Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitt Goes All Desperate: One Year in the Blogosphere

For all the talk of momentum, surges, and narrowing demographic gaps it appears that Mitt Romney and company are becoming desperate. Lately they dragged Karl Rove out of the closet to talk about how Mr. Romney will sweep to a victory with 300 plus electoral votes. This is a favorite trick of our old pal, Karl. He did it in 2000 as his man George W. Bush was running against Al Gore. Right before the election Rove made statements saying the vote wouldn't be close and in fact Bush would not only win big, but pull off a huge upset in California. He would have bet his reputation on it, but given his reputation, or lack there of, there weren't any takers.

As anyone with a memory can tell you Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000, but lost the election thanks to some shady dealings in both Florida and Ohio. Mr. Rove's prediction of a landslide then, just as his iron clad prediction of a Romney win next week is a ruse. Go on the air and tell everyone your guy is ahead by a wide margin. It energizes the base, everyone wants to vote for a winner and it suppresses the opposition turn out. After all, why stand in line for three or four hours when your guy is going to lose anyway.

Another sure sign of the walls closing in on the Romney adventure is the utterly cold blooded and mis-leading series of ads in Ohio. Those spots claim that Chrysler is going to ship jobs in its Jeep division to China. It is such a blatant twisting of facts that the management of GM and Chrysler are saying things like, "We've clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days." Other words and terms expressed by both companies are things like "the cynical worst" and "no validity to the idea we're shipping jobs overseas." Big Bill Clinton was a bit more blunt. He referred to the ads as, "...the biggest load of bull in the world."

Of course the whole concept of Mitt Romney as the savior of both the auto industry and domestic jobs is rather like idealizing the musical career of Charlie Manson. Both of those somewhat breathless ideas are better left to those who are heavily dependent on psychotropic drugs.

The feeling here is that with only three days left before the election the number of truly undecided voters can be counted in the tens of thousands rather than any huge number that must be swayed. Now each campaign, especially Romney's, must concentrate on switching  those who lean to the other guy, but still have grave doubts. That is why Mitt is running all that Jeep to China horseshit. For the next seventy two hours we can be assured of one thing. Brother Romney is going to lie out his ass without any regard to not only the truth, but to even how quickly his lies are exposed. The clock has just about run out. From this moment on everything is a hail Brigham Young pass to the end zone. Reality is a luxury the republican candidate can no longer afford.

On a personal note Ghost Shirt Papers first appeared on this site one year ago today. In that year, as of a couple of hours ago, it has taken over 5,800 hits. That isn't a huge number, but honestly, I didn't get into this for the number of hits. Yes, I wanted readers, or I wouldn't have started it, but I had no idea what to expect, so right now every page view is a plus to me.

Of the two hundred plus posts seven of the ten most viewed have to do with the murders of Carina Saunders, Kelsey Bransby, and Alina Fitzpatrick. Those murders are still open wounds in this community and there is no resolution at this point to any of them. That is especially true of Alina Fitzpatrick's death. No one is in custody, no persons of interest have been identified and the local media seems to have moved on completely. As the father of two daughters I can only imagine the pain and suffering that all three families have gone through. I will not stop writing about any of them until people are held responsible. Even though this is an extremely small platform I will not let them be forgotten. It is the least I can do, not as a blogger, but as a human being.

Now, I see that it is 530pm on Prince Edward Island and that calls for a chilled Manhattan.



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