Thursday, May 16, 2013

The 37th Time is the Charm, Boehner Fiddles, and the End is at Hand

A CBS News report by Stephanie Condon notes that around 5pm Eastern Time this afternoon the House of Representatives republican caucus will reach a milestone of sorts. Yes, proving once again that if you can't waste every one's time you shouldn't be in congress, the GOP will vote for the 37th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or as the republicans and the media nicknamed it, Obamacare.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner R-OH says they are doing it, according to Condon, "Because its going to raise the price of health care, raise the cost of insurance, reduce access to the American people and it continues to get in the way of employers hiring new workers." He added, "In addition to that I think the American people deserve the truth and fairness from their government."

That and Boehner wants to let the GOP rookies who were elected in November get on the record as opposing it. That way they can use it in their campaign ads in a year and a half.

For the 37th time the bill will pass the house and and move onto the senate. For the 37th time it's chances of getting beyond there is zero. That would be as in nil, nada, zip, or, if you prefer, a big fat goose egg.

Well you have to kill time and collect a pay check one way or the other. Condon quotes Senate majority leader, Harry Reid D-NV as saying, "Albert Einstein defined insanity as follows: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If his definition is true--and I won't argue with Einstein--then house republicans have truly lost their minds."

Please, Senator tell us something we don't know.

Ms. Condon reports that these goofs requested a new cost estimate for repealing the legislation. In a fit on frustration and sanity the non partisan Congressional Budget Office told Representative Paul Ryan R-WI that they just didn't have the time to keep doing shit like this. Director Doug Elmendorf replied to a letter Ryan wrote saying it would take weeks to work up a new estimate.

Condon notes that the CBO did perform a study last July for the GOP, in honor of the 36th attempt, and at that time they concluded that repealing the Affordable Care Act would raise the federal budget deficit by $109 billion over a ten year period.

That would be the same deficit the GOP claims it wants to reduce.

Back on April 26th Ms. Condon reported that with "Obamacare" some Americans will experience a rise in health insurance premiums, but many of those will see the costs offset with government provided subsidies. In addition millions of Americans will have access to health care that wasn't available to them previously and most Americans will never see any direct tax increases because of the plan.

So where does Boehner get the "reduced access" bit of his little speech? Apparently straight from his ass, because the main intent and result of Obamacare is to provide access for people who don't have it now.

This is all self serving nonsense and it just proves that the GOP in the house has no intention of tackling real legislation and real issues. They are playing an extended delaying game, doing whatever they can to run out the string on the next eighteen months until the mid term elections when they hope their party can regain control of the Senate.

Indeed, screw any sort of jobs program, any sort of budget compromise, and really screw immigration reform. No, they don't want to deal with important stuff. They'd much rather perform some kind of bizarre political waltz that is all glitz and means nothing. Never has idealism been so nihilistic on such a scale. You almost wonder if Boehner goes out onto a balcony at night wearing a toga and fiddles away as the nation grinds to a halt.

I have spent six decades plus on this blue ball and I have been watching politics since I was ten years old. I have never witnessed an opposition party so unwilling to work with a president. The brute hatred and disrespect by elected officials is absolutely stunning. The preening, the God awful posing, the monstrous bombast is beyond any definition of reason. These demented clods, safe in their own gerrymandered districts, actually equate compromise with defeat.They have no idea how the government functions and may truly not want to know.

Obama has not helped himself lately. However, the reality is these fools didn't need the IRS, the AP, or Benghazi to hate him. They were all ready there. No one will admit it, but the truth is we are seeing this outpouring of bile and intractability because the end of white rule in the United States is at hand. And true to the words of Dylan Thomas the new minority, Anglo-Europeans, will not go gentle into that good night.

In their world they are the only real Americans. Why do you think they want all those guns? It is because any government not controlled by them is, in their eyes, tyrannical.

Laugh on Crazy Horse, laugh on.

sic vita est


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