Thursday, February 9, 2012

Savage on the Cheap As Girl Friends and Relatives Spill the Beans

Emily Matheson and Fabion Brown are accused of hiring nineteen year old Brodric Glover to murder Jessica Lynn Brown. Brown was discovered dead in her home on Jan. 11th as her two young children played in the street. If proven true two things immediately come to mind. Fabion Brown and Emily Matheson are not only brutal sociopaths, but incredibly stupid. And Brodric Glover, aka Savage, needs to re-think his asking price.

According to Matheson she met Glover at a store to give him the second half of his $250 fee for murdering Fabion Brown's estranged wife. It is reported that surveillance footage from the unnamed store show Fabion Brown's pickup and another car pull into the parking lot. Midwest City police contend that Brown rented the other vehicle as a getaway car for Glover. Matheson says she was with Brown when he rented it.

There are other facts alleged by the police. One, that Fabion Brown talked to a relative about the killing. Unfortunately for him the relative taped the conversation during which police say he mentioned details of the scene that had not been released to the public, or to him. It proves once again that people who should, can't keep their mouths shut and you can't trust anyone these days, especially relatives. Or girl friends who suddenly realize just how serious the term, "life in prison without parole" is.

Fabion Brown says he is innocent and being framed, sort of portraying himself as a poor man's OJ, being railroaded by the police. He is quoted as saying he doesn't think his girlfriend, Matheson hired anyone for the hit. If he wants that story to stick he should probably tell her to shut up. The Midwest City police assert his motive was gruesomely simple. He was involved in a custody battle and owed back child support.

Glover was arrested without incident by county sheriff's deputies Wednesday evening. Interestingly enough he was popped within a couple of blocks of the apartment that Bethany police believe was the scene of the dismemberment of Carina Saunders.

When I mentioned to a friend how surprised I was at the alleged fee being charged by young Mr. Glover she simply shrugged. "What are you going to do," she said, "there is a glut on the market."

Indeed. It has not been a good fall and winter for young women in the metro. First Ms. Saunders went missing and then was discovered in pieces in a duffel bag. Within days a former classmate of hers, Kelsey Bransby was shot in a south side apartment and later died. Then Alina Fitzpatrick disappeared only to be found in a field some days later in far northeast OKC. Jaymie Adams, who may or may not of been pulling tricks while five months pregnant was reported missing and later turned up dead out by Lake Stanley Draper. And finally Jessica Brown, mother of two with a third on the way, member of the Oklahoma National Guard was shot to death in her home.

Three suspects in the Saunders affair are in custody. Adams' husband, (who else of course) is being held in that case. Now Matheson, Brown, and Glover are in the lockup in this latest act of stupidity and evil. The Bransby and Fitzpatrick cases are unsolved and getting colder by the moment.

One wonders where this civilization went wrong. Or, has it always been this way? After all it wasn't just yesterday that someone took an ax to the Borden family and Albert DeSalvo was running loose in Boston. We seem consumed by violence and far too many of us see it as the quick answer to nearly everything. We even tend to be that way when it comes to foreign policy. Just ask the Iraqis.

In Oklahoma we like to consider ourselves the paradigm of all that is good and great about this nation. Unfortunately as long as we continue to consume ourselves like we have the last few months in this burg, that belief is totally unwarranted, not to mention utterly false.

On the other hand, as proven by Brodric Glover, we do work cheaply.



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