Thursday, August 11, 2016

For Many of Us the Lesser of Two Evils Has Never Been More Obvious

The madness of this campaign season continues unabated as we close to within 90 days of election day. And it isn't only at the top, although with Don Trump in the race we can be assured there will be a continuous stream of it available on the national stage.

Just the other day, Trump told a gathering of his brown shirted pals that Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to, "revoke," the second amendment by appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court and other federal benches. Then he said, once she does there is nothing they can do about it--"Although the second amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."

The liberal wing of the media and Clinton pounced on his last sentence, howling that Trump was attempting to incite violence either against her, or the judges she, as president, would appoint. He might have been. Let's face it, he's a master at saying things in a way which both appeals to the conspiracy theory/white supremacist mobs who love him and, at the same time, leaves him an escape hatch--at least in his mind--when the media calls him out on such vile nonsense.

Or, he could simply have all the rhetorical skills and intellect of a third grader engaged in a playground fist fight.

Personally, I like to think it is a weird and toxic blend of both.

Be that as it may, lost in all the outrage and denials was further tangible proof of Trump's abject ignorance of how the republic works.

In the first place, there is absolutely no evidence Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to revoke the second amendment, but even if she did, she can't. Not only on her own, or by appointing a vast cabal of anti-gun liberal jurists. The truth is, no judge in the nation, no matter how high, or distinguished can rule that any part of the constitution is--well--unconstitutional.

There is only way to get rid of an amendment to the constitution of these United States. You have to pass another amendment which specifically voids the older one. To do so, congress, or a national convention has to approve the new amendment. Then it must be ratified by 75% of state legislatures, or conventions nationwide.

Now, just picture that happening any time in the next four, or eight years.

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting Mr. Vincent Bordini filed a law suit in North Carolina against Trump's state director, Earl Phillip. Bordini, formerly a paid staffer for the Trump NC organization, is claiming that back in February, Phillip pulled a weapon on him during a road trip in South Carolina. He says, Phillip pressed the nozzle of a 45. caliber hand gun against his knee for reasons which aren't currently clear.

Bordini says he went to the Trump national campaign rather than the police because he feared Phillip's reputation for , "violent behavior, intimidation, and retaliation," but they didn't do anything. He added  he didn't tell his immediate supervisor about the incident, because he was scared the man would simply cover it up.

According to the suit Phillip was so far off the rails he had previously pulled the same gun on at least four other Trump staffers before he did the same thing to Bordini.

Phillip denies everything and  Bordini ultimately quit the organization because the Trump national people wouldn't do anything about a guy in charge in NC repeatedly pulling a gun on his subordinates.

Hey, true, or not, you can't say that sort of crazy shit doesn't fit right in with every thing else going on in Donald J. Trump's bizarre and savage campaign. Not to mention the evil fucks who are invested in it.

Yes, in the end, at least for many of us, the lesser of two evils has never been more obvious.

sic vita est


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  1. More than one of my more thoughtful conservative friends has expressed the belief that Trump is just putting everyone on in order to get elected, and we will see a more reasoned and traditional Trump in the White House. This is wishful thinking to the point of pitiful, and dangerous. The friends who have expressed this view are not uneducated southern bubbas who believe in all 'Merica stands for, but well educated, otherwise very intelligent people. What a lesson in human nature we are receiving this election year! You know, in any other year, I may vote for John McCain, or even Mitt Romney, as opposed to Hilary, maybe even a 21st century version of Ronald Reagan. Mr. Trump may be many wonderful things he is hiding under a bushel, and I sincerely hope he is, but I just don't believe it.