Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sanders' People Run Amok in Nevada and Suddenly Things Couldn't be Better for the Trump Campaign

For around the first six months, or so of the nomination process the working theory was that Donald Trump would self immolate by pushing his wildly obscene act, at some point, too far. Unfortunately everyone who espoused that notion vastly overestimated not only the intelligence of grass roots republicans, but their sense of decency and good taste.

Even before it became apparent the big bellied white rubes would carry their man over the top another theory began making the rounds. This one contended nominating Don Trump was tantamount to an act of mass suicide which would lead to a huge victory by Hillary Rodham Clinton. All manner of people, from Glenn Beck, to Ted, by God, Cruz tried to use this one to frighten mainstream republicans into voting for any one besides Trump.

Meanwhile, the democrats, were participating in a fairly reasonable and civilized debate between Mrs. Clinton and Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. It was a spirited, but respectful running argument, during which, a third theory said, after the nomination was settled, democrats everywhere would kiss, make up, and join forces to kick Trump's ass.

Boy, those were the days.

Saturday, in what could be a tragic preview of the democratic national convention in Philadelphia, things came completely unglued at the Nevada state democratic get together.

According to the AP, Sanders' supporters ran completely amok that night at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Among other things Sanders' people, shouted down key note speaker, Senator Barbara Boxer, D-CA. When things didn't go the way they wanted they screamed obscenities and rushed the stage. The situation spiraled so far out of control the convention had to be shut down, because security didn't think they could contain things. Just to prove them right, the Sanders' people began throwing chairs when the announcement was made.

In a letter to the national co-chairs of the democratic rules and by laws committee, the Nevada party claimed, "The explosive situation arose in large part because a portion of the community of Sanders delegates arrived at the Nevada state convention believing itself to be a vanguard intent upon sparking a street fight rather than attending an orderly political party process."

The Sanders campaign knew there was a potential for trouble. The day before the convention his staff issued a statement telling those exuberant fans to, "...work together respectfully and constructively."

After the debacle a Sanders spokesperson said, "We don't condone violence, or encourage violence, or even threats of violence."

Yeah, well too bad none of the rank and file are listening.

One of the clever Sandites posted Nevada democratic chairwoman, Roberta Lange's home address, work address, email, and cell phone number on line. Since then she has been receiving what she describes as hundreds of obscene and threatening phone calls and texts. It became so bad at her job the business had to unplug its phone lines. According to her, "I feel threatened everywhere I go."

This is a nightmare. Just as the GOP establishment, with a few notable exceptions, seems to be coming to terms with a Trump candidacy and looks to be coalescing around him, the Sanders' people are going off their nut. Their message increasingly is, it's either our guy, or the fucking apocalypse.

This election is going to be a close thing. Trump has proven and, on a daily basis, continues to show he is capable of any grotesque accusation and lie, no matter how evil and preposterous it might be. He is going to be backed by more money than the gross national product of Ireland. The last thing the democratic party needs is a bitter wedge--fueled by unconscionable violence--driven between it's center and left.

Suddenly, things couldn't be better for Trump's national campaign. Divide and conquer, baby. How do you think Adolf got to both the English Channel and the suburbs of Moscow? How do you think Don Trump got this far? And finally, how far do you think he will go if he is president?

As for me, no matter who wins the democratic nomination, I'd rather not know the answer to the last question. Some of you bright eyed idealists might want to consider that option.

sic vita est


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  1. Donald Trump as president is a very real possibility. I wish I were not so underwhelmed by the opposition.