Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Dispatches: Waiting on Don, Maine's Governor, Hillary's Numbers, and the NRA Moment of the Week

So as we wait breathlessly to see how Don Trump's Immigration Initiative goes let's consider for a moment the current governor of Maine, Paul LePage.

LePage became the second U.S. governor to endorse Brother Trump's candidacy. He has impressed Mr. Trump so much the candidate says he will offer him a role in his administration if the governor is available.

The other day it looked liked LePage might well be ripe for a spot with the big orange man. That was after he left a recorded voice mail for democratic state representative, Drew Gattine calling him, among other things, "...a little son of a bitch, socialist cocksucker."

The reaction was quick and severe. So much so LePage was even called onto the carpet by members of his own party. It led the governor to publicly say he might not finish out his current term. Unfortunately he has walked back from that notion in the last few hours, leaving El Don in the lurch for whatever position he might have had in mind for him.

The flap began when LePage claimed all of Maine's drug problems have been caused by an invasion of African Americans and Hispanics from places like New York. At some point he got it in his head Gattine had called him a racist--a charge Gattine has repeatedly denied, although it is easy to see why he might have made it.

In true Trumpian fashion LePage seemed to blame the press for all the trouble. He issued a statement saying, "I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today. I'm serious. Everything will be put in writing. I'm tired of being caught, the gotcha moments."

While that's all fine and good, governor, you might also want to refrain from calling political opponents, "sons of bitches, socialist, cocksuckers," on phone messages which can be replayed for the entire world to hear.

Listen, it's just a thought.

Meanwhile the Washington Post found over 55% of Americans now view Hillary Clinton unfavorably. It is the highest percentage of people seeing her that way in 20 plus years.

Despite the devastating number is projecting Mrs. Clinton will win 304 electoral votes in November. It's 34 more than she needs. The same survey shows Trump is currently projected to take 190. 44 are still up in the air. If the projections are true, Clinton could lose all 44 of the undecided electoral votes and still win the White House.

But, let's face it, we aren't to election day yet. Between now and then God only knows what sort of heavily rewritten hacked emails will be fed to Julian Assange by the Russians.

Finally we come to the NRA moment of the week. Yesterday in North Las Vegas, NV, 31 year old Mohammad Robinson failed to open the door at a local McDonald's for an unnamed woman. She took umbrage and an argument ensued. The woman then went to a male companion accompanying her and told him about the affront. The man, who was inexplicably absent at the door when she was either entering, or exiting, reacted the way every chivalrous American man does in such situations. He pulled out a gun and shot Mohammad Robinson to death.

Robinson was the father of a young daughter. He was murdered in front of his best friend. Police are still searching for the insulted maiden and her knight in shining armor.

Hey, who says Americans don't need more guns ?

sic vita est


Saturday, August 27, 2016

What We've Learned This Week: A House is Not a Home, National Polls Aren't What We Need to Look At, Nudity Clauses on, "The Apprentice," Don's Latest Tweet, the Cost of Deportation, and Trump's First TV Ad

Here is what we have learned this week.

First: Stephen Bannon, the CEO of Mr. Donald Trump's presidential campaign, is registered to vote in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The address on his registration--which he is required to, "actively" live at according to Florida voting laws--is a house that has been deserted for months and is scheduled to be demolished in the next few weeks.

According to a report in The Guardian, Bannon rented the place for his second wife, who he has been divorced from for seven years. People in the neighborhood told investigators they have never seen Bannon, or any one even remotely resembling him at the property, although they did notice a 20 something, "Latino looking," man hanging around.

The story goes on to say Mr. Bannon sometimes stays in a $2.4 million Washington town house, near the Supreme Court building which he calls his own and is referred to as, The Breitbart Embassy. The Breitbart staff offices are located in the building's basement. The town home actually belongs to an Egyptian business man, Mostafa El-Gindy, who is a former member of his country's parliament and presumably a Muslim. You know--one of those people Bannon's candidate wants to ban from entering the country as immigrants, or have tailed relentlessly by security forces if they're already here.

Second: The latest Reuters/IPSOS national poll shows Hillary Rodham Clinton ahead of Don Trump 39% to 36%. Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson pulled in 7% and Jill Stein received 3%.

What the Reuters/IPSOS people and everyone else should know is that at this point in a presidential campaign, national polls, while mildly interesting, don't mean shit. From now until election day it is far more important to pay attention to state by state polls thanks to something called the electoral college. Just ask Al Gore. In 2000 he won a majority of the national vote, but lost the election thanks to some shifty things going on with Florida's official ballots.

