Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Ugly Business and Leave It To Beaver Wasn't Real

Politics is ultimately an ugly business. Especially when you are dealing with high roller types who are used to getting everything they've ever wanted and don't mind crushing a few people here and there in order to achieve their goals.

The current republican party is financed and influenced to the extreme by two elements. One is the tea party. It is a wild and terrible anglo saxon mob who see America slipping into the hands of people different from themselves. They scream, wail, and whirl like dervishes claiming they want smaller government, but the reality is, beyond cutting funds and programs to the poor and infirm, they could give a shit about smaller government. What the tea party is all about is maintaining white power in an increasingly diverse nation where the white majority is quickly becoming a minority. They have numbers though. They also have complete lunatics running for senate seats. Guys like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock who have certain and peculiar views on women's reproductive systems, rape, and God's Great Plan For Life: none of which are founded in any sort of science and ultimately reach out into the realms of sociopathic ignorance.

Then come the guys who finance this whole terrible scam. The ones who are fabulously wealthy and would have us believe that if we'll just let them do whatever they want, completely unfettered by any sort of law or regulation, we'll all be better off. They are the ones who brightly say they envision Americans of every social class making huge amounts of money, but at the same time are doing everything they can to fuck their employees and if the opportunity presents itself, their investors and clients. They are the corporate Dons who make the fictional Corleone family look absolutely benign.

These are some serious heavy hitters and they don't mind letting you know you're screwed if you mess with them. Guys like the Koch brothers out of Wichita, who, through their surrogate, Dave Robertson told 45,000 employees that if Barak Obama is re-elected they could "suffer the consequences." Guys like Arthur Allen of ASG and David Siegel, who told their people the same things. They are guys like Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, who became an American citizen, not because of any love for the country, but because American law wouldn't let a foreign national control a news outlet. He was pissed off that Chris Christie, the republican governor of New Jersey, thanked the president for his help with the recovery efforts in the aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

This was the tweet he sent out to everyone, "Now Christie, while thanking O, must re declare for Romney, or take blame for the next four dire years." Look for that severed horse head on your bed tomorrow morning, Chris. You've just run afoul of a gang so perverse, so evil that they will eat their own when it comes to crunch time.

And now is crunch time. Within forty-eight hours either Barak Obama, or Mitt Romney will be the president of the United States of America.

I've been following presidential elections since I was ten years old. The first race I was emotionally invested in was the Jack Kennedy victory. I liked Kennedy because both my parents did and quite frankly Kennedy was a lot cooler than Dick Nixon. Is Barak Obama a lot cooler than Mitt Romney? Yeah, he is. However, I'm a little more sophisticated now politically. I look at them both and I see the future in Obama. In Romney I see a past that was never real. I see a past that is simply a fond memory of the "Leave it to Beaver" television show. It is a quaint fictional place where people of color don't exist, Ward knows best, and Mom wears pearls while she vacuums. Folks, trust me, it really wasn't like that. 

The end is near.

Thank God


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