Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Trump Eats the Brown Acid Again

Sometimes it is easy to believe Donald Trump drops acid on a daily basis. After all, look at his history. The man has gone down the rabbit hole so many times the only rational explanation is his habitual use of LSD.

CBS is reporting that during a rally in Westfield, Indiana, El Don was in the middle of a rant claiming Hillary Clinton was personally responsible for the creation of ISIS when his stream of consciousness train ran off the rails a bit.

He was quoted as saying, "And by the way, when our enemies all over the world, including our friends all over the world, look at what's happening to our country--where the other night you had 11--think of it--11 cities potentially in a blow up stage. Marches all over the United States. And tough marches. Anger, hatred, hatred--started by a maniac that some people asked for a moment of silence for him. For the killer. For the killer."

The maniac he was referring to was Micah Johnson. He was the shooter in Dallas who gunned down five cops and wounded another seven before being killed by a remote control explosive device.

Trump was also on Bill O'Reilly's show saying, "When somebody called for a moment of silence for this maniac that shot five police and you know, you just see what's going on. And it's a very, very sad situation."

He went further. When it came to the organization, Black Lives Matter, he told O'Reilly, "It's dividing America. I saw what they said about the police in various marches and rallies. I have seen, you know, moments of silence called for--for this horrible human being who shot the policemen. And you know, I've seen it and I think it's's very divisive and I think they are hurting themselves."

Obviously these statements were made by a man deep in the throes of a terrible acid induced hallucination. As CBS points out, there is no evidence that anyone at the Black Lives Matter rallies held since the nightmare in Dallas has called for a moment of silence to honor, or remember, Micah Johnson. In fact, during a march held in Oklahoma City there were instances where demonstrators approached police officers and hugged them.

The network also reports it has asked the Trump campaign for proof of the candidate's allegations. Don's people have, so far, refused to respond.

Hey, it's not like we haven't been here before. Trump swallowed the dreaded brown acid from Woodstock several months ago when he said he personally witnessed tens of thousands of Muslims celebrating the September 11th attacks over on the Jersey side of the Hudson. To this day no one who was actually in New Jersey that day claims they saw them. There is no television footage of it happening, or police documentation that some repugnant outpouring of evil glee took place. It is, in the end, a solitary, completely unsubstantiated vision, solely owned by Donald John Trump.

Later in the primary season he accused Ted Cruz's dad of being a pal of Lee Harvey Oswald. The unsubtle hint was Cruz's old man was involved, at least on the periphery, in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

All this follows the Obama birth place delusions which he harped on incessantly for ages before deciding to stop acknowledging he'd ever had them after he entered the race.

Yes, it would seem Big Don has a stash of killer window pane tabs hidden away somewhere in Trump Tower and he's an avid user.

And, to be honest, that would be okay with a lot of us if he had remained nothing more than a slick huckster selling knock off Rolex watches to rubes in Times Square. No one cares if you routinely see snakes slithering up you legs so long as you keep your game cheap, easy, and local.

However, the idea of a stone cold acid freak running around the oval office stark naked, raving about gangs of Mexicans coming to steal his job and rape his wife tends to worry those of us with a functioning brain. Especially when you understand the crazy fuck could end up commanding the most proficient military and the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world.

Of course not every one believes that way. There are many among us who actually like gibberish spewing, drug addled, messiah types. Let's face it, Charlie Manson had no problem when it came to new recruits.

Indeed, as we close in on the GOP convention, it's hard to know who to be more appalled by--the guy eating the LSD, or the brutal idiots who are convinced his hallucinations are real.

sic vita est



  1. I've never seen such an angry, mean-spirited display as we saw on opening night of the Republican convention. Are these REALLY the leaders we wish to bet our futures on? A bourbon and water, please, and go light on the water.