Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reports: Obama is Ready to Go All Executive Action and the Excrement is About to Hit the Fan

That's right, the excrement is about to hit the fan. The New York Times is reporting the president of these United States, Barack H. Obama is tired of waiting on congress to do something about immigration reform so he is preparing to take matters into his own hands.

According to the Times at some point between today and the end of December, Mr. Obama will use executive measures, which will bi-pass the nit wits and cowards in congress. The actions will protect up to five million immigrants, who are now considered illegal, from deportation. Most of them--nearly 3.3 million--will be the parents of children who are either U.S. citizens, or legal residents. With the move they'll be able to get valid work permits and no longer have to worry about being separated from their kids when an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent comes knocking on the door.

The Times' source was careful to say deportation proceedings will continue to take place for convicted criminals, those people who are determined to be national security risks, and anyone trying to cross the border illegally. In other words, Obama's plan would only apply to law abiding people who are already here.

The story also notes the president wants to beef up security at the Mexican border. In addition, since ICE agents will no longer have to worry about the kitchen staff at your local McDonalds, they'll be able to put their full focus on gang members, drug dealers, and suspected terrorists.

While that sounds reasonable to many of us, the reaction from the right side of the room will most assuredly be described in terms such as, vein bulging outrage and high pitched screeching hysteria. Soon to be senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell has already said executive action on immigration by the president will be, "like waving a red flag in front of a bull." It is unclear if the senator from Kentucky was trying to be ironic by using a metaphor involving a traditional Mexican sport, or was just being a complete dope.

Tea party honchos, Ted Cruz, R-TX, Mike Lee, R-UT, and Jeff Sessions R-AL are attempting to put together a plan to stop the president, although it doesn't sound very original. Let's see if you've heard this one before. Their idea is to block the passage of the federal budget in order to shut down the government unless the bill specifically prohibits Obama from granting what they call, "executive amnesty."

Yes, we've been down that road before with the Affordable Care Act and it certainly didn't work out for them then. Why they think it would now is just about anyone's guess.

Of course the tea party vulgus was hot to trot on message boards all over the net after the story broke. They are using terms like, "rapists, drug dealers, and welfare cheats." In addition more than a few claim they are tired of, "financially carrying illegal immigrants who are given a free ride."

As usual, no one I've seen has offered up any statistics regarding illegal immigrants committing rape, dealing drugs,  or idly sitting around collecting welfare. It would also be fair to mention none of those fire breathing loons appear to know who installs the roofs on new houses, grooms lawns, or makes the tasty pancakes at the IHOP down the street. Those honest jobs would involve career paths very few legal Americans choose to take considering the pay scales and advancement opportunities.

The Times also pointed out the Obama people have told members of congress he would reverse any executive action if both houses would just get off their asses and pass a comprehensive reform bill he could sign. That's right, if you great gang of goofs would do something, I wouldn't have make these decisions on my own.

It isn't likely to happen though, because the republicans are deeply divided on immigration reform. The Bush wing of the party knows some sort of compromise must be reached. The tea party groupers want a spin off of Herr Hitler's final solution and won't budge until the feds start building camps and kicking in doors.

As for Obama? Well number one he doesn't have to run again so fuck 'em--he can do whatever is right no matter what the immediate consequences. Number two, in the long term, as the heated rhetoric from the republican fringe reaches levels which will be correctly interpreted as a plate of spicy hot xenophobia served with a side of racism, the Hispanic vote will be forever lost to the GOP.

The end of white rule is near for all those Anglo-European types who are convinced it is their inherent right to run this place. They aren't going to go quietly, but trust me, they are going to go.

The truth is, no matter how much you want, you cannot stop the prime dynamic of America which is change. In the end the greatest American tradition is we don't have any traditions. We are constantly evolving. Every age is different and every person is different. Unless you can trace your roots back to a native American tribe you are the descendant of an immigrant.

No matter how much you loathe it, or fear it, as the song said, "a change is gonna come."

That is the way it has always been in this nation.

If you can't deal with it you should probably move someplace else. You know--immigrate.


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