Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adolf Wasn't Such a Bad Guy, But Barak Is

I sometimes hope people say outrageous things on the Internet just because they know it will make others mad. To them being able to post the most incredibly moronic comments about news stories is their way of playing a warped practical joke on the rest of us. Act the beast and someone will notice you and take time out from their lives to respond. Besides it is all in good fun and it is anonymous. It is like spray painting graffiti on a wall while knowing you can't get caught.

At other times I fear that some of these goofs really do believe what they are saying and they actually are insanely brutal and cruel. That notion makes the bile rise up in my throat. Then paranoia sets in. I make sure the .38 is clean and loaded just in case one of the monsters shows up at my door.

Right now MSN carrying a very brief bit about a post card written by the late Herr Hitler during the first world war. They gleefully point out that he misspelled a word on it. It is the sort of fluff that shouldn't even be dwelt on.

Then came the comments. Many, if not most fall into two categories. One, Adolf was a dynamic leader who lead Germany into prosperity and got the population back to work. We here in America would be lucky to have a guy like him in charge. He was, and this part is so inevitable that it abuts the obsessive, a much more effective leader than Barak Obama.  Those not admiring the charm of der fuhrer make direct connections between his regime and personality to that of the current president.

The hatefulness and total stupidity is simply mind boggling. Every time I read the crap I am stunned. I always flashback to the time I was sitting in the lounge of a cigar store enjoying a smoke with someone who I considered interesting and intelligent. I can't remember how the subject came up, but he assured me in all seriousness that the holocaust didn't actually occur in Europe. Or if it did, it was very minor and only a relative few were gassed and thrown into the ovens. He wanted to make sure I understood it was all propaganda meant to prop up support for Israel.

It was a revelation regarding the man's character that was so breathtaking I was at a complete loss for words.  It was as if I had caught a glimpse of a woman being sodomized by a baboon.

I have spent sixty two years on this shimmering blue ball and  I'm really tired of suffering these assholes. I have, as they say, reached the end of my rope. I not only don't want to hear it any more, I don't want to be anywhere near it. In the past I have made jokes about moving to Belize, but it may be time to seriously consider it. It only costs $450 bucks to renounce your U.S. citizenship. Record numbers of American ex-pats are paying that fee right now as I type.

Indeed, you vicious pukes can have the place. I give up. You win. Well, at least until I get a couple of gin and tonics in me.

Despair, you are too many times my companion. In the end only my anger rescues me from you. It is at best cold solace.


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