, sleep well tonight, America. Donald Trump just made a deal. North Korea is now our great pal and the only thing we have to fear is a free press.

sic vita est


Monday, June 11, 2018

Anthony Bourdain Takes His Final Trip

I'm not going to treat my body like a temple. I'm going to treat it like a fun house.

Anthony Bourdain

Yes, but eventually the fun turns stale, the exotic becomes routine, and the act, goes strangely mechanical, performed only by soul numbing rote.

I'm just guessing of course, since I have no idea what went through Anthony Bourdain's mind right before he hung himself in a French hotel room last Friday. I do know, that by killing himself he joined an ever expanding circle of people I've admired, known, or was related to who have committed suicide.

Right now the count includes one grandfather, one uncle, and four high school classmates.

Two of those among the admired are Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. During his adventures, Bourdain made a crude speculation about the size of Hemingway's genitals and ripped off--rather poorly--Thompson's book, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," on an episode of his Travel Channel show, "No Reservations." So if I can claim any sort of connection to the man, it would be an extremely tenuous one. Apparently we, along with millions of others, read some of the same authors.

That and I had a tendency to binge watch, "No Reservations," whenever I could, like I did yesterday afternoon, less than 48 hours after learning of his death.

There was much to like about Anthony Bourdain, who in 2013 moved to CNN with a show called, "Parts Unknown." He went to places I've dreamed of and others I've never given a thought to. He was absolutely fearless when it came to trying local cuisine, sometimes stepping over a line I wouldn't even go near--like that moment in western Africa when he consumed an Ostrich egg baked in dirt, as an appetizer, then for the entree ate a Wart Hog's rectum.

His snarky wit was entertaining and usually spot on and even though he was obviously well read and intelligent, he traveled completely without pretense. He might have been the smartest guy in the room, but he never talked down to anyone. At least not on any of his shows. And, even though he became a star, he was always acutely aware he was a guest in some one's country, or home and behaved accordingly. He was never the boorish American tourist.

That being said, he didn't mind telling the camera that sometimes a meal sucked: The Wart Hog's ass? "The worst meal I've ever had." Or that a particular spot was uninspiring. Like the time he visited a place in Italy which packaged sea salt--the process involved watching pools of sea water evaporate.

On the dark side when he spoke of the grueling work in the world's kitchens, he tended to romanticize the outlaw drugs and alcohol abuse which he led us to believe is rampant among workers in the industry. I suspect it isn't a coincidence, Hemingway did the same with heavy drinking and Thompson did it with narcotics both real and fictional.

Well, shit happens when you live on the edge and sometimes it doesn't take much to tip you over into the abyss. Bourdain's death came on the heels of designer Kate Spade's suicide. It seems like nearly every piece I've seen regarding both of them on the net has ended with a generic plea to get help coupled with a phone number to a crisis center.

Unfortunately, those who have truly heard the reaper's whisper know it always includes the admonishment to ignore such entreaties. Listen you hopeless fuck, there's no reason to involve strangers. Just get on with it!

Some heed the words, others step back. However, whichever ends up being the resolution, most of the time, as illustrated in both Spade's and Bourdain's cases, loved ones and friends rarely have a clue just how close the void has really come.

Indeed, sometimes the urge to go is so overwhelming that logic, reason, and the knowledge you will cause pain to those who love you by doing it exit the building and you're left standing in a gigantic hollowed out structure with gun, rope, or pills in hand. The shadows and echoes close in and the dive into nothingness seems, not only completely inevitable, but intensely preferable.  

In one episode of, "No Reservations," filmed in Stockholm, Anthony Bourdain railed about the Swedish pop group ABBA through out the show. At the end of it--in one of those stabs at Thompson-esque gonzo humor--he was convicted of disrespecting the singers and sentenced to a jail cell where he was constantly subjected to ABBA tunes. As the credits rolled, rather than have to listen to the music for years on end, he fashioned a noose from his bedding and hung himself.

Then, as we watched his life supposedly ebb away, the screen faded to black and the show ended. Little did we know we were watching what amounted to a deeply twisted and ironic rehearsal of what was to come.

