Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carina Saunders' Autopsy and a Swift Boat By Any Other Name: An Ugly Thursday

Grotesque things are going down.

In today's Oklahoman, Andrew Knittle writes that the Carina Saunders autopsy report has been made public. His story, which was contributed to by Tim Willert, sheds little new light on the brutal killing, although it fills in some of the gruesome details. The medical examiner feels there was some attempt, obviously not successful, to conceal Saunders' identity after her death. Her hands and feet were missing, she was, as we know, decapitated, and apparently there was an attempt to either remove a tell tale tattoo on her back, or at least disfigure it to the point of being unrecognizable. According to the story dental records were used to confirm it was Saunders.

Knittle's story quotes the report as saying, "The body parts were wrapped with plastic wrap, in a laundry bag and a duffel bag." It is believed she was alive when this barbarity began. The speculation remains that she was murdered simply so others would see what would happen to them if they didn't cooperate with the perpetrator's drug and prostitution business. There has been, however, a hint that Saunders was more than just a random selection for this ghastly crime. A July 24th story by The Oklahoman's Tim Willert, cites a woman named Stephanie Howard as saying one of the accused killers, Luis Ruiz had told her that Saunders was going to be "dealt with." Why Ruiz felt that way is a matter of pure speculation, although bets are the police know and just aren't saying at this time.

The issue of whether or not a video of the murder exists either on a cell phone, or other media is still dangling in the suddenly foul breeze. It is reported that a woman named Tia Downour, who was sharing a motel room with Ruiz at one point, snuck a look at his cell phone while he was in the bathroom. According to her someone had recorded Ruiz starting to dismember Saunders. Shaken, she turned it off as Saunders began to scream. So far there has been no word as to whether anyone else has seen the video, or if it still exists, or frankly, if it ever did.

What we do know right now is that Ruiz and Jimmy Massey have been charged with the murder and are currently awaiting trial. As repulsive as this saga is at the moment, it can only get worse as more details trickle out over the next few months. Jury members are going to need strong stomachs just to get through each day of the coming proceedings. This horror isn't for the faint of heart.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, the New York Times is reporting that a group calling itself OPSEC has established a web site. The site is currently running a 22 minute video heavily criticizing Barak Obama for a number of security leaks. The leaks have to do with the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and other security matters. According to the Times the video tries to portray Obama as a braggart who is shamelessly using national security issues for political gain.

The group is peopled with former CIA and special operations personnel and claims to be non-partisan. Well that would be non-partisan so long as you're are a screaming, bug eyed, right wing troll. A guy named Chad Kolton is the mouthpiece for this bunch. He was a former spokesperson for the Director of National Intelligence during the Bush administration. Other members include Benjamin Smith a former Navy special ops guy who also happened to be, for a while, a spokesman for the Tea Party Express. Also there is Scott Taylor who is the president of the group. Taylor was an unsuccessful republican congressional candidate in Virginia. In addition the Times points out the organization shares an office suite in Virginia with a republican consulting firm know as the "Trailblazer Group."

Kolton says that because the outfit is classified as an educational group they are under no requirement to list donors or the amounts given. The video reportedly carefully edits Obama's remarks to the nation after the bin Laden raid, deftly removing his reference to the "ten years of tireless and heroic work of our military and counter terrorism professionals."

Can you say swift boat?

On CNN, Admiral William H. McRaven, the man who oversaw the raid, was quoted as saying, "The president and his national security team--I'm not a political guy, but will tell you as an interested party--they were magnificent in how they handled it (the raid) from start to finish." He went on to say, "At the end of the day, make no mistake about it, it was the president of the United States who shouldered the burden for the operation, that made the hard decisions, that was instrumental in the planning process, because I pitched every plan to him."

In addition the Times reports that the Obama administration has "overseen an unprecedented number of prosecutions for press disclosures". In fact two months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder ordered two different U.S. attorneys to investigate the leaks these mutant clowns are just now complaining about.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at such a naked attempt to discredit Obama for an operation that, if it had failed, would have probably cost him the oval office. It is typical republican misinformation and deviant propaganda. Herr Goebbels would have been proud.

Yes, this has indeed been an ugly Thursday on two different fronts. Large doses of Dramamine and a Louisville Slugger will be required to deal with all those involved. Sometimes, in the end, they are the only things that work.



