Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Whitney Package: Dead Priests and Pregnant Women and Thats Entertainment

"There is something wrong with us. There is something very, very wrong with us."
Bill Murray, from the movie, "Stripes"

Reports from The Beverly Hills Hilton are conflicting. The hotel publicist today has denied reports room 434, where singer Whitney Houston died a few days ago, has been reoccupied. That is at odds with what a Beverly Hilton reservation agent and the Executive Assistant to the General Manager have said. According to them the $375 per night room is occupied at this time and is booked, "for the foreseeable future." If true, the needle has just shot to the top of the creepy meter. One has to wonder at what point the word morbid fails to make the cut and something like grotesque takes over. Or, when being a fan morphs into becoming a zombie out of a George Romero movie. Having spent twelve years in the hotel industry I can promise you that room became available the very second the police released the scene and housekeeping finished cleaning it. I can also promise you that unless the General Manager of the place has the decency to keep them in check the sales department is going to come up with something like a "Spend the Weekend With Whitney's Ghost Package", featuring assorted complimentary bath oils, cocktails, and breakfast in bed.

Down in Colombia two priests were murdered. It turned out they had hired hired the hit on themselves. One was ravaged by not only AIDS, but also syphilis. Reports said they were going to jump to their deaths in a canyon, but couldn't bring themselves to take that long first Thelma and Louise step. There were four killers who split a $8500 fee. Two have been arrested.

That is big money to someone like Brodric Glover. Glover is being held in Oklahoma County in connection with the shooting death of Jessica Brown. He is alleged to have done the job for $250, which might give us some hint as to how highly esteemed he holds the sanctity of life, not to mention making a comment on the cost of his life style. Brown had two children with a third on the way. Her estranged husband and his girl friend are accused of buying the hit. Apparently the girl friend has rolled as has Glover, leaving the husband, Fabion Brown in a world of hurt. No matter what the outcome  he will remain the envy of every true bargain hunter in the world.

Then, of course, there is the case of Justin and Jaymie Adams. The 25 year old woman, who apparently had never heard of the term birth control, was pregnant with her fifth child. She was beaten and stabbed to death. Her body was discovered by some dirt bikers near a lake in south east Oklahoma City. According to police she had turned to occasional prostitution to make ends meet. After suffering through a tsunami of conflicting stories from her husband, Justin, police have charged him with the killing. They allege there was another woman who he wanted to marry and continue his "swinging" lifestyle with. There was also a $100,000 life insurance policy. The other woman, Lisa Marie Leaver-Pate has lawyered up and isn't speaking to police, which might make her the most intelligent person in this entire sordid cascade of ghoulish bizarreness, degeneracy, and brute stupid evil.

So as we await to hear the disposition of charges against, Michael "Monster" Knight and others in the Carina Saunders murder and to see if the OKC PD can find any hint as to who killed Kelsey Bransby and Alina Fitzpatrick, we are left to ponder just when and where the gene pool got so polluted. I mean we are the same species that produced Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Bach, and Abraham Lincoln. How did it all get so muddied? At what point did the chromosomes become so terribly twisted?

Some will blame the lack of prayer in public schools, because to them that is the end all cure all. Someone up in Topeka, Kansas will blame our tolerance of gays in this society. Everyone will have a theory. Unfortunately no one will have a cure.

In the mean time I was loaned a few DVDs of the Showtime series, "Dexter" by a friend. The hero, Dexter is a forensic expert working for the Miami police, who is secretly a serial killer. Luckily for the population of Dade County he only hunts and kills other serial killers and various ruthless criminals who the law can't put behind bars. Each episode contains a rather graphic scene of him binding and doing away with one of these nefarious persons. There are a lot of knives, pliers, power saws and such involved. It is all in the name of entertainment I suppose.

As always it is quite the relief to live in a civilized world. I will confess however I am starting to have my doubts regarding Mr. Darwin's theory. Recent evidence to the contrary is just too compelling.


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  1. Lisa pate and justin adams were started an affair months becore the murder. At this time lisa leaver-pates 3 children have been removed and given to their father due to abuse and neglect from both lisa and justin adams