Third: The Daily Beast reported people wanting to participate on Trump's TV show, "The Apprentice," had to sign an NBC contract containing some interesting clauses. One stated contestants had to agree to be filmed, "...whether I am clothed, or partially naked, or naked and whether I am aware, or unaware of such video taping, filming, or recording."

Yes, it would seem the evangelicals are backing their kind of guy once again. The next logical step is for Trump to name Josh Duggar as his choice for Secretary of Health, Human Services, and Blow Jobs.

Fourth: Proving you just can't keep the man off of Twitter, Don Trump had this to say  earlier today, "Dwayne (sic) Wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby. Just what I've been saying. African Americans will VOTE TRUMP!"

Indeed, Trump's connection with the black community is lengthy. Today, The New York Times ran with a story which notes he first showed up on its front page in 1973. That's when the Justice Department sued Trump Management, specifically naming him and his old man, for housing discrimination. His immediate  response was to claim the government was attempting to force him to rent to, "welfare recipients."

It's unclear at this point if his connection also caused Trump to misspell Wade's first name in the tweet. That's right Don, as one social media responder observed and any NBA fan can tell you, it's Dwyane, not, Dwayne.

Fifth: A CNBC report speculates Trump's new found squishiness on immigration may have more to do with Roger Ailes explaining the real consequences of mass deportations to him rather than some epiphany of moderation. The on line story states it will cost $600 billion to send the estimated 11 million undocumented workers in the country back to wherever they came from. In addition, if he was to somehow pull it off, the U.S. economy would take an immediate $1.6 trillion hit.

Finally, we have the first Trump TV ad. It claims if Hillary Clinton is elected all those illegal immigrants will be able to, "skip the line," during her administration and reap social security benefits. Fact Checker went to work and found there isn't a living soul in this country who can get social security benefits if they don't have an on the books job and pay taxes for at least 10 years. Well, who needs a few inconvenient details fouling up a snazzy ad which also features a flashing neon sign over a voting station saying, "Rigged."

Hey, let's face it, at times like these, something as minor as the truth just gets in the way of the greater goal.

And so there we have it on a muggy Saturday. Given the current level of madness, as you can well guess, the bar is most certainly open.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making Baghdad Bob Proud and Happy

Those of you with stark memories of the Allied invasion of Iraq will remember a dude named, Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf. He was employed by the late, unlamented, Saddam Hussein as a PR rep to the international media. In the United States he earned himself the moniker, Baghdad Bob.

During press briefings he would say things like, hundreds of American soldiers are committing suicide outside of Baghdad and there are no American tanks in the city. At the moment he made that second statement U.S. forces were only a few blocks from where he was standing and people watching the broadcast could hear their guns firing in the background.

He became quite the cult figure in the west for all the wrong reasons if you were a supporter of Hussein, or happened to be Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf. Here and in other places, such as Great Britain, where he was dubbed, Comical Ali, people began sporting tee shirts with his image on them. Watching him for those few days he was on the air was like seeing someone on acid telling you the moon is secretly populated by vast numbers of cave dwelling banana people.

When it came down to it, none of us had ever witnessed a more accomplished actor in the theater of the absurd as Baghdad Bob--at least until now.

We were graced with a sip of Bob's magical mushroom soup a few weeks ago when Mike Pence accused Barack Obama of demeaning the political discourse after the president referred to Don Trump as a demagogue. Pence was outraged Obama would stoop to, "name calling," during a presidential campaign.

However, Pence is a rank amateur in these matters when compared to Brother Trump's newest campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Two days ago, on a Sunday morning talk show, she had this to say about her boss, "He doesn't hurl personal insults."

Yes, and American tanks aren't really rumbling through the broad avenues and back streets of Baghdad as I speak.

Within a scant few hours of Conway's appearance, Donald Trump tweeted, "Tried watching low rated @morning_Joe this morning, unwatchable! @morningmika is off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess."

He followed up with, "Some day when things calm down, I'll tell the real story of @JoeNBC and his very insecure long time girlfriend, @morningmika. Two clowns."

Trump was referring to the hosts of MSNBC's, "Morning Joe," Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. He was responding to their criticism of a speech he made in Virginia, which Brzezinski had described as, "rambling."

