Friday, May 13, 2016

The Next Great Ideas in the Oklahoma Legislature

Here are the next great ideas currently being mulled over by legislators in Oklahoma.

The first is House Joint Resolution 1009. It calls for the people of the state to vote on a constitutional amendment which would make it harder for any entity, either public, or private, to regulate not just the sales of firearms, but where they can be carried.

A story in yesterday's The Oklahoman, by Rick Green quotes state senator Robert Holt as saying, "The proposed amendment could put wide ranging gun regulations in jeopardy, including provisions banning guns at private businesses, universities, and Oklahoma City Thunder NBA games."

In other words, if this monstrosity passes, a state court could rule the Thunder, by not allowing a person to carry a gun into the Chesapeake Energy Arena, is in violation of the constitution of the state of Oklahoma.

Yeah, well that's a bit of a problem. The NBA has a rule which strictly forbids guns at any of its team's venues. The Thunder ownership group has already issued a dark warning saying it will have to move the team if the state forces them to allow rubes who are packing firearms into their games.

That's right Seattle, just be patient. If these crazy wankers get their way, KD, Russ, and the rest of the gang could well be on their way back to the Pacific Northwest in the near future.

Then we come to House Bill 3098. Current state law requires people who carry a gun either in open, or concealed to pass a background check conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation plus a course in firearm safety and proficiency.

Bill 3098 would eliminate all that evil socialist government overreach and allow everyone to carry openly without any sort of training, or background check.

Green quoted the author of the bill, Rep. Jeff Coody, R-Grandfield as saying, "People who carry guns bear a grave responsibility, but it's up to them to get training and the government should not require this." Coody then had the audacity to say he didn't think people without firearm training would start to carry guns openly. He finished with, "I don't believe anyone with a brain would do that."

Yes, he really said it and--even more frightening--members of the human race have actually elected this horrific buffoon to public office.

For those wondering, Grandfield is a few miles southwest of Duncan, OK. In the summer of 2013 Australian, Christopher Lane was shot to death as he was jogging in Duncan. The three vile dopes charged with the crime have tried to explain why they did it several different ways--one of them being, they were bored.

In October of 2014, University of Oklahoma student Alan Hruby snuck home to Duncan one night, stole his father's 9mm hand gun, then the next day murdered him, his mother, and his sister. He did it in order to inherit the family fortune.

Meanwhile, today in Greenville, SC a high school was evacuated after a student accidentally shot himself in the school cafeteria. And, in Manchester, NH, two cops were shot and wounded at separate locations early this morning. The latest reports are the suspect is in custody.

Sorry, Brother Coody, but given the circumstances it would appear there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people out there without training, who would love to openly carry a gun.

In fact, it looks like they already are.


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  1. I have never understood why responsible gun advocates do not support gun registration. Notice I said registration, not control. This is such a hot button issue, its hard for many to think rationally. It is true, guns do not kill, but it is also true that the people carrying them often do. Hmm, I wonder where would be President Trump stands on any manner of gun control?