Sunday, February 5, 2012

Football, Politics, Murder: An All American Sunday

Here on the southern plains the sun is out and the north wind has that razor's edge that makes old men's and women's eyes seep pints of water. Viewed from inside all seems perfect, once outside, however body parts shrivel and ears begin to sting. It takes the breath away and makes a retreat into some sort of heated shelter paramount.

It is Super Bowl Sunday and later the New York Giants and New England Patriots will meet in Indianapolis to decide who is the champion of the National Football League. It is, outside of presidential elections, the most over hyped event in the current American culture. The Internet and places like ESPN have been awash with every sort of analysis and statistic trying to point to the eventual winner. If you ever played a high school football game, or even watched one and have an agent you've probably all ready made a guest appearance on some broadcast segment explaining what will happen and why.

Millions of chickens have been slaughtered for their wings in preparation for the feast that will accompany the watch parties. The nation will be awash in alcohol, bar b que sauce and French onion dip. Corporations have spent millions on air time and epic production value commercials to fill the void during time outs. The pre game and halftime shows will stretch out for days and be so pagan and Roman in nature it will seem odd that the mob at the stadium hasn't shown up in togas. Wounded gladiators will be dragged off the field of battle to the applause of many.

Yes, there is nothing quite like America when it runs amok over things like this. No expense is spared while words like garish, classless, and embarrassing disappear from the vocabulary. It is as if for a few hours the entire nation becomes some bizarre Las Vegas stage revue.

Nearly lost in this is moment of collective madness is the fact the Romney machine marches on and as predicted overwhelmed the opposition in the Nevada caucus. The big loser was Rick Santorum who finished dead last. His campaign is now officially on life support and the ceremonial pulling of the plug seems imminent.

Locally, reports indicate that Bethany police feel they've found the location where Carina Saunders was tortured, killed and dismembered. It is an apartment in a quadrant of Oklahoma City so dicey many cab drivers refuse to pick up passengers there. The renter was one, Michael Knight, whose nickname is, "Monster." Knight, who is 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 280 pounds, currently resides in the county lockup on unrelated charges. Items reportedly found in the apartment include a BlackBerry, a roll of black electrical tape, blood and DNA samples and a machete with a twenty inch blade. The imagination reels at the horrors that might have occurred in that dingy slum flat.

I suppose, given what is going down in the real world, maybe the Super Bowl isn't such a bad idea after all. A four or five hour immersion therapy session goes a long way to help the denial process and blot out all the truly crass sales pitches and brute evil. Besides it will be a big day for the bookies thereby further stimulating the economy.

Kickoff is only a few hours away and tens of millions await the outcome. I personally took the Pats and gave three.

Hey, it isn't any fun being the only sober person in a room full of drunks. And, quite frankly, if you aren't part of the hallucination, you are part of the problem.

Viva futbol!


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