Friday, July 25, 2014

A Friday With the Republicans

Well, you have to give them their due--they never stop trying.

According to today's "The Oklahoman," both state Senator, Greg Treat and Representative Randy Grau are "confident" two anti-choice bills passed into law this year will be upheld in state and federal courts.The story, written by Rick M. Green, gives us the gist of the two measures which were signed by Governor Mary Fallin.

Senate bill 1814 mandates that a physician providing abortions must have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the location where the procedure is performed.

Green quoted Grau as saying, "If you are performing this type of surgery on an individual, it just makes sense that you would have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital so you could continue the care of the patient."

Right. There isn't a sane person out there who believes that babble. Green noted Amanda Allen, the state legislative counsel for The Center for Reproductive Rights, said such legislation is nothing more than a crude attempt to make it more difficult for a woman to find an abortion provider. She also pointed out, despite Grau and Treat's optimism, similar laws in varying locales have been struck down by various courts because it places an undue burden on a woman who decides to have the procedure.

House bill 2684 would require abortion inducing drugs be administered only in accordance with Food and Drug Administration protocols. Boy that sounds reasonable doesn't it? Green wrote a similar bill was previously declared unconstitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. According to the ruling 96% of abortions are provided by different regimens than the original FDA protocol. In other words the federal protocols are out of date and physicians know it. As Allen says, the law would prevent a doctor from using his or her best judgement during a medical procedure.

Grau responded, "This isn't the wild west. You can't take just any drug and, as a physician, use it however you want to with your patients."

Representative Grau is a lawyer by trade. Senator Treat has a degree in history and political science and since his graduation from college has been a career politician.

So what we have here are two guys, who are as qualified in the medical sciences as I am, trying to regulate the most private aspects of a woman's health and critical medical decisions which should be reserved for people who are actually qualified to make them. Yes, there is nothing quite like the republican version of a government which doesn't intrude into our personal lives. Meanwhile, according to 24/7 Wall Street, Oklahoma ranks 5th in the nation when it comes to per capita gun violence and in a study published in 2011 the state is third in meth use.

One might think these clowns would be more concerned with those issues rather than wasting everyone's time and money on two bills which are doomed to die in a courtroom somewhere. Of course something along those lines would make sense and as we know members of the Grand Old Party haven't come to grips with that particular concept.

A case in point is Texas governor Rick Perry's decision to send 1,000 national guardsmen to help patrol the state's border with Mexico. According to Perry himself, the troops won't have the authority to arrest, or detain anyone, much less shoot the little fuckers, which is what the loons in the tea party really want them to do.

As columnist Clarence Page observed, Mr. Perry's military expedition will cost around $12 million and he has no idea where the money will come from. Unfortunately, for those of us not from the Lone Star State, Texas republican Senator John Cornyn and democratic Representative Henry Cuellar do. According to Page, both men have sponsored bills which will have the federal government reimburse Texas for the cost of the deployment.

Yes, no one loves big government quite like a right wing republican. Oh they'll screech and squeal, but when push comes to shove they're the biggest, greediest, sloppiest, pigs at the trough. How else can you describe them when a senator who is supposed to be a fiscal conservative asks the federal government to shell out $12 mil for what amounts to a cruel and blatant publicity stunt?

While some of these contradictions may be puzzling to the lay person, they are no surprise to those of us who follow the process. These crass sonsofbitches have no shame and they certainly have no sense of honor.

It is simply the nature of the beast who serves the rich, panders to racists, lies to the middle class and poor--and--has led us into every economic catastrophe the nation has suffered through in the last 100 plus years.

 No wonder even sewer rats refuse to hang out with them.


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