Friday, November 13, 2015

The Old Man's Assessment, Terrible Strangeness in Ft. Dodge, and Was the Trump Performance in Iowa Due to Amphetamines, or Simply an Unhinged Mind?

The old man is 91 years old and despite being a registered democrat has in the past--far too often for my tastes--voted for republican candidates running for president. His assessment of the Donald Trump candidacy is, "What bothers me most is that so many people think he's actually fit to be president."

Given what went down in Iowa last night there might be a few others beginning to question Big Don's suitability for the oval office.

According to a report by the Washington Post the express freight train known as the Donald Trump campaign ran completely off the rails in front of a crowd in Ft. Dodge yesterday. So much so the estimated audience of 1,500 not only grew silent at times, but downright edgy.

People tend to do that when a candidate for president shows up 40 minutes late, hair dis-shelved, then launches into a 95 minute, overly loud, harangue of bombastic personal attacks on opponents. Not to mention displaying flashes of behavior on stage which are so bizarre words like alcohol and drugs come to mind.

That's right--to question the veracity of Ben Carson's tale of stabbing a friend with a knife, who was saved from injury by his belt buckle is one thing. However, to step away from the podium, undo your jacket, then say to those assembled, "Anybody have a knife? You want to try it on me?" enters an area usually reserved for a person who has either knocked back a few too many martinis, or is in the throes of amphetamine induced dementia. After his demonstration Trump added, "How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap."

This after he told the crowd, Carson has, "a pathological disease." Adding, "A child molester, there's no cure for that. If you're a child molester, there's no cure. They can't stop you. Pathological? No cure."

Ah yes, quite presidential.

Brother Trump opened the night with a tribute to the border policies of North Korea and Afghanistan. He used them both, along with Canada, as examples of how other countries take care of illegal immigrants by telling everyone, North Korea sentences them to 12 years of hard labor, Afghanistan shoots them outright, and Canada levies fines of $5,000. It isn't clear how many people are clamoring to get into Canada, but one can cite several reasons, other than draconian punishments, why North Korea and Afghanistan don't have illegal immigration problems.

In another moment of audacious strangeness Mr. Trump claimed, "I know more about ISIS than the generals. Trust me." He also, quite predictably, labeled members of the press as, "...scum and garbage."

It wasn't tough to sell his supporters that line. They already believe it. In fact The Post reported that as members of the mainstream media began to tweet all the crazed madness, a number of Trumpites immediately took to various social internet outlets claiming a conspiracy--that mainstream journalists had gotten together and tweeted fabrications about the speech all at the same time. They backed away from that nonsense only after videos of the address surfaced.

The Post noted Trump's hectic schedule which began last weekend when he hosted Saturday Night Live and his lack of sleep during this week's edition of his campaign. And, there was no mention of slurred words, or other evidence of alcohol abuse. To be honest though, a sleep deprived old guy doesn't usually go on an increasingly loud and verbose 95 minute rant after an exhausting few days unless he is propped up by questionable pharmaceuticals.

Whatever the case, Don Trump's performance in Ft. Dodge can only be described as manic in nature.

Indeed, the only question now is whether Donald Trump's mental state is becoming completely unhinged, or the guy ate a couple of  black mollies before he went on stage last night.

Both options aren't particularly comforting.

Neither is the observation of a 91 year old WWII veteran sitting at home in Oklahoma City who has never voted for a presidential candidate who he deems too far to the left.

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  1. If The Donald becomes president, we will have exactly the government we deserve. Hard for me to believe such a buffoonish bully is as popular as he is, then I consider just whom he is popular with. He reminds me of the Russian leader of half a century ago, Nikita Khruschev, except Khruschev was a much more able eastern European politician than his public personna suggests. We can only hope the same will be true of The Donald if he is elected.

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