Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Republican Convention: Extreme Vitriol, Admitting Plagiarism, Rubio's Hostage Video, Buzzing Ted, and the Same Old Problems

Well you have to give it to republican politicians. They've made an art form out of not knowing where to draw the line during oratory.

First we had Ben Carson, the somnambulate doctor who gave up neurosurgery so he could fail miserably at presidential politics. The night before last he linked Hillary Clinton to Lucifer himself, although to do so he had to go through a man name Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was a far left community organizer, writer, and provocateur who authored the book, "Rules for Radicals." On the dedication page there is a tongue and cheek acknowledgement to Lucifer.

According to Carson's logic, Alinsky was Clinton's mentor and friend, therefore Clinton must also be a friend and devotee of Lucifer. The apocalyptic interpretation of Alinsky's words caused author Salman Rushdie to tweet, "Can't expect Ben Carson to recognize irony, or humor."

Clinton has previously written she had, "fundamental disagreements," with Alinsky, although they did know each other and he offered her a job--one she turned down.

Then we have Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative who advises Don Trump on veteran affairs. He went straight to the heart of the matter when he showed up on a radio show and said, "Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason." It was a statement so well thought out the Secret Service immediately paid Mr. Baldasaro a visit.

Yesterday around midday Meredith McIver, who has ghost written several books for Trump, admitted she was the person who plagiarized a chunk of words from Michelle Obama then gave them to Melania Trump to read in front of 35 million, or so people.

McIver's memo must have been missed by El Don's campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Earlier that morning he was still claiming none of Mrs. Trump's speech had been stolen from the address given by the soon to be first lady at the democratic convention in 2008.

Last night Marco Rubio appeared in a 90 second video, endorsing Trump. His brief appearance was so utterly devoid of human emotion one wag noted it had the look and feel of a hostage video.

Earlier yesterday the school yard fight between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz sank to new lows. The always presidential Trump took time out from his schedule to have his aircraft buzz an outdoor gathering of Cruz supporters while the Texas senator spoke to them.

After Rubio's zombie like snippet, Cruz went on stage with that smarmy, condescending, smile he has perfected over the years plastered onto his mug. As always he said a lot of things, but none of it included, "I endorse Donald Trump." Boos turned to cheers when Trump stepped out into the gallery before Cruz was done speaking, effectively stealing the cameras and attention from the senator.

This morning, Cruz told supporters, "I'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and who attack my father. I will not be a servile puppy dog to the Trump campaign."

Actually the senator has a point. During the primary season Trump released an extremely unflattering photo of Cruz's wife next to an air brushed one of Melania along with a question about who you would prefer as the first lady. He also tweeted he was ready to, "spill the beans," on Mrs. Cruz. Later the candidate accused Cruz's father of being an associate of Kennedy assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. These horrific attacks caused the senator to go ballistic and call Trump a pathological liar on more than one occasion.

All of which begs two questions. Why would Ted Cruz speak to the convention at all and why would Trump let him? Theories range from, last night was Cruz's first speech of the 2020 campaign, to Don Trump simply likes chaos. There is merit to both possibilities. Personally, I lean toward the latter.

In the end the only true pro who appeared on stage last night was Trump's running mate, Mike Pence. Pence gave a well delivered address which was everything you want from a vice presidential candidate. He savaged Hillary Clinton while giving Donald Trump the rhetorical equivalent of a blow job.

It will be over tonight after the big orange guy delivers his acceptance speech. The media reviews of the convention are what you'd expect. MSNBC and CNN have rated it as a mad house of confusion and rank political amateurism, while, if your believe FOX it has been unified bliss, brotherhood, and enthusiasm.

The truth is the GOP has the same problems it did four years ago. Of the 2,472 delegates only 18 are African Americans. And in a telephone survey of 200 Hispanic republicans, 120 said they can never vote for Donald Trump.

Does this mean Secretary Clinton will win by a landslide in November? Not hardly. She has excess baggage which she cannot shake and Trump and Pence will be hammer her on it nearly hourly between now and election day.

Besides, if we've learned anything this week, it's the howling mob in Cleveland might hate each other, but they despise Hillary Rodham Clinton even more. Yes, that old proverb, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," has never been truer when it comes to this republican party.

Ladies and gentlemen, despite the early hour, the bar is open.


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