We can expect a lot more of this surrealism in the next two plus months thanks to the appointment of not just Ms. Conway, but Stephen Bannon as the campaign's CEO. Bannon's day job is running the Breitbart media site. The blog, which has been called, "Trump's Pravda," made news in March when it threw one of it's own reporters under the bus after she was roughed up by Trump's then campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

For those of you who think this craziness can't get any more wildly outre, last Thursday, Trump spokesperson, Katrina Pierson claimed Hillary Clinton suffers from what is known as dysphasia. It is a condition which is caused by brain trauma and degrades a person's ability to speak and comprehend language.

There are already falsified medical records floating around far right websites bearing the name of Mrs. Clinton's doctor saying the same thing.

Meanwhile, the notorious propagandist, Sean Hannity--who at one point last week said, "I've never claimed to be a journalist"--is on FOX News telling everyone, Secretary Clinton suffers from seizures. He offered up photographic proof to a group of medical professionals. To Hannity's supreme dismay none of them would confirm his diagnosis.

Doctor Lisa Bardack who is Mrs. Clinton's physician has said numerous times the on line reports and Hannity's claims are nothing more than bullshit; that the candidate is perfectly fit to carry out the duties of president. Of course in Bannon's twisted world that makes the good doctor just another part of the vast conspiracy to hide Clinton's true condition.

Hey, sinking poll numbers call for desperate measures and, in the face of them, you have to say something, especially when you know your guy is the one who is actually bat shit crazy.

Indeed. At this point, one has to think Baghdad Bob, where ever he is, has to be not just proud, but happy. After all, as this insanity continues to intensify it will be people like Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon showing up on tee shirts from here to Scotland rather than him.

sic vita est


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Larry Wilmore's Last Hurrah on Comedy Central

Our show going off the air has to mean only one thing--racism is solved.

Larry Wilmore

If it were only true. Actually, as Wilmore and his crew air their last hurrah tonight on Comedy Central, racism is still a cancer on the soul of the republic. But you can't blame him. After all, it isn't like he has shied away from the subject.

No, since the, "Nightly Show," hit the air in January of last year--tasked with replacing the wildly popular, "Colbert Report,"--Wilmore has charged head long into the hateful maw of racism from a perspective no other late night TV host previously had, or could. That's simply because, as an African American, he grew up staring straight into its reptilian eyes on a daily basis.

Jon Stewart could and did attack it intellectually. However, Stewart and to a greater extent, Colbert seemed preoccupied with mugging it up for the audience and any sort of comedic commentary they offered on racism came from an arm's length. That was even when Wilmore periodically showed up on, Stewart's version of "The Daily Show," as a correspondent in the field.

Hey, let's face it, neither Stewart, or Colbert would have dreamed of, or dared to, sit down at table in a Baltimore diner and speak with local gang leaders about the riots which were ravaging parts of the city after Freddie Gray's death. Wilmore did just that.

They also never thought of running a segment about how poor, inner city, neighborhoods, have a shocking lack of access to food stores which sell things like fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. One Wilmore report did so and it was brilliantly tinged with a combination of faux amazement, comedy, and subtle, yet palpable, frustration.

The panel portion, which ends each show, is usually populated by his staff and guests who are primarily, but not solely, African American. Those round tables--as well as the entire enterprise--are geared to be equal parts funny and telling. Not to mention aimed at making a lot of white people either slightly uncomfortable, or utterly outraged, depending on their political and social views.

Of course Wilmore hasn't limited his sarcasm and satire to the single issue of race. Right wing politics, sexual harassment and the gay struggle for equal rights are also prime targets. In fact his anger bubbles closest to the surface when he confronts people like Bill Cosby, who he refuses to call by name. In almost in every instance he refers to the disgraced comedian and sitcom star as, "the motherfucker."

Even though, "The Nightly Show," is ending this evening, there is little doubt Larry Wilmore will land on his feet. He has been around for a while, mostly behind the scenes as a writer and producer. According to Wikipedia his credits include writing for and producing, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and "The Jamie Foxx Show." In addition he created and produced, "The Bernie Mac Show" and won an Emmy for writing its pilot episode.

The real loss will be for those of us who tend to stay up late and are invested not only in political and social current events, but love topical humor. Trevor Noah will remain in charge of, "The Daily Show," but the South African émigré always seems a tad too cuddly and self amused for someone seeking out edgier programming.

The ratings just weren't there for "The Nightly Show." At least that is what the suits at Comedy Central are maintaining and, in truth, they're right. The released viewership figures pale in comparison to what Colbert's were and Noah's are now.

