Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Zombie Flash Mob in Florida

They will be gathering in Tampa soon. The decadent rich, the perpetually put upon Caucasians, the howlers and screechers, the outraged and the sanctimonious. All of them will descend upon the west coast of Florida like a vast swarm of locusts and despite their different economic and social stations, despite their mistrust of even their own candidate they will have at least one thing in common. Each man and woman there will loathe the president of the United States.

Make no mistake about it. This is not a gathering of the loyal opposition. The people who will scream until they are hoarse in Tampa want Barak Obama's head literally on a platter. He is, to them, a threat to their entire way of life. He is the first true and tangible signal that the American WASP is losing control of the nation, going the way of the Dodo, and they don't like it.

The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has degenerated into a cesspool of crude hatred, intolerance, rudeness, and out right insanity. Republican hecklers routinely interrupt the speeches of the president like one did in North Las Vegas the other day. Large numbers of them babble on about Obama's birth place. Others rant about imaginary "death panels." and forced euthanasia. As the north pole ice cap has melted away to its lowest point ever, their vice presidential nominee claims global warming is a lie aimed at crippling the industrial might of the republic.

Despite their angst and bile regarding all things Obamian and democratic, NBC News is reporting the latest polls show little change in the last month. Romney's numbers received a slight bump with the Ryan selection in Wisconsin and Florida, but both states remain a toss up. Obama still maintains a slim lead in Ryan's home state and in places like Ohio and Virginia.

Actually a touch of panic may have all ready set in. In a move that seems tinged with desperation the party honchos are trying to make amends to the Ron Paul crowd. Instead of utterly ignoring them like they did four and eight years ago, they are making a big play to bring them back in the fold. In fact his son, Rand is making a prime time speech to the mob on Monday evening. There are rumors that a video tribute to the old man will be presented to the convention on Tuesday.

Paul himself is holding a rally at the University of South Florida on Sunday. It is an 11,000 seat venue and is sold out. The original plan was that after Paul the elder addressed the crowd, it would be bussed en mass to the RNC welcome gathering at Tropicana Field. Those plans had to be scrapped because of "security measures" so a grand entrance of over 10,000 decidedly eccentric members of the party will not happen. Yes, a video tribute is one thing. Allowing a Florida version of the sort of thing Albert Speer used to coordinate is a different animal altogether. You can't give the unwashed everything you know. NBC reports that the Paul people themselves are so mistrusting of the party establishment that their rank and file have been given instructions to be, "respectful, but defend your position and don't be pushed around." The prospects of a full scale riot among all these pasty faced clods are slim, but one can always hope.

Meanwhile tropical storm Isaac is barreling through the Caribbean and is predicted to reach hurricane strength by tomorrow. The Underground Weather people are saying that there is a 9% chance of gale force winds and heavy rains hitting Tampa Sunday/Monday. No doubt the republicans will drag Pat Robertson out of the closet to pray it over toward New Orleans or someplace else while the faithful gather. No chances can be taken next week. There cannot be any distractions from the message that Obama must go. That is why people like Sarah Palin and Todd Akin won't be allowed any further south than Panama City for the next seven days.

Yes, it will be ugliness in the extreme--a sort of zombie flash mob gone wild. Don't be surprised if effigies of the president are hung and burned on numerous occasions. Everyone will wrap themselves in flags and call themselves patriots. Fox News personalities will have visible erections. The champagne will be on Sheldon Addelson.

To avoid all this nonsense I think I'll go skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee. Why not? Many respectable people have done it lately and I understand the fishing is good there. Well that is what I've read anyway.

Panem et circenses.


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