Thursday, July 28, 2016

The North Carolina GOP Apologizes to Tim Kaine While Trump Asks Russia For a Favor

The AP reported that last night the North Carolina republican party became outraged during the  speech delivered by democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine. Their twitter account called it, "shameful," he was wearing a lapel pin depicting the emblem of a foreign country while he was accepting the nomination. The claim was Kaine's lapel pin was the flag of Honduras, a country he had done missionary work in years ago.

It was nonsense of course. The story said a reporter from Albany, New York's, WNYT, Ben Amey quickly went on Twitter to point out the lapel pin displayed the symbol worn by family members of men and women serving in the military. It had nothing to do with Honduras, or any other nation.

To their credit, the NC GOP quickly deleted the tweet, apologized to Kaine, and thanked Amey for noticing their mistake. What they didn't do, however was say a single word about what their candidate had said earlier in the day.

At a press conference that morning, Donald J. Trump, the republican nominee for president of these United States pleaded, "Russia, if your listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be mightily rewarded by our press."

When asked if he was actually urging a foreign nation to hack into Mrs. Clinton's emails he responded with gibberish by saying, "That's up to the president. Let the president talk to them."

I'm sorry, but does anyone know what that means?

Later a reporter asked Trump if he would call on Vladimir Putin not to meddle in the American election. He answered, "I'm not going to tell Putin what to do. Why should I tell Putin what to do?"

Left unsaid, but understood, were the words, "Especially if it benefits me."

This borderline criminality follows on the heels of the release of stolen Democratic National Committee emails--which should have never been thought of, much less written--by WikiLeaks. How Julian Assange's outfit got hold of them remains up in the air.

Most administration sources believe the Russians gave them to WikiLeaks in an effort to sabotage the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The Russkies are denying they ever get involved secretly, or otherwise with the elections of other countries. While that claim is a bit dubious, we do know, Assange, an Australian citizen, is more than happy to admit he is trying to interfere with the American out come in November.

Assange, now a permanent guest of the Ecuadorians in their London embassy, said just that in June during an interview with Britain's ITV. He also says the leak was timed to inflict the maximum amount of damage to Clinton's candidacy. In fact he promises more stolen emails specifically aimed to sink the boat known as the U.S.S Hillary Clinton.

Last night on FOX, Newt Gingrich laughed off the entire affair, while the NC state party and national republicans shrugged and turned their heads.

All of which begs the question, what would have been the GOP and right wing media reaction if Barack H. Obama  and Assange had pulled the same sort of shit in 2008?

Demands for congressional hearings and impeachment from the senate would have been the least of Obama's problems. Calls for incarceration and a firing squad certainly would have echoed throughout the land.

But we're not dealing with an African-American liberal this time around are we? Not hardly. Now we're looking at a big ol' white fat cat running against a woman who is so hated by the right wing they'll excuse anything he says.

Trump has run amok unchallenged for so long he has absolutely no fear of spewing whatever pops into his squirming brain. Just ask Ted Cruz's father.

In the event, El Don does feel a bump of resistance he immediately comes up with an excuse for his behavior so lame--today it was he was being sarcastic when he appealed to Russia--it is the equivalent of a teenager saying the family dog ate his homework.

The truth is, Donald John Trump is a narcissistic sociopath with a hair trigger who is completely unqualified to be president. The republicans know it, but in the end, because of their loathing of Hillary Clinton, they're willing to put the entire nation at risk. The theory appears to be once he is in office they can either rein him in, or, he'll magically become sane.

Yeah, well that same train of thought didn't work out for a lot of Germans around eight decades ago did it.?

No it didn't. And--if history has taught us anything--it's that it won't now.

sic vita est



  1. I suppose the GOP is having a collective anxiety attack concerning Trump's taking the reins of their party. He is the first candidate to truly strap around party leadership and go directly to the people for support and success, and it is an important lesson and experience all of us should pay heed to. But, GOP senators have allowed Mitch McConnell to block the Garland supreme court nomination and cannot hide behind Trump on that. Republicans at all levels need to clear their minds, develop some spine, and clean up their party. What a mess.

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