Friday, November 11, 2011

Shame, Incompetence, and the Mayan Scenario

It was not a good week for many. The screw turned so often it was hard to keep up with all the reports of depravity, moral collapse, self immolation, out right thievery and bureaucratic incompetence.

Yes, the list of headliners taking it to the gut was numbingly long.

The latest out of State College, PA is that Joe Paterno is now consulting with a high profile Washington D.C. attorney. Paterno seems to have finally grasped the gravity of his situation. As the toxic sludge from Happy Valley continues to seep across the landscape Paterno's people have said that "he is afraid he might possibly be sued by the families of the victims."

Or maybe he hasn't. There isn't a possibility of him being dragged into litigation, or even the probability. There is an absolute one hundred percent certainty that he and or his estate will be lost in the civil court system for the next half century or so. Paterno has yet to make a public statement about his involvement in this repellent affair and now that he has a lawyer he probably won't. No, the first time we'll hear from Joe about the entire cover up will be on the stand with the advice of his attorney.

In other arenas Texas Governor, Rick Perry suffered the greatest public mental melt down of any high end politician since Admiral James Stockdale. It was a performance so utterly incompetent that his only possible response was to spend the rest of the week making fun of himself. It isn't a good sign for any presidential campaign when the candidate must make the rounds of talk shows confessing how stupid he was on camera.

Herman Cain is continuing his campaign despite an ever increasing number of women coming forward and making ugly accusations about the former pizza magnate's sexual conduct. Cain needs to understand that the only top flight politico in this country who can get away with such behavior is named William Jefferson Clinton. Mr.Cain may as well save the time and money of everyone involved in the nomination process. He is a dead duck.

Over at the Social Security Administration a report has surfaced that its "Master Death File" routinely lists as many as 14,000 American citizens wrongfully dead. It is unclear who compiles "The Master Death File", but getting your name put there by mistake can mean a loss of benefits and public disclosure of private information making one ripe for identity theft.

Recent skulduggery even reaches into the financial lives of television personalities. Mr. Joseph Cilibrasi CPA, confessed to bilking Tamara Tunie of $1.4 million dollars. Ms. Tunie portrays medical examiner, Melinda Warner on the Law and Order TV series. Cilibrasi testified he took out a credit card in Ms. Tunie's name, then put himself on the account and in addition wrote checks off her account to siphon off funds. It would seem Oprah was right. Never let anyone else sign your checks.

The only one coming out ahead in this entire oily morass appears to be Mitt Romney. Suddenly he seems the only sane and competent person in the republican race. Unfortunately for him there are still millions of Southern Baptists waiting to cast ballots in primaries across the south and west. Every time those young Mormon Missionaries ring a doorbell and try to convert the unconvertible he loses votes.

Yes, many took hits and the bell tolled for a few. Optimism in certain crowds seems as extinct as the Black Rhino.

The Mayans might be right.

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