Larry Wilmore rarely failed at comedy though. The trouble is he's too good at making sure you can't sit back, relax, and laugh at some worn out caricature of racism. When you watch his show you are actually confronted by the modern reality of the ugly beast. And, in the end, that's something many viewers don't want to do, especially when they're looking for nothing more than a cheap guffaw right before hitting the sack.

sic vita est


Monday, August 15, 2016

Republicans Believe the Fix is In

"The only way we can lose, in my opinion--and I really mean this, Pennsylvania--is if cheating goes on. I really believe it."

Donald J. Trump at a Pennsylvania campaign rally on Friday.

It would seem, as the man in a movie once said, excuses are like assholes--everybody has one. By uttering those words it's become obvious, El Don has found his. Although, as he proved, there is always the bugaboo of the press you can blame things on. During the same week he took journalists to task for not understanding the Trump concept of sarcasm, while at the same time saying if the media was fair to him he would have a 20 point lead in the polls somewhere, perhaps everywhere.

It is unclear where Mr. Trump got the 20% figure, although, given what he has previously said during campaign events this election cycle, it's a good bet he simply made it up on the spot. Hey, that's how the man rolls.

It's not like we haven't heard any of this vile bilge before. When it comes to elections, republicans near and far like to claim the fix is in. Back in 2012 one poll showed 57% of the GOP faithful believed voter fraud was a major problem in this country. At least that is the argument used when republican controlled legislatures pass draconian voter ID laws. When those same laws overwhelmingly restrict the voting rights of ethnic and racial minorities, most of whom vote democratic--well--that's just a happy coincidence.

The Washington Post ran with an online story today saying a current poll shows 56% of Trump supporters believe the election will be rigged. It went further, citing a Public Policy Polling survey of North Carolina Trumpadores. The question asked was, "If Hillary Clinton is elected do you think it will because more people voted for her, or because the election results are rigged in her favor?" 69% said it will be because the election was rigged.

That figure would normally be stunning, but let's face it, Don Trump is running with the support of a crowd which is infested with huge numbers of conspiracy theorists. According to the Post story, as late as last September, depending on which poll you looked at 20 to 29% of republicans still believe Barack Obama was born just about anywhere except the United States. The same polls showed that 43 to 54% of them think he is a Muslim.

Right now, the latest NBC/Marist College poll shows Hillary Clinton leading in Pennsylvania by 11 points, in Florida by five, in North Carolina by nine, in Colorado by 14, and in Virginia by 13.

Those numbers beg the question, does Trump actually think a pre Labor Day poll is also rigged? Or does he believe the great and mighty FOX News is utterly impotent, influence wise, when compared to news networks and organizations he has continuously derided as low rated and nearly out of business?

In the end, the harsh truth is Trump's candidacy continues to flounder because vast numbers of the voting public simply believe he doesn't have the brains, or temperament to be president of these United States. And, if he isn't miraculously born again within a matter of a few weeks, absolutely no one will have to commit voter fraud to keep him out of the White House. He will have accomplished that feat completely on his own.

sic vita est


Thursday, August 11, 2016

For Many of Us the Lesser of Two Evils Has Never Been More Obvious

The madness of this campaign season continues unabated as we close to within 90 days of election day. And it isn't only at the top, although with Don Trump in the race we can be assured there will be a continuous stream of it available on the national stage.

Just the other day, Trump told a gathering of his brown shirted pals that Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to, "revoke," the second amendment by appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court and other federal benches. Then he said, once she does there is nothing they can do about it--"Although the second amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."

The liberal wing of the media and Clinton pounced on his last sentence, howling that Trump was attempting to incite violence either against her, or the judges she, as president, would appoint. He might have been. Let's face it, he's a master at saying things in a way which both appeals to the conspiracy theory/white supremacist mobs who love him and, at the same time, leaves him an escape hatch--at least in his mind--when the media calls him out on such vile nonsense.

Or, he could simply have all the rhetorical skills and intellect of a third grader engaged in a playground fist fight.

Personally, I like to think it is a weird and toxic blend of both.

Be that as it may, lost in all the outrage and denials was further tangible proof of Trump's abject ignorance of how the republic works.

In the first place, there is absolutely no evidence Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to revoke the second amendment, but even if she did, she can't. Not only on her own, or by appointing a vast cabal of anti-gun liberal jurists. The truth is, no judge in the nation, no matter how high, or distinguished can rule that any part of the constitution is--well--unconstitutional.