Forsan Miseros Meliora Sequentur 



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sliding Down the Rabbit Hole With, The Leader

That slide down the rabbit hole just keeps gaining momentum.

During a May, 25th phone call things got a tad testy between Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, the American strong man wannabe. The purpose of the call was a, "discussion," between the two gentlemen regarding punitive tariffs The Big Orange Guy slapped on aluminum and steel imports coming from Canada, Mexico, and just about everyone else we used to call friends.

CNN is reporting that when Trudeau questioned Trump's excuse for the tariffs--it's a national security issue--El Donald snapped at the Canadian PM, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?"

Well, two hundred plus years ago, they sort of, kind of, but not really did. On August 24th, 1814 British troops entered Washington D.C. and burned part of the city, along with the White House. At the time,  Canada was a large chunk of the British Empire. However, as far as anyone can tell, there weren't any actual Canadians who took part in the sacking.

Of course, details such as these never really bother Trump, or the trailer park fascists he caters to. Neither do facts. Like the one which explains why the British came to town in the first place. The en masse raid was retaliation for an American attack on York, Upper Canada in April of the previous year.

York was Upper Canada's capitol and later the town was renamed Toronto, and the province, Ontario. United States troops, led by General Zebulon Pike, won that battle, took the city, then for fun and profit looted it. Afterward our guys burned down large portions of the burg and its dock area. Pike was killed during the campaign and years later a mountain in Colorado he never climbed was renamed in his honor.

There you go. Cite some two hundred year old faux grievance while defending questionable, not to mention hostile, 21st century policy to the leader of a country which has fought with us in a series of wars beginning in 1917.

Trudeau told NBC's Meet the Press, "The idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the United States is, quite frankly, insulting and unacceptable." Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke on CNN's State of the Union and said, "And I would just say to all of Canada's American friends--and there are so many--seriously? Do you really believe that Canada, that your NATO allies, represent a national security threat to you?"

Indeed, this national security bullshit is straight out of the playbook used by two bit dictators around the globe. When pushing insane nonsense they invariably howl about looming threats to the national well being perpetrated by foreign powers. Just ask Kim Jong-un and Nicolas Maduro. Or, hey, you can ask Donald Trump himself when it comes that wall he insists on building.

Before he got on the phone with Trudeau, Mr. Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron about trade and immigration. One source told CNN the call was, "Just bad. It was terrible. Macron thought he'd be able to speak his mind based on their relationship, but Trump can't handle being criticized like that."

Most dictators in the making can't. And that's just what Don Trump is. How else can you describe a man who claims he can, "unquestionably," pardon himself and whose lawyers say he can't be indicted for murder while he remains President even if he guns down an innocent person in the street?

Yes, we fucked up. Many of us wrote this monster off as a wacky buffoon who didn't understand even the basics of the United States government--you know, stuff like the separation of powers. We were wrong. He understands it perfectly, he simply has no use for it and, in truth, despises it.

He ran his business for decades without advisement, or any sort of second party consent. He bent, twisted and, at times, broke the rules, while conning the rubes, and stiffing those foolish enough to invest their financial support and labor in his projects. In the process he made millions, all the while beating his chest in the media as if he was the urban Tarzan, King of the Grifters.

Given his background is it any wonder he thinks of himself as the CEO of a private corporation known as the United States of America. One who is going to run the place for long as he wants and whose decisions shouldn't be questioned by anyone? That's right, Fuck the constitution and congress. I'm in charge now. I'll decide what we do and when I leave. And in the meantime my truth is the only truth. Everything else is fake.

You betcha and every news outlet which questions that self serving axiom, is, as Big Joe Stalin used to say, "The enemy of the people."

Early in March of this year The Great and Powerful Ego spoke to a group of big buck donors down in Florida. Here is what he said about China's President, Xi Jinping--head of the country which actually does have us by the balls when it comes to trade. "He is now president for life, for life. And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot someday."

Yes, the sound you hear is George Washington spinning in his grave.

