Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sarah Palin and the Judge Judy Option

It would be easy to think no one listens to Sarah Palin any more. Let's face it, she proved herself an idiot when she ran as a vice presidential candidate. She quit as governor of Alaska barely two years into her first term for vague reasons, the most substantial of which seemed to be there were people who were saying bad things about her. Her daughter's life is pretty much the epitome of everything she says she is morally aghast at. And, at this moment, her current ambition appears to be landing a gig as co-host on the daytime talk fest known as, "The View."

So, when she writes, or perhaps has something ghost written for her, on the right wing web site, Breitbart, the initial reaction is to shrug the shoulders and yawn. The problem is, despite everything, she still has an audience. Hey, if a clan of bearded rednecks in West Monroe, LA can pull in 4 plus million viewers every week on a cable TV network, you know someone is going to be listening to Mrs. Palin, no matter how disjointed her babble is.

Right now her loud and feverish audience is hearing her say Barack H. Obama should be impeached. Several media outlets are reporting on the screed which appeared yesterday on Andy Brietbart's corner of the internet. That coverage, of course, accomplished her main goal--which is keeping herself a topic of conversation in quarters which shouldn't be giving her even a sliver of copy, or a single moment of air time.

Why anyone is shocked, or even angered by her opinion is a tad beyond understanding. In fact the only real surprise is she hasn't been screeching about impeachment before now. On the surface anyway, what set her off yesterday was the hot button issue of illegal immigration.

Like many of the far right she is seemingly in a panic about the huge number of children from Central America who have and continue to flow over the border. According to her, "Without borders there is no nation." She also contends, rather darkly, "The opening of our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate. This is his (Obama's) fundamental transformation of America. It is the only promise he has kept."

She also claims the president is, "giving false hope and tax payer's change to millions of foreign nationals who want to sneak into our country illegally."

Well, no one ever said Sarah Palin would let a couple of facts get in her way. As the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart pointed out, Barack Obama's administration has deported more than two million undocumented aliens since he became president. That's more than any other president in the history of the country and a number large enough to cause immigration advocates to dub him the, "Deporter in Chief."

In addition, when it comes to all those undocumented kids, if they aren't from Canada, or Mexico, the current U.S. law, signed by George W. Bush, says they cannot be deported immediately. The main point of the law when it was enacted wasn't to shelter illegal aliens for devious reasons, it was to meant to protect children from human traffickers. So, in actuality, when it comes to the 50,000 plus minors who have entered the country in the last few months, Barack Obama is upholding the law, rather than breaking it.

Yes, yes, but none of that matters to Palin and the torch carrying mob trailing along behind her. What really counts is if all these illegal fuckers get to stay and become citizens they're going to vote for democrats. Well, that and white people are going to end up being outnumbered.

Think not? Besides the "fundamental transformation of America" crack, why else would she include the line, "Many now feel like strangers in their own land." Indeed, the president and these other sonsofbitches don't look like you and me, so we have to get them the hell out of here.

To make sure we know she isn't a one issue political whore, she added, "Mark my words, he'll be meddling in the U.S. court system with appointments that will forever change the basic interpretation of our constitution's role in protecting our rights."

You read it correctly. One of the reasons, Sarah Palin says the president should be impeached is that he will be making judicial appointments--which last time anyone looked is part of his job description.

There we have it. Mrs. P. claims the black guy should be impeached, because he's letting brown people into the country, despite the public stats saying he is sending them home at a record pace. Plus, he might carry out his duties as president and appoint some judges, who, by the way, have to be confirmed by the senate, a legislative body that could well be controlled by republicans within six months. If she had actually read the constitution she'd know that, but then who has time to read these days? Self promotion, after all, takes a lot of effort and such details are best left to junior staffers.

All this makes you wonder when she'll attempt to drag Barack Obama into the courtroom of television's Judge Judy. Trust me, given her understanding of the constitution and law, it could happen any day now.

sic vita est


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