Sunday, May 31, 2015

The List of Lost Causes Continues to Grow--Part II

NBC reports former Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley has thrown his hat into the democratic race for the presidential nomination. O'Malley made the formal announcement yesterday in Baltimore. It really isn't a surprise. He has been talking the talk for months now.
During the speech the governor made it clear he is for all those things left wing democrats praise and pray for. According to him, as president, he will work for comprehensive immigration reform, take on the vampires who run Wall Street, tackle climate change, while making sure it will be easier for unions to organize workers and the minimum wage is raised.
In other words he is trying to stake out the ground left of Hillary Clinton, even though Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is already squatting firmly on that particular piece of turf. Mr. O'Malley's current poll numbers are in the single digits.
NBC also says former Rhode Island Governor and republican turned democrat, Lincoln Chafee will announce he is in on June 3rd. He has been a member of the party of Jefferson for a full two years.
On the republican side, Ohio Governor John Kasich made definite noises about running while talking to NBC's Chuck Todd on todays edition of "Meet the Press." Kasich told Todd, "Look, I'm optimistic about where we are. I'm optimistic on the resources. I'm becoming more optimistic on the organization." NBC is saying Kasich has gone so far as to recruit former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu to help him out.
He needs it. Yesterday's Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll of Iowa republicans showed, Mr. Kasich is backed by a solid 2% of the voters, which means he is as popular as the hapless Carly Fiorina.
The poll was won by Scott Walker with 17%. Rand Paul and Ben Carson tied for a distant second at 10%. Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee were also tied at 9%, while Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum were locked together at 6%. The ever grandiose Ted Cruz won 5% and Chris Christie and Donald Trump came in at 4%. Rick Perry polled 3%, then there was the aforementioned Fiorina and Kasich.  Finally Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham were at 1%. George Pataki, who announced Wednesday, didn't even make it to a single digit.
In addition NBC news reports, republican New York Congressman, Peter King is considering jumping into this gang fight and will make a final decision next month.
King is already claiming Kentucky Senator Rand Paul doesn't belong in the GOP. He said in an interview, "We can't allow the republican party to fall into the hands of those who are anti defense and who are weak on security." 
Actually the representative from Long Island has said a lot of things. He once told Fox TV guy, Sean Hannity that 80 to 85% of all mosques in the United States are controlled by Muslim fundamentalists. In addition he has previously railed against the British, saying the Irish Republican Army is the legitimate voice of occupied Northern Ireland and the government in London is a, "killing machine." On another occasion he called George W. Bush, "A tool of anti Catholic bigoted forces," because Bush delivered a speech at Bob Jones University. King was pissed at BJU because a few years earlier it had given Northern Ireland's radical Protestant leader, Ian Paisley an honorary degree.   
While one should never expect anything close to 21st century sensibilities coming out of Greenville, SC, that last line still won't win the congressman any votes south of, say, Alexandria, Virginia.  
Of course, as has been demonstrated by the latest poll in Iowa, you can't please everyone. In fact, if the numbers are right, there's a bunch of these clowns who, at this point, aren't pleasing anyone.
Indeed, it would appear the season of voting for the lesser evil is in full bloom.
And with that, as always, the bar is open.

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