Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Troubled Start for Obama

It wasn't the campaign kick off he wanted, or envisioned. It would seem Barak Obama has stumbled badly coming out of the gate. The president probably wanted to talk about the number of jobs created during his administration, the slow, but steady recovery of the economy, and the shell game being perpetrated by Mitt Romney on the public. Instead, thanks to his own vice president, Joe Biden, he has had to address the issue of gay marriage.

It is one of those hot button topics where he can't win, no matter what he says. It is one he would have, no doubt, preferred to have avoided until his second term. You know the one where he can let loose with a barrage of initiatives that will enrage the right even more than they are now and alienate some of the more conservative leaning independents. The one where he doesn't have to worry about another election.

Obama did take the courageous road. Instead of hem hawing and dancing around the issue he came out in favor of same sex marriage. It will garner him some, but not all of the gay vote. Not all because some gays will steadfastly support the very people who loathe them to the point of wanting them chucked away in camps. I call this the martyr syndrome. There are some who prefer to feel persecuted. They are uncomfortable with the idea of not being the oppressed minority. As the man in a movie once said, they've "learned to love the rope."

Tragically now the howling minions and their boy, Mitt Romney can hammer away at homosexuals at the altar rather than talk about their own warped vision of America. They won't have to explain the details of their vague and inherently flawed economic plans. They can run all over the country waving their arms wildly over their heads as they scream, "Obama likes fags, Obama likes fags!" They will guarantee that there will be sodomy openly practiced in the streets. That children will be made to accept and perform blow jobs with people like Jerry Sandusky. Trust me, that is on the way. Subtlety has never been the strong suit of conservatives.

One can only hope someone has kicked Biden's ass for opening this can of worms. The media is equally to blame. As always the feral dogs of the press would much rather write and talk about sex than things that actually mean something. Things like the economy, or foreign policy, which Mitt looks about as at home with as Sarah Palin did. Yes, the ignore the important stuff that could seriously impact the future of the republic and go straight for that National Enquirer sound bite. Shocked gasps, outrage, and the occasional surreptitious erection is what the media has decided America wants. Screw any sort of substantive debate.

This is all eerily familiar to that swift boat thing that derailed John Kerry's campaign. Obama needs to put it behind him immediately and focus on his opponent and the tea party slugs that want to drive this nation back into the 19th century.

Ultimately sexual orientation and issues such as should Cindy be able to marry Wanda have nothing to do with the well being of the nation. Everyone one is going to keep having sex exactly the way they want to now that Santorum is out of the picture.

The race is too close to call at this point Luckily voting day is still a political life time away. Hopefully we can get past this initial sensationalism and move on to things that actually matter. If we can't, if we let something like this decide the November election, we will be the lesser for it.    




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