Monday, August 15, 2016

Republicans Believe the Fix is In

"The only way we can lose, in my opinion--and I really mean this, Pennsylvania--is if cheating goes on. I really believe it."

Donald J. Trump at a Pennsylvania campaign rally on Friday.

It would seem, as the man in a movie once said, excuses are like assholes--everybody has one. By uttering those words it's become obvious, El Don has found his. Although, as he proved, there is always the bugaboo of the press you can blame things on. During the same week he took journalists to task for not understanding the Trump concept of sarcasm, while at the same time saying if the media was fair to him he would have a 20 point lead in the polls somewhere, perhaps everywhere.

It is unclear where Mr. Trump got the 20% figure, although, given what he has previously said during campaign events this election cycle, it's a good bet he simply made it up on the spot. Hey, that's how the man rolls.

It's not like we haven't heard any of this vile bilge before. When it comes to elections, republicans near and far like to claim the fix is in. Back in 2012 one poll showed 57% of the GOP faithful believed voter fraud was a major problem in this country. At least that is the argument used when republican controlled legislatures pass draconian voter ID laws. When those same laws overwhelmingly restrict the voting rights of ethnic and racial minorities, most of whom vote democratic--well--that's just a happy coincidence.

The Washington Post ran with an online story today saying a current poll shows 56% of Trump supporters believe the election will be rigged. It went further, citing a Public Policy Polling survey of North Carolina Trumpadores. The question asked was, "If Hillary Clinton is elected do you think it will because more people voted for her, or because the election results are rigged in her favor?" 69% said it will be because the election was rigged.

That figure would normally be stunning, but let's face it, Don Trump is running with the support of a crowd which is infested with huge numbers of conspiracy theorists. According to the Post story, as late as last September, depending on which poll you looked at 20 to 29% of republicans still believe Barack Obama was born just about anywhere except the United States. The same polls showed that 43 to 54% of them think he is a Muslim.

Right now, the latest NBC/Marist College poll shows Hillary Clinton leading in Pennsylvania by 11 points, in Florida by five, in North Carolina by nine, in Colorado by 14, and in Virginia by 13.

Those numbers beg the question, does Trump actually think a pre Labor Day poll is also rigged? Or does he believe the great and mighty FOX News is utterly impotent, influence wise, when compared to news networks and organizations he has continuously derided as low rated and nearly out of business?

In the end, the harsh truth is Trump's candidacy continues to flounder because vast numbers of the voting public simply believe he doesn't have the brains, or temperament to be president of these United States. And, if he isn't miraculously born again within a matter of a few weeks, absolutely no one will have to commit voter fraud to keep him out of the White House. He will have accomplished that feat completely on his own.

sic vita est


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  1. Hate to say it, but don't count him out. He has gotten way farther than I ever suspected in my wildest imagination. Hard core Trump supporters have tunnel vision, and may well goose step him into the presidency.