Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Long Saturday at The Mall in Columbia

It is never going to end. In fact the acts of violence and mayhem are coming so quickly now it could be the United States has reached the tipping point and is headed straight into the black hole of absolute anarchy.

The scenes on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX yesterday were all too familiar. Helicopter views of a shopping mall, spread out over several acres, its parking lots filling quickly with all manner of police tactical squads. Yes, just another day and another demented guy with a gun here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

The details are fluid, but the big picture remains numbingly the same.

A 19 year old dude named Darion Marcus Aguilar, who still lived with his mom, buys a Mossberg shotgun in December. It is a perfectly legal transaction, because the police have never heard of him. He has absolutely no criminal record and hey--it's a shotgun, not some sort of assault style weapon like an AR-15, or even a hand gun. For all anyone knows the guy is nothing more than a big fan of the A&E television series, "Duck Dynasty," and just wants to take up the sport of hunting.

He resided in, College Park, MD, the same burg as Brianna Benlolo. She was 21 years old and the mother of a two year boy. That is when things get a little hazy. NBC reports local police have yet to find any connection between the two. However the online edition of, "The Mail," claims Aguilar and Benlolo had dated, but she ended the relationship and was now involved with a 25 year old guy named Tyler Johnson. Both Johnson and Benlolo work at Zumiez. It is a store that specializes in skate boards, snow boards, plus sports clothing, and accessories. It is located a short drive away at The Mall in Columbia.

Whatever the case, Aguilar takes a cab to the mall yesterday morning. He is carrying a couple of bags which contain the shotgun and, according to police, a whole lot of ammunition, plus, just for fun, a crudely made explosive device.

He walks in the Zumiez store after hanging out in the mall for an hour or so and opens fire. Benlolo and Johnson are killed. Another person is wounded in the foot. Four more are injured as mall patrons are thrown into a panic. Finally, as these frenzied losers always seem to do, Aguilar kills himself and the nightmare ends--well, at least for everyone who isn't related to, or is friends with Brianna Benlolo and Tyler Johnson.

Police have searched the house Aguilar and his mother shared. NBC says they confiscated computers and "documents." They are still actively looking for a motive--that would be the one besides the obvious--that Darion Marcus Aguilar was as crazy as a bed bug on meth.

The gun crowd, as usual, is saying everything would have been fine and no one, but the shooter would have been killed if everyone in the mall had been carrying a concealed weapon. There is little doubt a new round of conspiracy theory videos will appear on You Tube. Every single one of them will claim the whole gruesome episode was just another government psy-ops, false flag, plot--one backed by the MK Ultra gargoyles, the New World Order, the Illuminati, and the fucking tuba section of the University of Oklahoma marching band--you know, all those devious sonsofbitches hell bent on depriving us of our guns and precious bodily fluids.

Think not? Go to You Tube and enter, Sandy Hook Hoax and see what comes up. Or, you can simply read any of the comments sections below the NBC reports to catch a whiff of what the NRA cranks think. Believing them is to believe, everything and everyone is to blame--except the guns.

Thanks to the overwhelming presence of firearms and wide spread insanity, we have basically become a third world nation in the throes of civil warfare so perverse it can't even be described as tribal. We are, in the end, quite demonstrably, too immature and dangerous to possess them.

Every time you think of the simplistically cruel NRA line which maintains banning guns would mean only criminals would have them, keep in mind the names, Darion Marcus Aguilar, Jimmy Holmes, Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold and scores of others who have murdered family, friends and strangers over the past few decades. Not a one of those deadly geeks had a criminal record.

Hell, at least with the armed criminals we know where we stand. The terrible truth is, it's all the law abiding citizens who own guns we have to worry about. They are the ones killing us in the schools, malls, shopping centers, and theaters. They are the reason huge numbers of people at that Columbia, MD mall knew, as the cable news networks reported, what to do after they heard the first shots.

Indeed, the supposed good guys are the real killers. And--tragically--they are the ones who have lowered us to what Hunter S. Thompson once said is the level of, dumb beasts.

sic vita est





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