Friday, February 17, 2012

Buchanan Is Unemployed and We Can Breathe Free

Well there went my old pal, Pat Buchanan. He is on the street now, no longer employed by MSNBC after a four month suspension.  There is always the dark hope he'll end up on some dingy corner hustling for spare change, but people like him tend to land on their feet. I'm sure FOX will offer him a new gig in short order.

He is a better fit over there anyway. The staffers will actually agree with his cracked visions and over blown rages. People will appreciate him for what he is.

Of course he claims he is a victim of blacklisting. All of these right wing yahoos wrap themselves up in martyrdom as soon as the opposition exposes them for the racist fools they are. I'm sure he and his pals will holler about free speech and such. What they won't mention is that he can say whatever he wants, but he shouldn't necessarily expect a pay check from an organization that finds his opinions odious at best. It would be like the management of OKC's  paper, The Oklahoman, a vicious right wing rag, paying someone such as Al Franken to chip in on the op ed page. It just isn't going to happen, or at least it would only happen once.

The reason behind the suspension and ultimate termination was because of his latest book, "Suicide of a Superpower." Critics have called it anti semitic, homophobic, and racist. It has chapters with titles such as "The End of White America," and "The Death of Christian America." Previous literary efforts include the titles, "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America" and "Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization." The critics would seem to have a point. The guy was Lou Dobbs before Lou Dobbs was Lou Dobbs. And when it comes to presidential politics he is a sort of pre historic Ron Paul, only without the organization, or appeal.

Oddly he is apparently charming enough on a personal level that he and political opposites such as Hunter Thompson and later Rachel Maddow actually seemed to get along. When he swung through OKC once there was a photo of him enjoying a beer at a downtown micro brewery. So maybe my opinion of him might soften if he and I sat down with a bruski in some pub and chatted about current affairs. Although in reality that seems a bit of a stretch. Once he started in on how America shouldn't have fought Germany in World War II there wouldn't be enough ale or potato skins on the face of the planet to keep me gracious.

No, it is good this old Dick Nixon political hit man has been purged from MSNBC. Clear the airways and keep the poisonous drivel to a bare minimum I say.

After all, it isn't like he is going to go away. Unlike the blacklisting of suspected communists in the movie industry half a century ago he is going to be able to work. People are going to give him huge amounts of money to continue spewing his horrid bull shit. It is tough to claim martyrdom when you are earning six figures yearly.

Oh Patrick, it isn't like we hardly knew ya. It is more like we knew ya too well. Good riddance and I'll see you soon, somewhere.


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