Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Official: Republicans Have Lost Their Minds

It's finally official. Republicans nationwide have lost their fucking minds.

As of 5pm this afternoon Donald J. Trump will become the presumptive nominee of the party that once gave us Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

Last night Ted Cruz dropped out after getting his head handed to him in Indiana. Reports are that this afternoon John Kasich will finally make a concession to reality and drop out too. That means Trump is the last man standing in what was once a field of 17 candidates.

Unfortunately for all involved he is also, as Cruz said yesterday, "...a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. Practically every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. The man is utterly amoral; morality doesn't exist for him."

Cruz's angry spasm of truth came after Trump had accused the senator's father of being somehow involved in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Always careful to credit his sources, Trump cited an article which was published in the National Enquirer last month. What he failed to mention is the Enquirer's reputation for journalistic accuracy not only ranks right up there with say, Alex Jones and Erich von Daniken, but the garishly awful rag fully supports his candidacy.

We should be used to this sort of madness by now. After all, crazed bullshit is a Trump staple. He still insists he personally witnessed "thousands and thousands" of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the downing of the World Trade Center towers. And he's never backed away from his allegations that Barack Obama was born someplace, anyplace, but Hawaii.

It would be easy to say the republicans have nominated the very first conspiracy theory candidate and leave it at that. However Don Trump is much more evil than some loon posting YouTube videos.

Elizabeth Warren described him this way in a couple of tweets. "Here is what else @realDonaldTrump has built his campaign on, racism, sexism, and xenophobia." Then, "@realDonaldTrump incites supporters to violence, praises Putin, and is, cool with being called an authoritarian."

She is accurate with both assessments.

Donald J. Trump has convinced millions the United States is no longer great and like Herr Hitler he has blamed it squarely on a variety of people who aren't like them. Hitler had Jews, communists, gypsies, and homosexuals. Trump has professional politicians, Latin American immigrants, Muslims, and China.

He ignores contradictions and irony as you and I might ignore a clump of weeds in a field. He uses the mainstream media relentlessly for his own ends and to their disgrace they've given him hours of free coverage. To show his appreciation for the air time, he incessantly tells his supporters the press is a bunch of liars who are doing everything in their power to defeat him.

When Rafael Cruz said he thought a Trump nomination could be the destruction of America, the candidate told a FOX interviewer, "I think it's a disgrace he's allowed to do it. It think it's a disgrace he is allowed to say it." Moments later El Don started yammering about the possibility the elder Cruz was in on the Kennedy murder.

God only knows what sort of vile nonsense he will spew about the Clintons. At this time the only thing we can be absolutely certain of is the imminent return of Vince Foster's ghost.

That's right. The insane ugliness has just begun and it is going to get much worse.

Count on it.

sic vita est



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  2. So, our choice will be either the ultimate Washington insider power player, or the ultimate non-Washington insider power player. The idealism many Americans claim to embrace appears to be Gone With the Wind