There is only way to get rid of an amendment to the constitution of these United States. You have to pass another amendment which specifically voids the older one. To do so, congress, or a national convention has to approve the new amendment. Then it must be ratified by 75% of state legislatures, or conventions nationwide.

Now, just picture that happening any time in the next four, or eight years.

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting Mr. Vincent Bordini filed a law suit in North Carolina against Trump's state director, Earl Phillip. Bordini, formerly a paid staffer for the Trump NC organization, is claiming that back in February, Phillip pulled a weapon on him during a road trip in South Carolina. He says, Phillip pressed the nozzle of a 45. caliber hand gun against his knee for reasons which aren't currently clear.

Bordini says he went to the Trump national campaign rather than the police because he feared Phillip's reputation for , "violent behavior, intimidation, and retaliation," but they didn't do anything. He added  he didn't tell his immediate supervisor about the incident, because he was scared the man would simply cover it up.

According to the suit Phillip was so far off the rails he had previously pulled the same gun on at least four other Trump staffers before he did the same thing to Bordini.

Phillip denies everything and  Bordini ultimately quit the organization because the Trump national people wouldn't do anything about a guy in charge in NC repeatedly pulling a gun on his subordinates.

Hey, true, or not, you can't say that sort of crazy shit doesn't fit right in with every thing else going on in Donald J. Trump's bizarre and savage campaign. Not to mention the evil fucks who are invested in it.

Yes, in the end, at least for many of us, the lesser of two evils has never been more obvious.

sic vita est


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Post Khan Craziness in the Media

Left leaning media outlets have gone a little funny in their collective noggins the last few days. As Don Trump's ill conceived feud with the Khan family came to a head the news became rife with stories of violent anarchy within his campaign. When he refused to endorse either Paul Ryan, or John McCain before their primaries the frenzy grew to epic proportions.

Rumors of mass desertions among the party ranks filled the airways. Billowing clouds of nitrous oxide and marijuana were inhaled in news rooms across the land. It was declared Trump had finally crossed the line everyone had been praying he would. The word giddy can't even begin to describe the attitude many members of the working press have embraced.

Speculation became so intense at least one story appeared which seemingly suggested the GOP could, or would--somehow after their convention--dump the Don's orange ass. A couple of others detailed the steps the party would take if he dropped out of the race before election day.

We haven't seen this sort of abject craziness since the days leading up to the dreaded Y2K turnover and the end of the Mayan calendar. For those of you with short memories, the public theories that both dates would bring about the end of civilization as we know it were a tad overstated.

Listen, the reality is Donald J. Trump isn't going anywhere except to his next rally.

Indeed, the situation remains dire. A scant few days ago the liberal filmmaker Michael Moore told Bill Maher and his "Real Time" audience he believed Trump would win the presidential election.

He grimly pointed out two reasons he thought that way. First, Trump is such a grotesque buffoon he is too easy to parody, then dismiss. Moore said, liberals are currently living in the same sort of bubble the right wing was four years ago just before it was stunned by Barack Obama's reelection. Second, no matter what vile and stupid things this goof says, tens of millions of people will still vote for him. And, as Brother Moore pointed out, they are going make damn sure they do.

All this clamor of a great schism within the GOP means nothing to Trump, or his brown shirted supporters. He didn't need the GOP movers and shakers during the primary season--in fact he took great glee in serving up their heads on a platter--and he doesn't need, or probably, want them now.

The desertions, so happily reported, consist of a handful of Reagan and Bush guys who have been out of politics for years, a retiring congressman, and the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. People like John Kasich and Ted Cruz remain on the fence. At the same time, McCain and Ryan, while condemning Trump for what he said about the Khans, are steadfastly refusing to withdraw their endorsements of him.

The reason is simple. They might not like Donald J. Trump, but they need his supporters in their primaries. In other words, at least for the moment, he has them both by the balls.

Meanwhile, as George Will said in his newspaper column today, the circus around Trump's debacle with the Khans this week caused the media to overlook even more evidence of  his criminal ignorance of global affairs.

During last Sunday's interview with George Stephanopoulos everyone concentrated on Trump's bizarre assertion he had sacrificed a lot by creating jobs and erecting buildings. In that same sit down, Stephanopoulos asked the candidate why he gutted the GOP platform plank which called for providing Ukraine with lethal weapons to defend itself against Russia. His response was, "He's (Putin) not going into Ukraine. OK? Just so you understand. He's not going to go into Ukraine alright? You can mark it down and you can put it down, you can take it where you want."

