Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Right Wing Still Doesn't Like Their Guy, Mitt Caught in a Lie, and The Beginning of the End

Those of the pure belief are raging. All the suspicions that Mitt Romney is a closet liberal have come bubbling up once more like foul smelling belches of sulfur in a volcanic blow hole.

NBC reports that a superpac which supports Obama has begun running ads linking a woman's death from cancer to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. The ad apparently says that when Bain, under Romney's command, took over her husband's company they shoved him out the door in fit of cost cutting. This caused him to lose his medical coverage. Then, because his wife was deemed to have a pre existing condition no other carrier would insure them, so she had to go woefully under treated hastening her demise.

Ugly stuff, right? Romney spokeswoman, Andrea Saul addressed the ad this way, "If (those) people had been in Massachusetts under Governor Romney's health care plan they would have had health care."

Ouch. In other words universal health care, a keystone of the Obama administration and something the Mittster has been desperately distancing himself from for nearly a year, would have solved the problem and possibly saved the woman's life.

The reaction from the GOP far right was swift and filled with hysteria. The vampire Ann Coulter went on Laura Ingraham's radio show and demanded that Saul be fired at once. Ingraham herself reportedly said, "Saul wins the etch a sketch award of the day." Erik Erikson of Red State wrote, "Consider the scab picked, the wound opened and the distrust trickling out again." Recovering drug addict, Rush Limbaugh believes the statement provides Obama supporters with a, "gold mine."

Yes, it is the sum of all fears for those who prefer a capitalist system that calls for the poor, infirm, and unemployed to die of curable diseases on the streets. This stench of liberalism is the reason the primary season lasted as long as it did. If the far right crowd had been able to find anyone half way literate they would have beaten Romney like an unwanted stepchild. But they couldn't and now they are stuck with him. He is the guy and once again he is proving himself completely unworthy of their support.

In the mean time Romney has begun to run an ad that should ease some of the pain and suffering. The spot accuses Obama of undermining bi partisan welfare reform by removing the requirement that recipients work to receive payments. The ad even invokes the name of William Jefferson Clinton as being the good type of democrat who knows how to work with the other party.

Clinton's initial response to the charge that Obama wants a welfare state full of people sitting on their arses while cashing checks? "Its not true." This ad may backfire on Mitt even worse than Andrea Saul's little gaffe. Saul only angered the hard core right. If Clinton goes after Romney, like only Clinton can, when he speaks at the Democratic Convention, Mitt is not only going to look like a fool, but an abject liar. Only this time it will be swing voters questioning the GOP candidate's honesty and intellect rather than just the Sturmabteilung.

Actually it might not even take that long. First Read is calling the ad "mis-leading." Independent Fact Checker goes a bit further. It says the ad is a "drastic distortion." According to them by granting waivers to states Obama is "trying to make welfare to work programs more successful rather than ending them."

So the last week hasn't been the best of times for Mr. Romney. Recent polls show him trailing in every battleground state except for one. He has managed to piss off a major portion of his own party while giving the Obama people an easy target to hit back at. And, independent analysts are saying he is twisting the truth so ruthlessly that he might as well be an out right liar.

Bets are he'll pick a vice presidential candidate sooner that later. That announcement will shift the focus and invigorate the growing number  of less than enthusiastic supporters in his camp.

The conventions are not that far away. Look for desperation on both sides. The mad rush toward the finish line is growing so close you can almost smell the sweat. Tens of millions are being spent and promises are being made. Back room deals and unholy alliances are blooming as I type.

The end game, it would seem, is afoot. There will be no prisoners taken.



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