That's opposed to the noise those right wing slugs made in response to his words during the dreadful get together. Despite their avowed dedication to the constitution, which explicitly prohibits such an act, they applauded and  raucously cheered, The Leader, Donald John Trump's wishful thinking.

Tread carefully America. We are right on the edge with this son of a bitch. And--as we've seen all too clearly, there are millions in this country who are prepared to willingly follow him over that awful precipice whenever he decides to make the trip.



Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roseanne Barr Uses a Synonym

It was not quite 28 years ago that Roseanne Barr made a fool of herself in front of about 30,000 baseball fans in San Diego. In doing so she also managed to enrage millions of other Americans, mostly of the right wing persuasion. The occasion was a July 25th, 1990 game between the Padres and Cincinnati Reds. That evening, Ms. Barr delivered a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, so out of tune, so skewed, and surreally brutal, it amounted to an audio version of a Ralph Steadman illustration--although one completely devoid of the artist's keen sense of satire.

Times have certainly changed.

Somewhere along the way, Barr gave up what might be considered really bad performance art in favor of Twitter. Well why not?  It is, after all, a new age and social media has evolved to the point you can offend and insult scads of people without having to travel to San Diego, or anywhere else for that matter.

In that same time frame, she also became a big fan of Don Trump and the conspiracy theories he and his fellow travelers bring to the table. That's in addition to a taste, just like The Big Orange Guy, for late night-early morning escapades on the keypad.

The other night she let loose with a series of those alternative fact tweets. One claimed Chelsea Clinton was in some way related by marriage to the second biggest bugaboo of ultra right wing hacks, George Soros. Another was that Soros himself was a former Nazi collaborator. Neither is true, but, as we know, the truth has little to do with right wing conspiracy theories.

If that had been it, Roseanne Barr's TV show and career would have probably survived after some minor outrage from Clinton aficionados. When it comes to Soros, he is used to this constant libelous insanity and refuses to respond when two bit right wing loons attempt to disparage him.

The trouble was Barr posted another tweet. This one had to with Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor to Barack Obama--the BIGGEST of all right wing bugaboos. Jarrett is an African American woman who was born in Iran to American parents in 1956. Barr's tweet described, Ms. Jarrett as an ape fathered by The Muslim Brotherhood.

For those of you who lack knowledge of America's racial history and the vile slang associated with it, in this country when a white person calls a black person an ape, or monkey he, or she is employing a synonym for the word, nigger. 

If anyone says different they're either lying to you, or themselves.

In the United States we like to say we have free speech. There are a  few limitations, though. The most famous exception is you can't yell fire in a crowded theater when there isn't one. However, even when you say something not against the law, no matter how obnoxious, that doesn't mean your words don't come with consequences. You are, in the end, responsible for what you say, or write at 3am in the morning.

A prime example would be Ted Nugent. When he compared then president Obama to a coyote pissing in American living rooms it was fine. When he added that the owners of the living rooms were at fault for the damage if they didn't shoot the coyote, he got a visit from the Secret Service.

Barr's behavior since the shit hit the fan has called into question her mental health status. At first she apologized. She claimed it was a crude, ill conceived, joke. Next she blamed the tweets on the side effects of a sleep aid called Ambien. Then, she declared she was quitting Twitter altogether. After the somewhat suspect remorse and panicked excuses failed to sway ABC and the network cancelled her show anyway she jumped right back on the medium.

One of her first acts was to tweet a photo of actress/talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg wearing a tee shirt depicting Trump committing suicide. Barr claimed the tweet was posted in order to expose the network's, "hypocrisy." The photo was a complete photo shopped fake. The tee shirt Goldberg wore at a woman's march read, "Think I'm a nasty lady now? Buckle up buttercup." Then, after Ms. Barr's fellow sitcom cast members began to criticize her tweets, she howled they had, with cruel disloyalty, thrown her under the bus.

Donald Trump, being, well, Donald Trump, inserted himself into the turmoil. After Robert Iger issued an apology to Jarrett on behalf of ABC and the Walt Disney Co,  Trump demanded to know why Iger had never apologized to him for all the, "HORRIBLE" things the Disney CEO has said about him.

