Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Dispatches: Waiting on Don, Maine's Governor, Hillary's Numbers, and the NRA Moment of the Week

So as we wait breathlessly to see how Don Trump's Immigration Initiative goes let's consider for a moment the current governor of Maine, Paul LePage.

LePage became the second U.S. governor to endorse Brother Trump's candidacy. He has impressed Mr. Trump so much the candidate says he will offer him a role in his administration if the governor is available.

The other day it looked liked LePage might well be ripe for a spot with the big orange man. That was after he left a recorded voice mail for democratic state representative, Drew Gattine calling him, among other things, "...a little son of a bitch, socialist cocksucker."

The reaction was quick and severe. So much so LePage was even called onto the carpet by members of his own party. It led the governor to publicly say he might not finish out his current term. Unfortunately he has walked back from that notion in the last few hours, leaving El Don in the lurch for whatever position he might have had in mind for him.

The flap began when LePage claimed all of Maine's drug problems have been caused by an invasion of African Americans and Hispanics from places like New York. At some point he got it in his head Gattine had called him a racist--a charge Gattine has repeatedly denied, although it is easy to see why he might have made it.

In true Trumpian fashion LePage seemed to blame the press for all the trouble. He issued a statement saying, "I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today. I'm serious. Everything will be put in writing. I'm tired of being caught, the gotcha moments."

While that's all fine and good, governor, you might also want to refrain from calling political opponents, "sons of bitches, socialist, cocksuckers," on phone messages which can be replayed for the entire world to hear.

Listen, it's just a thought.

Meanwhile the Washington Post found over 55% of Americans now view Hillary Clinton unfavorably. It is the highest percentage of people seeing her that way in 20 plus years.

Despite the devastating number is projecting Mrs. Clinton will win 304 electoral votes in November. It's 34 more than she needs. The same survey shows Trump is currently projected to take 190. 44 are still up in the air. If the projections are true, Clinton could lose all 44 of the undecided electoral votes and still win the White House.

But, let's face it, we aren't to election day yet. Between now and then God only knows what sort of heavily rewritten hacked emails will be fed to Julian Assange by the Russians.

Finally we come to the NRA moment of the week. Yesterday in North Las Vegas, NV, 31 year old Mohammad Robinson failed to open the door at a local McDonald's for an unnamed woman. She took umbrage and an argument ensued. The woman then went to a male companion accompanying her and told him about the affront. The man, who was inexplicably absent at the door when she was either entering, or exiting, reacted the way every chivalrous American man does in such situations. He pulled out a gun and shot Mohammad Robinson to death.

Robinson was the father of a young daughter. He was murdered in front of his best friend. Police are still searching for the insulted maiden and her knight in shining armor.

Hey, who says Americans don't need more guns ?

sic vita est


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