Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Penn St. in the Crosshairs and Everyone is Lying

"I've grilled him on that many times, but showering with kids doesn't make him guilty."
Joe Amendola, Attorney at Law, currently retained by Jerry Sandusky.

When you are looking at the possibility of four hundred sixty years in the joint you need a lawyer with balls and apparently that is what Jerry Sandusky has found.

Under Joe Amendola's careful direction the Sandusky camp went on the offensive last night and today.

According to Sandusky there was a lapse of judgement on his part when he decided to take showers with children a while back. That is hard to debate, since fifteen years ago he promised the mother of one young boy and the Penn State Police he would never do it again. That promise is supposedly what got him off the hook then and convinced the soon to be missing and presumed dead Centre County DA, Ray Gricar not to prosecute.

As for the rest of it, well, it is all just a merry mix up. Things seen were not as bad as they seemed. There was no harm at all, just some nude horsing around with underage boys. Towels were snapped, there was some light, non sexual, touching on legs and no, he loves children, but isn't sexually attracted to them. Maybe not but he certainly was spending a lot of time running around buck naked with them. It is an image that makes Michael Jackson's philosophy regarding adult interaction with kids seem down right Captain Kangarooish.

Sandusky did not say outright what is obviously going to be his front line of defense. Amendola took care of that. He let Jerry play the martyr while he went on the attack.

"Because these types of crimes have a common theme and they take a common track, its not hard to fabricate allegations." In other words everyone is lying.

"What is happening now, in my opinion, is that we have a bunch of people who have read the allegations, realize there is a large university involved and there maybe a lot of money involved in law suits that are certain to come." In other words the reason everyone is lying is because they think they can make big bucks off the school and everyone connected to this disaster.

So begins the "mass hysteria witch hunt" defense. The victims aren't victims, but lying, would be profiteers looking for an easy score aided and abetted by a press swirling in a frothy feeding frenzy.

The New York Times reports nearly ten more victims have come forward. Amendola's response is that they all could be lying. "Isn't that a possibility?" Well yeah, but isn't it a possibility they aren't.

As far as the most damning evidence, the eye witness account by then grad assistant Mike, McQueary, Amendola takes another tact. That person has remained unidentified, however according to the counselor, "We believe we found him and if we found him he is telling a very different story than Mike McQueary. He's saying it never happened." The key word there would be "if".

As much as many would like, this sordid affair isn't going away any time soon. It is obvious Sandusky is going to come out in a fighting crouch that would make O.J. Simpson proud. He may not have a dream team at his table, but he does have a slick talking, turn it around on them, guy who isn't afraid to go after the old coach's accusers.

It has become obvious in the last twenty four hours that if some people are indeed looking to make a quick buck, they are going to have to earn it. Joe Amendola is going to make sure of that. He is going to put each and everyone of them on trial. And it will be excruciating.


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