Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Latest Battle for the Heart and Soul of America

Here is what happened yesterday in the war for the heart and soul of the United States of America.

The White House Correspondents' Dinner was held last night in the ball room of some hotel in the greater Washington D.C. metro. In addition, Samantha Bee, a political satirist and comedienne, threw her own hail to the press gig which was later aired on TBS. Donald John Trump failed to attend either affair.

But then why would he? Trump hates all those journalists anyway--except some of the ones on FOX and at Breitbart. So why put up with the national media's shit when all you have to do to get some raucous love is show up at practically any hall in the land and deliver a campaign speech? Last night he cashed in on the opportunity and arrived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he rallied the troops, reassured the faithful, and condemned the unclean.

It was a vintage Trump performance delivered to a vintage Trump crowd. They cheered and booed on cue. For old times sake they even broke out into a chant of, "Lock her up, lock her up."

There wasn't a one of them there last night, or anywhere else for that matter, who isn't utterly convinced the Trump administration is doing exactly what he said they'd do. Even when actuality veers dramatically from the course set forth during the campaign last fall there is no wavering, just a never ending litany of excuses.

The Washington Post quoted a Harrisburg supporter as saying, "What he's doing now, like putting off building the wall, that's strategic. He's learning you can't go in there and boom, boom, boom get things done like a business man would. Now he sees he has to bring everyone together. I know he'll do that. I just love his honesty, how he says it's harder than he expected."

When it comes to banning Muslims from entering the country, The Oklahoman quoted a retired business man who claimed, "He's done what he said he would do and if he hasn't it's because  he's been stopped by liberal judges."

Yes, the challenges are many. However we are the real Americans. The liberal elitists don't give a shit about us, our lives, or livelihoods, but despite their efforts--our guy is going to take their names and kick their asses.

So while Samantha Bee might be hilariously on the spot when it comes to the reality of Don Trump, it's the myth of Trump and those who oppose his presidency that matters to the people who rabidly support him.

And last night their paranoia and self pity were fed a feast. In Washington members of the press and more than a few entertainment types, decked out in fabulous gowns and tuxes, spent the evening sipping fine wine and martinis as they laughed at Donald Trump. At the same time 7,000 true believers gathered in Harrisburg and cheered him wildly. According to the Post some of them waited in line nearly 13 hours for the privilege. Most of them wore tee-shirts that said things like, "Trump Strong."

Given the circumstances, who do you think won this latest battle for the heart and soul of America?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, it certainly wasn't anyone located 120 miles east south east of Harrisburg, or sitting in my living room watching it all go down.


sic vita est


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  1. The hard right wing, the true believers in Donald Trump and his message of "Hope" and reborn American greatness, can be told or shown nothing which will cause them to change their minds or waver in unconditional support. He could march them into the gates of Hades and they would think they own the July 4th patriotic parade. These folks are beyond a change of heart or mind, what will be needed in 2018 and 2020 is to win over the people who chose in the last election the republican bad choice over the democratic bad choice. The next generation of democratic leadership needs to step up very soon.