Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kelsey Bransby's Pals

The news came suddenly, without even a hint from local police that they were onto something. It hit the net a few hours ago and details are at best minimal.

Two people were busted yesterday and charged with the murder of Kelsey Bransby, who was killed last October in an apartment on the far south side of Oklahoma City. Their names are Cole Dean Hopper and Danielle Marie Cooley. Hopper is listed as 20 years old. Cooley, depending on who you read, is either 19, or 21.

On the local CBS affiliate's site, reporter Adrianna Iwasinski writes that a person who found Bransby that awful day told her Cooley was Bransby's best friend and Hopper was Cooley's boyfriend. KOCO is the ABC affiliate, their site is reporting that Bransby's mother, Sheila Davis told reporter Katy Bakey that both Hopper and Cooley were friends with her daughter. I suppose that revelation should come as no surprise. If you are murdered chances are overwhelming the crime was committed by a relative, friend, or acquaintance. It would seem we prefer to have relationships with our victims before we do them in.

There is, as yet, no word as to why the pair would murder, Kelsey Bransby. The motive will no doubt be revealed once attorneys start trying the case in the media. So will the reason the police came to suspect the pair and what evidence has been amassed against them. At this point no one knows if they've been the prime suspects all along, or if someone ratted them out when they screwed the pooch and blabbed about the murder over too many beers, or hits of meth to a fellow traveler. In this age no one can keep their mouth shut. If you say something, anything, it is immediately public knowledge.

KOCO reports that Bransby's mother is glad this part of the ordeal is over. She tried to put into words what really can't be explained fully by the parent of a dead child. She is emotionally drained, especially after finding out Cooley and Hopper were the ones charged. She says she has no idea why they would have done it. She'll find that out shortly and bets are her current daze will turn into a white hot anger fairly soon.

Three girls perished last autumn in this burg. Suspects in Carina Saunders' gruesome murder currently reside in the Oklahoma County lockup. Now two people have been charged and are being held in the Cleveland County detention center for the slaying of Kelsey Bransby. That leaves the death of Alina Fitzpatrick the only one seemingly without a hope of being solved.

No one has been convicted yet. As the blurb on the TV cop reality show says, "All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty."

It is hard to keep that ideal in mind right now.

Kelsey Bransby is dead and no one outside of police headquarters, or the people who did it knows why.

When the reason is revealed it will be foul and stupid. That we can be assured of. Because, if they did did do it, those two sets of vacant eyes staring out at us from their mug shots guarantee it.



  1. While all of this is gruesomly entertaining for the public, I wish everyone would also keep in mind that these young people have families. Families who want nothing more than this whole nightmare to go away. No one outside of the involved parties have any idea what is going on and it's probably a good thing. It sickens me that this whole situation has happened. Kelsey was like family and unfortunate happenings took place that took her life. Tomorrow, something will happen and not even we as family know what that will be.

    1. Yeah yeah mellissa!!! Go check on ur daughter now and see how she's doing!!! And who gives a f*** on how ur feeling!! What about her family??!! Danielle has done nothing but play the victim herself...sickens me!!! She's getting hers now lol

  2. I knew them all very well they were my good friends and Kelsey and Danielle were like sisters, danielles sister marissa previously passed away and Kelsey was all she had left. Cole also was extremely close to her as well. I cant see any reason why they would have done it unless it was an accident because she was still alive when they found her body. If they wanted her dead wouldn't they have made sure she was dead i mean come on think about. And the look on coles face to me looks as though he was very sad and Danielle looked maybe like she was on ssomething. I have known Cole since fifth grade and he is no murderer. He is a pansy he could never have the guts to do that unless he had a gun to his head telling him he had to and yes that is messed up hat he did it if that was the situation however im vvery confused. And what kills me the most is i talked to her the night before it happened and she told me all she wants to do was go back home she didn't want toe around all the chaos she just wanted to be back home and she told me her mother wouldnt let her. It WAS NOT HER MOTHERS FAULT AT ALL IM NOT SAYING THAT. PERIOD. Im just saying it WAS very unfortunate that she didn't even want to be doing what she was doing. She wasted to be home with her mother. I love you Kelsey bransby you will always be in my heart and until the true is revealed i will never get over it my heart hurts so bad i just need closure. RIP baby girl i love you more than anything i miss you bunches i will see you sometime again in heaven goodbye my love. - TH

    1. You have no idea about kelseys home life and what was going stfu bc u Dont know what ur saying....her mom wanted nothing more than to have kelsey back home but kelsey needed to get the help she needed first...and sheila and kelsey tried everyday. Sheila is a good mom and kind hearted person. Also no one said that Cole and Danielle meant to do it!!! The whole thing is is that they ran like little pussies to go get there next fix...all they had to do was call for help.

  3. Cole should have never been born or Danielle for that matter :) and marissa this and marissa that...who the f cares!!! She's been gone for awhile...this isn't about hwr