Monday, April 17, 2017

Carina Saunders and the Process in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation began digging in the back lots of 504 and 504 1/2 Oakdale Dr. seven days ago. They had planned to be there for a week, but pulled out after only two days. According to them things had gone much quicker than they had anticipated.

The occasion marked the first time in nearly six years of looking for the killer, or killers of Carina Saunders anyone involved with the investigation has said such a thing.

Of course that doesn't mean the authorities are any closer to actually finding out who decided to go all "Tell Tale Heart," on Saunders in the early fall of 2011. She went missing in September and most of her was found about three weeks later.

According to reports at the time she was last seen getting into a vehicle driven by a gray haired man described to be in his 40's. Last week we found out early in the investigation a family member contended the gray haired man was Kenny Richards who lived at the Oakdale property when she was murdered.

The local media states he was accused of pimping her out. It's sort of  a round about way of saying what we've all known since the beginning of this nightmare--at 19 years of age Carina Saunders was so hooked on hard core drugs she was turning tricks in order to finance her doomed lifestyle.

Richards name was never mentioned in the early news coverage of the murder, but the police considered him sketchy enough that at some point they decided it was worth searching his place. They failed to find any evidence connecting him to the murder.

That doesn't mean there wasn't some strange and deadly shit going on down on Oakdale Dr. In late March, 2012 authorities were called to the residence by Richards. They found a young woman dead on his living room floor. Although initially the media said the police reported her body showed signs of, "obvious trauma," (which has now morphed into, "trauma to the body consistent with homicide") the death was quickly ruled a suicide. Richards claimed she had been staying there for a couple of days and was never charged.

For some of us the circumstances and police reaction sounds a tad familiar. A few months prior, teenager Alina Fitzpatrick had gone missing from a spot five, or so miles away. Her body was discovered in far east OKC some days later. She was nude, a paper gag was stuffed in her mouth, and she had suffered abrasions and bruises. After the ME ruled she had enough drugs in her system to possibly cause an overdose the cops ruled her death, "suspicious," rather than a homicide and basically walked away. Those involved with her death, like those in the Carina Saunders' murder are still out there. Perhaps  in the next day, or two they will be standing in line behind you at a local 7-11.

The OSBI announced it will release a list of the, "items," it recovered from the back yard on Oakdale Dr. later in the week. The search warrant nailed to the door of one of the houses said they were specifically looking for Carina Saunders' shoes, socks, bra, underwear, belt, T-shirt, handbag, and wallet. Left unsaid were her feet and hands which also remain missing.

All the hub bub moved Brother Richards to send three text messages to one of the local TV stations. Put together they read, "It (sic) all wrong. I told police everything I know. She was a friend of mine, I miss her too!! I have nothing more to say!."

Well, at least not without a lawyer present. And, given the track record of both the local press and cops in this affair, who can blame him? Let's face it, real facts are still precious few and far between. So much so the last television news report to come out of Oakdale Dr. quoted a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. She said she'd heard, Richards knew who did it (killed Saunders) but wouldn't talk because he and his family had been threatened.

Yes, that's where we are at right now. The OSBI says it might take, "months," to analyze whatever it is they've found and an old, unnamed, neighbor lady says she, "heard," someone said something to someone and somehow it got to her.

Tragically, such is the nature of the process in Oklahoma City.

sic vita est


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