  1. Luis Ruiz is and was a wonderful guy because I knew him well for quite some time not long ago. I watched him help so many people in his neighborhood and thats something he had taught me. I did't understand most times how he could do it because they always showed no respect back and I have never seen a person so nice get so much bull said about him. He was extremely sweet and mild mannered. He liked to do so many fun things and was not caught up in any dope game. Those he helped were but he was not! He came from a neighborhood where many were into dope but he was always trying to look out for those in the guetto. I hung around him 24/7 and he was not into all that 'tweeker' crap like pulling licks as they say, we used to go to parks and explain things he used to do as a kid. We used to wash his truck alot and he liked to go to the Taco stands and we cruised 29th on Sundays. We visited old friends who had it hard and this one was an old white guy who was disabled and Luis helped him out because he said you cant forget those who have been there for you! Luis Ruiz was a wonderful man & a Awesome guy! He always has been & wasn't apart of that crowd but instead they were part of the neighborhood he lived and grew up in. This is crazy that because of that he somehow became part of that 'guilt by association'. Because thats all I see that man doing! He was too gentle of a guy.. . I knew him well

  2. Guilt by association? Then how do you explain all the news reports and court documents detailing Ruiz's criminal background? Or all the statements made by his family about his involvement with drugs? Or the fact that he was initially picked up on larceny charges in sw okc when he was arrested in connection with the murder? While none of these things necessarily suggest that Ruiz is a cold blooded killer, they do suggest that he may not be as saintly as you make him out to be.

    And even if he was as kind as you say, it's not unheard of for a "sweet and mild mannered" person to make some poor life choices, choices that lead them to being involved with and/or committing crimes like this. Addiction, fear, greed, power... all of these things can corrupt even the most altruistic of souls. Contrary to what most people believe, but "monsters" aren't usually born that way... they're made. Made by circumstances that are set in motion by a series of bad choices.

    Another thing to consider is that we often overestimate our ability to truly "know" someones character... How many times have we heard statements from the family/friends of someone who was convicted of some crime saying how shocked they were, because "he was always so nice/kind/quiet". Stories of the "good husband/father" who has secretly been killing prostitutes, or the well-loved parish priest who's been molesting little boys for years etc.

  3. INVESTIGATE THIS: Luis Ruiz was in jail those dates of October 11th & released early morning October 12th.. .

    If you wanna check into your investigator skills then find where in October of 2011 "Luis Ruiz" was in jail. Which he was indeed pulled over & taken to jail for a warrent on the day of Oct. 11th & released the next day Oct. 12th. Figure out this senario now & remember to take into account it takes hours before ever booked in or out in Oklahoma county & check out the area of where his car was when he was pulled over.. .

    By the way the supposed witness to this video seen on his phone said she just heard that from a friend & since there is no such video & that also has never been found & the witness is not a witness but one carrying hearsay she heard to be then she is not even gonna be a witness for the state. So through this tell me how much of a retard you have to be to believe that he guilty coming out 10 months later because of one saying some shit like that? I KNOW he not apart of nothing! Somebody prove me wrong. I wager $500 bucks on this & at the end of this we will all see.. . WHO WANTS TO WAGER?

  5. I am Luis Ruiz’s last girlfriend and although we broke up in May this year I have to tell you this is a bunch of crap that any video was on that phone of his. I Bought his phone that he used all month of April & May & it was MY phone to begin with but only for a few days. I know the number used & all but it was lost about the 1st of June. The next phone was mine also & I still have it. That Bethany detective bugged Luis a lot & he knew Luis had no way been apart of it. They say they just now found the records where Luis was in jail that October of 2011 but I KNOW they have KNOWN THIS the entire time and before his arrest. !


    August 25 Stacy Privett
    Hey girl, this is .. well I guess you know. I stayed with you that night at motel across from the Bel Air that night back in May. I don't understand whats up with them saying you are the witness and also as to that which they state said. I would really like you to help me understand why this happened. I don't get it but I need to & I also know that this story is not at all true. Guess thats why I really am confused as to others who don't know any better. I am mostlikely the only one who knows to this as false but that was my phone even that he had been using technically whether I let him use or if I gave to keep. Not to mention I watched that boy like a hawk & always knew everyplace & everything he did. There is not one contact he called or had that I was not able to know & I even knew when & dates so as to who he hanging with & when. Trust & believe not a damn video of any kind could of even been on that phone & trust that there was no other. I KNOW THIS! I do not see what you may know & I know you have a secret to why this is being stated. CAN I PLEASE KNOW AS TO WHAT THAT IS TIA? Please girl.. .
    August 29 Tia Downour look i dont know anything but what my home girl said she saw im not now or never will be a states witness but i heard that he killed that girl back in october my good friend witnessed it and i also heard from another friend that hes been in jail bragging about it and passing notes to the other involved with it giving up details that the poloce didnt even know about so honestly other then that i cant tell u noyyhing girl
    August 31 Stacy Privett
    Thanks girl. i just was wanting to know what was going on. thank you for helping me know something.

  7. And No Such Thing As 'Human Traffiking' either yall! Women these days already prostituting freaquentally & if this 'Traffiking' does exist then Officers should make this situation more public already. How often you here this shi_ in the News? People missing all around us? IT'S AN EPEDIMIC RIGHT? Its ALL HEAR-SAY AND I KNOW FROM WHOM ALSO. It all goes back to that same "Mindy Cottier" girl which I met myself and she peice of me & Luis breaking up. She was all over his nuts back first part of May tell you what. !