Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insane Clowns Have a Party and the Body Count Rises

Here is what we know. On October 13th, Carina Saunders' body was discovered in a wooded area behind a supermarket in the Oklahoma City suburb of Bethany. She had been dismembered and beheaded. The remains were found in a duffel bag by animal welfare volunteers searching for feral cats.

She was a nineteen year old, 2010 graduate of Mustang High School. She apparently had no fixed address, or job, but did possess an affinity for meth, marijuana, and ecstasy. No one had seen her for a number of days before she was reported missing. In fact, it was only after a cousin received some dark and disturbing text messages regarding her well being, or lack thereof, that the family thought to contact police.

When last seen by the cousin she was getting into a blue, or dark gray SUV with a "gray haired man in his forties" near the intersection of I-40 and Rockwell Ave. in OKC. Two persons of "interest", neither of whom were gray headed or in their forties were questioned and released. Since then the case has been growing colder by the second.

Ms. Saunders was a fan of the white hip hop duo, Insane Clown Posse. A number of years ago, because they couldn't sell their brand of inner city music to real inner city kids they turned to a genre best described as horror rap. This made them a hit with a cult of disenfranchised suburban white teens who wanted to shock and appall their parents or guardians by listening to lyrics about, yes, death, dismemberment and beheading.

What we also know is that last Thursday a young woman was found in a south Oklahoma City apartment suffering from what has been antiseptically described as "trauma to the body." She died sometime over the weekend in an unnamed hospital.

She was a student at Oklahoma City Community College and a nineteen year old, 2010 graduate of Mustang High School. Her name was Kelsey Bransby. Her facebook photo makes her look eerily, almost genetically, similar to published photos of Carina Saunders.

OKC police say, "they aren't aware of a personal connection between the two women." Details of the Bransby murder are scarce so far, no doubt being kept unavailable by the OKCPD.

The Bethany police, only thirty-one strong, have five officers dedicated to the Saunders' case. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is said to be assisting. That may be of small comfort to all parties since the OSBI track record of late has been dismal at best.

It would seem evil is afoot here in the brass buckle of the bible belt. These gruesome acts will be trumpeted from pulpits state wide as the inevitable result of drugs, sex, rock and roll, Satan, liberalism, and Barak Hussein Obama himself, although not necessarily in that order. The loss of prayer in public school will be mourned, the bodies will be buried and altar calls will be made. Many will come to Jesus.

Unfortunately the killer, or killers will not be at the rail. They will remain at large, at least for now. Meth labs will continue to cook in run down rental houses and mobile homes all across the land. The dark underbelly of what was once a blue collar working class will continue to degenerate into a roving mob of Moorlocks, feeding on themselves and the occasional Eloi who wanders too close to a cavern entrance.

Finally there is a third thing we know.

From the lyrics of "If I was a Serial Killer" by Insane Clown Posse.

First thing I'd do is kill a couple hotties
That always gets them monstered up
decapitated bodies


Welcome to Red Dirt Country.


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  1. I wish people in the entertainment industry acted like they are more aware of their influence on the citizenry. Its something I have considered when publishing my darker fiction stories.