Monday, July 28, 2014

The Weekend That Was: Bad Craziness in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, Saco, Maine, and Gujranwala, Pakistan

It was a rough Saturday night in a couple of places.

South of Philadelphia in Ridley Township, PA, Mr. Tyrell Styles went a little funny in the head. For reasons known only to him, he opened fire on his son and the child's mother with what is reported to be a 9mm Ruger hand gun. The boy had been attending a friend's birthday party.

The AP report claims Shymea Washington had been living with relatives for the past few days after an having an argument with her close pal, Tyrell. She was wounded in the shooting and their five year old child, Cion Styles was killed by a shot to the head.

After the shooting the elder Styles led local police on a high speed chase which ended when they cornered him. Instead of surrendering the shooter did what a lot of these cranks do. He attempted to kill himself. He is currently the resident of a hospital ICU, listed in critical condition and on life support.

It turns out, until the very instant he opened fire on his kid and partner, Tyrell Styles was one of the NRA's good guys with a gun. According to police, he didn't have a criminal record and was licensed to carry the weapon. If there was a motive for the shooting, other than insanity, the media hasn't reported it.

On the same day in Saco, Maine, Joel Smith, a guy people described as friendly and outgoing, loaded up a 12 gauge shotgun, then killed his two sons, aged 12 and seven while they were in their bedrooms. Tragically he wasn't done. The AP reports he then went into his own bedroom where he shot and killed his wife, Heather and their four year old daughter. He capped off the nightmare by killing himself.

Heather Smith had told a friend earlier in the day she thought her husband might be suicidal. Police claim the family was having "domestic and financial problems." Joel Smith's mother said her son's wife was suffering from an "addiction" and that Joel was artistic and loving. Well, maybe the first, but certainly not the second. At last look, loving people don't use a 12 gauge shotgun to kill their entire family and themselves. Such behavior is reserved for the wildy angry and demented

Finally, on a different track, a number of those mischievous Islamic jokers in Pakistan ran amok during the last few hours. Reuters reports the excuse this time is some of the citizens of a town called, Gujranwala got pissed off at a young man's post on facebook, which they considered blasphemous. Of course a lot of people in Pakistan think everything is blasphemous, so a cynical eye might question their judgement on the issue.

While a crowd of 150 or so demonstrated in front of the local police station another mob attacked the houses of people belonging to the Ahmadi sect of Islam. The Ahmadiyya believe their interpretation of Islam, based on a prophet who decided he was the one true embodiment of what Muhammed wanted Islam to be, is the religion in its purist form. But then, as we all know, every sect of Islam thinks the same thing and they really don't like anyone else, be it a Muslim who isn't one of their own, or the vast numbers of us who fall into that unwashed category known as infidels.

According to a 1984 Pakistani law, members of the sect are such heretics Ahmadis are not considered Muslims, cannot give the traditional greeting to another Muslim, or call their places of worship mosques.

The short of it is the crowd who attacked the homes killed a woman and two of her grandchildren, a seven year old girl and her infant sister. The guy who actually posted the alleged blasphemy is apparently unharmed at this time.

A leader of the Ahmadiyya told Reuters it is the worst attack on their community in four years. Back in 2010, 84 Ahmadi faithful, or according to the majority of Pakistanis, those evil bastards, were killed by mobs of outraged True Muslims. Indeed, the truth, depending on your version of it, is both painful and deadly to those who consider it so much bullshit.

Of course, it is easy for us here in the United States to shake our heads at all the craziness in Pakistan and think--how can those people act like that? What we have to keep in mind is, it is also easy for people all over the globe to look at the weekend's events in Pennsylvania and Maine and ask, how can Americans behave that way?

All I can say is, well, they don't have anything better to do and we've got guns--lots and lots of guns.

Hey, it's the only explanation I have. If you can come up with something better let me know.

sic vita est


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