Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Homosexual Threat Revisited: Evil Lurks In Every Girl Scout Cookie

Here is how weird they really are.

The other day the Indiana state legislature decided to put through a resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts. It did not pass unanimously. Representative Bob Morris, republican from Ft. Wayne distributed a letter to his fellow law makers regarding the organization. In the letter he said, "After talking to some well informed constituents I did a small amount of web based research."

That should have been the first red flag. Nothing is more dangerous in this world than "a small amount of web based research." This is because the web contains every lunatic conspiracy theory, every piece of misinformation, disinformation and out right falsehood that ever wormed its way from some fevered brain to a keyboard. It is the great store house of all things wrong, evil and out right crazy.

His small amount of research led Representative Morris to conclude, "The Girls Scouts of America is a radical organization that promotes abortions, homosexuality, and encourages sex." He added that the GSA is a "tactical arm of Planned Parenthood and wants to sexualize girls". He claims that the GSA conducts an education seminar to study role models. That of the fifty role models listed only three have a briefly mentioned religious back ground and ALL the rest are feminists, lesbians, or communists. He also pointed to a troop in Colorado that accepted a trans gender youth.

The letter cites two sources. One is a web publication called, World Net Daily. A quick look at their home page today provided these, no doubt, fair and balanced articles, "Santorum Right About Satan," "37 Things You Should Hoard," and of course the inevitable, "Toughest Sheriff to Release Obama Birth Probe."

His second is a Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop named James D. Conley. According to Morris, Conley has warned the faithful that continued participation in the GSA will make young girls more receptive to the pro abortion agenda. Only he really didn't say that. What he did say was that while scouting does huge amounts of good, parents should be watchful over some supposed high level connections between the organization and people who are pro contraceptive and pro choice. He said absolutely nothing about pulling daughters out of the scouts, which Morris bragged about doing. He simply advised people to keep an eye and ear out for what their kid's troop leaders are saying. Well yeah. While the connections remain vague and unsubstantiated that is advice any sane parent should follow.

Unfortunately we're not dealing with the sane here. We're dealing with Bob Morris and people like him.

The reaction was swift. Unfortunately the Girl Scouts had to address it, otherwise Brother Morris would be able to say something like, "see there, they didn't deny it." Ashley Sharp, spokeswoman for the GSA Northern Indiana-Michigan said, "We leave sex and reproductive questions to parents. We accept trans gendered youth on a case by case basis." Planned Parenthood said the charges were, "woefully inaccurate."

Indiana state house speaker and fellow republican Brian Bosma referred to the letter and its contents as, "absurd" He spent much of yesterday passing out girls scout cookies to members of the legislature. One would assume Representative Morris turned down the offer of a smore.

Morris ducked out of the state chambers yesterday without further comment. He had previously said his daughters would join The American Heritage Girls, an organization run by conservative Christians. A local news outlet noted that as he was leaving, Girl Scout Troop 1604 in Carmel, Indiana was opening their meeting by standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sometimes you just want to use the frying pan for something other than bacon. Yes, knock some sense into these loons and leave them reeling.

I don't know what is more frightening: that Bob Morris could think up this evil nonsense, or that a bunch of people in Ft. Wayne actually voted for him.


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