Friday, November 6, 2015

Jerrod Murray Will Have to Wait on Objective B

It appears Jerrod Murray will have to wait on Objective B a while longer. On December 6th, 2012, Murray, a freshman at East Central University in Ada, OK, paid fellow student, Generro Sanchez $20 for a ride to a local Wal-Mart. On the way there he pulled a gun and forced Sanchez to drive him out into the middle of no where, then shot him twice in the head. One of his reasons was, "To see what it felt like." After he committed the murder, Murray called his roommate and told him he had reached, "Objective A."

Because justice is anything, but swift in Oklahoma, young Mr. Murray didn't face trial until July of this year. It didn't last long. In fact both sides decided a jury needn't be bothered with the proceedings. You really don't need one when even the prosecution's shrink says the defendant is as crazy as they come.

District Judge John Canavan quickly declared Jerrod Murray innocent by reason of insanity. In August the judge ordered him committed to the Oklahoma Forensic Center in Vinita where it was expected, by everyone, he'd be woofing down some heavy duty drugs for a long, long time.

Unfortunately no one counted on psychologist Peter Rausch. In September, a little over a month after Murray landed in Vinita, he issued a report to Canavan which said Jerrod Murray is no longer a threat to himself, or society and should be released. Staff psychiatrist Joseph Errico disagreed and filed a second report saying Murray is still utterly bats.

Faced with the conflicting assessments, Judge Canavan ordered further tests and scheduled another hearing which was held yesterday.

In today's, The Oklahoman, Nolan Clay reports the latest psychologist, Shawn Roberson wrote in his October evaluation that he asked Murray, "How do you know if this won't happen again if you're released?" The response was, "I don't."

According to Clay, Roberson also wrote, "He believed the victim's death pre-determined fate and he expressed no remorse for having killed him." Then, Roberson quoted Murray as saying, "There's no point in feeling bad for the dead, because they're dead."

Roberson summed up by writing, "...he (Murray) is quite satisfied with the way he is and has little motivation for treatment, or change at this time."

After hearing all that it didn't take long for Canavan to provide Murray with second free ride up to Vinita. He scheduled another hearing for next year after more tests and evaluations, presumably conducted by just about anyone other than Peter Rausch.

The entire affair has driven the Pottawatomie County D.A, among others, into a rage. He is busy trying to get legislation passed which would change the Oklahoma law from, "Innocent by reason of insanity," to "Guilty, but insane." In short someone found guilty, but insane would be sentenced to a term like everyone else, then after being found cured at a place such as Vinita they'd be sent straight to a prison in order to finish out their time. Or--in theory one supposes--to the white room where he, or she would get the hot shot if so ordered. Indeed, if we're going to kill them, we want the fuckers fully aware of what is happening when we do.

Clay quoted, D.A. Richard Smothermon as saying, "(Murray) can be released a year from now, two years from now and all he's got to do is fool one doctor."

That might be stretching it a little. While Murray did fool Rausch he certainly didn't pull one over on either Errico, or Roberson and no one but Canavan, or his successor can actually free him.

Not that it matters to Murray. Even if the law is passed, which it probably will, it won't apply to him.

However it might mean a great deal to Adacia Chambers. She is the woman who plowed her car into a crowd of people in Stillwater who were watching the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade on October 24th. She is looking at four counts of second degree murder and her attorney is already working his way toward an insanity plea. If her trial date is delayed as long as Jerrod Murray's, the new law could well be in effect and no matter how nuts she was last month, she'll still be looking at serious jail time.

The week is mercifully coming to a close and the insane, at least for the moment, are still insane. We'll simply have to wait and see if that remains true next year.

And now, since it is 5pm in places like, Bridgewater, MA, as you can well guess, the bar is open.


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