Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Deadly Tuesday

Some days the bodies pile up so quickly it is hard to keep track. The truth is it gets so bad on an afternoon like this, there is a huge temptation to simply shut down both the computer and TV, then kick back with some Beethoven in a shadowy room. Yes, let the mind drift with the music and imagine you're on a peaceful, solitary, journey to someplace civilized, like the planet Neptune.

Alas, it isn't to be though. There is, at least today, no escaping this violent and grotesque ball.

Last night on the Chester, PA campus of Widener University an unnamed student was shot to death as he sat in his car outside an athletic facility. The campus was locked down until 6am this morning when a school spokesperson issued a statement saying, "All indications are this was not a random act of violence."

Not to be outdone, some guy at Purdue University walked into a class room in the electrical engineering building this morning and shot yet another student to death. The gunman surrendered himself to a police officer after he left the scene. Apparently this was a personal beef too. He didn't threaten, or shoot anyone else.

Also, earlier today, three bodies were found in an on base housing unit at Ft. Hood. Early reports state one man and two children, described as military dependents, were discovered. Other details have yet to be released so it is unknown what weapon, or weapons were used in the killings.

In New York City, police have been picking up various body parts along the shore of the East River since last Thursday. Today they announced a DNA match with a missing teenage autistic boy who disappeared 3 months ago.

Out in Oakland, Dinyal New told the media, "Somebody is failing these kids. They feel like it is okay to murder these kids. They have no remorse or understanding afterward." Ms. New speaks from experience. 21 days ago she had two sons named Lee and Lamar. Lee was gunned down New Year's eve. Lamar was shot to death Sunday along with a friend. Neither of New's kids were out of their teens. According to the MSN report, Oakland police have yet to identify any suspects.

Finally, Bert Sanders was interviewed in Roswell, NM today. Bert's daughter Kendal was wounded last week as she stood in the gym of Berrendo Middle School. She was one of two who were shot by a fellow, still unidentified, student. Bert assured us the shooter, "is not a bad boy," and his parents are, "good people." Well that might be, but police say the good boy planned the assault prior to the attack, although he didn't have any specific targets in mind. In fact he went so far as to warn a couple of his pals to beat it before he pulled the weapon out of a duffel bag. The shotgun he used belonged to the good people who had altered the stock so it had a pistol type grip--which isn't something you normally see in, say, "Field and Stream." Sanders finished his chat by saying his daughter thinks the shooter made some bad choices.

That's one way to put it. Another would be, as Warren Zevon once wrote, "Well, he's just an excitable boy."

Ah yes, just another deadly Tuesday here in the home of the free.

As always, stay low, keep moving, and don't bunch up. There is no telling who will open fire next.


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