Monday, January 20, 2014

More Jersey Politics, Ransom Notes From the DPRK, and Bad Craziness in Maryland

Admittedly, it could simply be another rotten acid flashback, but at this terrible moment it appears New Jersey governor Chris Christie is morphing into Richard Milhous Nixon right before our very eyes. Yes, the closer we look, the more we hear, all things political in Jersey are starting to look petty, vengeful, vile and corrupt--everything Nixon aspired to be.

The latest revelation is by Hoboken mayor, Dawn Zimmer. She is running around telling everyone who will listen, including the U.S. Attorney for NJ, super storm Sandy relief money is being withheld from her burg because she won't support an urban redevelopment plan Christie wants. According to her, the governor is set on a specific real estate development company for the construction. The firm is represented by a law firm headed by David Samson, who Christie appointed as the chairman of the NJ Port Authority. Zimmer also maintains it ignores a large section of Hoboken she says is in similar distress just because the company isn't interested in investing in those areas.

Zimmer claims Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno approached her in a parking lot and told her if she didn't play ball the city's share of the recovery money would be delayed. Guadagno flatly denies it, calling the charges, "false, illogical, and offensive." Zimmer claims that is exactly what Guadagno told her she'd do if the mayor went public with this ugly little bit of extortion. Zimmer also says she is willing to tell her story under oath and take a polygraph exam.

Christie's spokespersons, "categorically" denied the accusation, then blamed "partisan politics," and MSNBC in that order for the whole mess. The Gov's people also pointed out while Hoboken has received only $340,000 in recovery funds so far, it is scheduled to get $70 million in the near future.

So here is what has transpired in the last month and a half. There was the September traffic nightmare in Ft. Lee which, by December, was directly linked to a Christie Port Authority appointee and a senior member of the governor's staff. A promising set of meetings between the mayor of Jersey City and high ranking officials of the governor's, office regarding economic development were suddenly cancelled after he refused to endorse Christie's re-election. Then there was a questionable tourism ad campaign, financed with relief money, which prominently featured Christie and his family during an election year. And now we are looking at  possible dirty dealings in Hoboken featuring both political extortion and a buddy-buddy urban renewal plot meant to profit close associates of the man in the governor's office.

Oh yes, Dick would have been proud. Just imagine what will, or won't happen in all those blue states if Brother Christie is elected to the white house. Here is a man who knows what to do with a grudge.

Meanwhile the North Koreans paraded American Kenneth Bae in front of the cameras for a press conference of sorts. Bae, dressed in a prison uniform, "confessed" to anti government acts. He also said, "I believe my problem can be solved by close cooperation and agreement between the American government and the government of this country."

This is known in other parts of the world as a video ransom note. At least Bae hasn't gone the way of Kim Jong-un's uncle, who was reportedly fed live to a pack of ravenous hunting dogs in front of a crowd of 300 animal lovers.

Unfortunately for Bae, the Ambassador to the World, Dennis Rodman couldn't do anything for him while he was there earlier this month. Rodman, upon his return to the U.S. immediately entered re-hab because apparently that is what you do after you've been a pal of the North Korean leader over an extended period of time.

Finally, last Friday police in Germantown, Maryland were called to a house where they found two chidren, ages one and two, stabbed to death. Two others, ages five and eight, were taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. The cops arrested Monifia Sanford and Zakieya Avery and charged them with two counts of murder and two of attempted murder. Sanford and Avery were living together after having met at a church called, Exousia Ministries. A quick check of the site. Bible Study tells us Exousia is a New Testament Greek term meaning, among other things, "power of choice and liberty to do as one pleases." In addition it can also mean "power of authority and right."

Both Sanford and Avery have told police they stabbed the children as part of an exorcism rite being performed in order to drive the devil and demons out of their bodies. Avery is the mother of all four victims. She is also utterly--to use another Greek word--trelos.

So there you have it, just another Monday in the books.

As Dan D. Dynamo used to say, "Watch out for flying chairs."


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