Of course, Trump isn't black and Iger never called him what amounts to the, "N," word, but when that ego runs amok, hey, details just get in the way.

On the bright side for Barr, Alex Jones has invited her on Info Wars to combat all this, "thought control," and the aforementioned Ted Nugent has her back on Twitter. So, maybe her media career isn't over. There will always be room for an occasional guest host spot on Jones' show and perhaps she can tour with Nugent, although, thanks to that night in San Diego, we know she can't sing.

This, like everything else, will blow over as soon as some other idiot spouts off a new round of horrendous nonsense. My money is on that gruesome little fascist shit, Stephen Miller. In the meantime we need to recognize the truth. It is, first, the Obama presidency taught us that, despite all the shrill denials, racism in America is still around. Second, Trump's presence in the White House has emboldened it. And third, Roseanne Barr's tweets have personified it.

Thank God, Bob Iger had the guts to say enough is enough and fire her ass.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'll see you at the bar.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018: More Dead Kids Than Combat Troops

In Donald John Trump's never ending campaign to demonize all Hispanic immigrants he loves to talk about the presence of the gang, Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 on Long Island, NY. As late as Wednesday he described them this way: "...a ruthless gang that has violated our borders and transformed once peaceful neighborhoods into blood stained killing fields."

No, I'm not here to defend MS-13, or its criminal and sometimes deadly activities. I am, however, questioning what constitutes a blood stained killing field, in Don Trump's over ripe brain. Apparently not that much since research by The Daily Caller shows the gang was involved in four Long Island killings in the past 12 months.

That would be 13 fewer victims of murder than was amassed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on a single February day this year.

Across the globe in Afghanistan which is--you know--a fucking war zone, 17 U.S. troops were killed in combat operations during 2017. That's 14 fewer than the number of students and teachers killed in American schools since January this year. In Iraq, during 2017, 23 fewer American service men and women were killed than people going to places that issue grades in stuff like math.

The New York Times ran a list of this testimony to American exceptionalism immediately after the shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. To keep things as simple as possible they threw out any shootings which occurred on, or near school properties without casualties, wounded, or otherwise. They also didn't count, "several," that involved people committing suicide on campuses.

What they found was, beginning with January 22nd this year in Italy, TX there have been 10 school shootings spread out from Kentucky to California that have either killed, or wounded students and teachers.

After the Santa Fe horror, MSNBC played to liberal fears by claiming the total was over 20. FOX attempted to reassure its many times delusional audience by claiming there had only been five.

Whatever the number, we do know for sure 31 human beings have been murdered in American public schools and at least 49 have been wounded so far in the year of our Lord, 2018. Most of them have been teenagers. All of them were shot, not while facing a platoon of enemy combatants, but because they didn't play hooky the day some loon went off his nut with an easily obtained weapon.

Even though Donald J. Trump has never referred to American schools as blood stained killing fields, he swore he'd do something after the massacre in Parkland. Then, literally a day after making that promise he had lunch with some NRA executives and decided doing nothing instead was the more advantageous political strategy. Most members of congress, especially those in the house, live in such fear of NRA retribution they won't even utter a whisper about some sort of common sense gun control.

As for the NRA, well, we all know what they think--everyone, including my four year old grandson should be carrying a gun, "for self defense." That mandate also includes guys like Alex Tilghman, who posted a YouTube video of demonic ducks tormenting him just yards from the OKC restaurant he shot up a few days later.

No other industrialized country on this blue ball puts up with this crazed shit. And correspondingly no other industrialized country has to seriously consider turning its schools into the type of armed fortresses not seen since the age of Vietnam fire bases.

Yes, we may be free, but we're also the only place on earth where you can end up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not induced by intense overseas combat, but from simply attending Mrs. Tisdale's art class on the wrong Friday.

Given these circumstances, this Memorial Day we might want to consider not just remembering our war dead, but those killed in our schools as well. Hey, why not? As the stats show, the cemeteries are currently filling up with kids who attend class more quickly than they are with members of the military deployed in combat areas.

sic vita est