Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What We've Learned From the Internet Lately

Here is what we've learned from the internet lately. First, despite what the eminent diagnostic specialist, Scott Baio says it wasn't the drugs, or alcohol that killed former "Happy Days," star Erin Moran, but rather esophageal cancer.

Second, the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder is a scrappy team who can beat anyone so long as Russell Westbrook is in the game. Once he is on the bench however, OKC does a near perfect imitation of the Washington Generals--that hapless bunch who always gets thumped by the Harlem Globetrotters.

Third, VOX is reporting at least one version of the GOP's latest Affordable Care Act, "replacement bill," will allow states to gut certain provisions of the existing law. Those would be the ones protecting people from devastating insurance rate hikes when they have pre-existing conditions, or are in need of maternity and mental health care. Hey, if they can't afford the coverage on their own, screw 'em. Well, unless you're in congress, or a congressional staff member. A portion of the bill exempts senators, representatives, and their staffs from the draconian measure and allows them to keep their coverage exactly like it is right now under Obama Care.

Then we have retired general and former National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn. He was declared, "likely guilty," of breaking the law by republican congressman Jason Chaffetz. That's because he didn't tell anyone--you know, like the FBI, CIA, or NSA, much less Don Trump--he had been paid hard cash by the Russians and Turks for services rendered while advising the president elect on matters of national security.

Flynn shouldn't worry a whole bunch though. Last fall Chaffetz proved to be a man who can and will change his mind at the drop of a hat. For those of us who remember that far back the Utah representative is the guy who publicly claimed he wouldn't support Donald Trump after hearing the candidate talk about grabbing women by their pussies. At the time Chaffetz stated he couldn't look his 15 year old daughter in the eye and tell her what Trump had said. Within a week Chaffetz apparently decided he could indeed tell his kid exactly what the dirty old man told TV dude Billy Bush, because he announced he was going to vote for El Donald anyway.

And finally we come to the whole, we might be on the verge of nuclear war with North Korea thing.

For those counting, it took Donald Trump only 100 days to work himself into a foreign policy corner the likes of which none of us have witnessed since October, 1962.

If there was any doubt it was erased by U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. She recently told a national TV audience, "The United States considers using military force in Korea a viable option."

Just in case Haley's warning wasn't enough, in an attempt  to intensify the pressure on the North Koreans--and leave himself even fewer non military options--Trump has called for a unique briefing of the entire U.S. Senate today at the Eisenhower Office Building. The facility is next to the White House and is home of the National Security Council. The secretaries of state, defense, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will be there to whip the crowd into a war frenzy. Given the opportunity and his ego a special guest appearance by Mr. Trump could well be in the offing also.

The situation is desperate enough Chinese president Xi Jingping called Trump to urge restraint on the Korean peninsula. Who can blame him? Xi knows exactly how nuts Donald Trump really is. After all he was eating chocolate cake with the big orange guy when Trump calmly told him the U.S. had just lobbed nearly 60 cruise missiles into Syria.

Of course we might be worrying far too much. If I was Alex Jones--nee Bill Hicks I could speculate the get together today at the Eisenhower Building has little to do with Korea. That's right, it is simply a justified take over of the Illuminati controlled government by Donald Trump, Steve Miller, and the rest.

Yes, that's the ticket--pull a sting of epic proportions. Gather up all the slackers and obstructionists in one place, then slap 'em in irons and ready the guillotines.

Why not? What better way to prove to Kim Jong-un you're even crazier than he is. Not to mention ratings for shit like that will go straight through the roof.

Hey, it's an idea.

Unfortunately, Miller has probably thought of it already.


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  1. Oh yeah, the ratings. If you want high ratings, a nuclear war will push them to record levels. . . until there are no television sets left to tune in to what has probably ceased to exist anyway.