Stephanopoulos simply gazed at him and said, "Well he's already there isn't he?

Flustered, Trump answered by saying, "OK, well, he's there in a certain way..." He continued with a couple of moments of gibberish so disconnected from logic and the English language there is the very real possibility he was in the midst of a horrific meth binge. He ended the exchange by saying, "From what I've heard, the people of Crimea would rather be with Russia than where they were."

Given his previous statement about the need for Russian computer hackers it is easy to guess where El Don heard it from.

Yes, we can guffaw all we want at this rancid clown. However, as we do it's best to remember large numbers of Germans were doing the same thing when it came to Herr Hitler decades ago and look at who got the last cruel laugh then.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you might guess, the bar is open.

sic vita est


Monday, August 1, 2016

Trump Goes All Shatner After the Dignity of Khan

It doesn't take much to imagine Donald J. Trump lost in the bowels of his gilded tower right now doing a spot on imitation of William Shatner. You know the scene well. It's when Captain Kirk's face twists in rage as he screams, "KHAN!!!" and it echoes through the very core of the planet he is seemingly stranded on.

Indeed, last week Mr. Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala managed to punch one of Trump's multitude of buttons and the republican nominee couldn't help, but retaliate. Unfortunately for him, the Khans are not some political opponent he's running against, or random media critic. They are the parents of a genuine American war hero who gave his life in the defense of not only the men he commanded, but the country itself.

Their sacrifice and dignity seems to be a concept Trump just can't wrap his ego around. He first went on social media to question whether Khizr Khan's speech had been, "scripted," by the Clinton campaign. Then he questioned why Mrs. Khan stayed silent during her husband's presentation. The ham handed hint was she wasn't allowed to speak because of either her religion, or that she might have disagreed with her husband's speech.

He seemed oblivious that she did speak the next morning in an interview with MSNBC. But let's face it, Don Trump has never been one for such details.

Yesterday he was on ABC's "This Week" and was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. In response to Khan's assertion he had, "sacrificed nothing," Trump had this to say, "I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs. I've built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot."

When Stephanopoulos, somewhat incredulously, asked him if such achievements were really sacrifices, Trump responded by saying they were.

Actually, Don that sort of stuff falls under the heading of investments. Ones which you have been more than willing to tell everyone you and your family happily profit from.

Not knowing the difference between the two calls into question not only Trump's fitness to be commander in chief, but his basic understanding of the English language.

Hey, lose a kid in battle, Don, then--in return--get nothing more than a chump change insurance policy pay out, a couple of medals, and a crisply folded flag. When you do the rest of us, including the Khans will listen to you about your sacrifice.

Today El Don played the martyr card when he tweeted, "Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and now is all over TV doing the same thing--Nice."

Apparently Trump expected him to blow kisses. Let's face it, the candidate has spent months talking about banning every Muslim immigrant, no matter what their character, or heart simply because of their religion. You know, the same one, Captain Humayun Khan believed in on the day he was killed in combat.

John McCain, whose own service to the nation, Donald Trump went out of his way to demean, said Trump's attack on the Khans did not reflect the views of the GOP, its leadership, or its candidates. Unless, of course, you count the guy they nominated for president and all the other republicans who, while edging ever so subtly away from him, refused, as Mr. Khan pleaded so eloquently, to repudiate him.

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that late Sunday, Trump's savage cohort, Roger Stone and other supporters began sending out tweets with a link to an anti Islamic/conspiracy theory web site. It accuses, Khizr Khan of being a secret agent of the Muslim Brotherhood who is working toward the establishment of sharia law world wide. As usual with these horrific hate sites, it has offered absolutely no viable proof of the ugly allegation. Not that the truth matters to those who read it. All they know is it makes them feel their xenophobia is justified and might get them an erection without a pill.

Within the next few hours you can bet on Trump to tweet something along the lines of, "Some people, are saying," Khizr Khan is a terrible mole sent to undermine the fabric of American society."

For those naïve souls out there, you shouldn't expect anything Trump says about the Khan family, no matter how libelous, to cut into his core support. Those fascist fucks like evil shit like this.

Yes, we can only hope the few remaining sane republicans and vast numbers of independents will begin to see the big orange guy for what he truly is and vote accordingly.

In the end, it's one of the few hopes we can hang onto during these days of Donald Trump's nightmarish campaign which paints a portrait of brutal dystopia, panders to hate, and celebrates his incredible narcissism.

sic vita est