Saturday, May 9, 2015

Strange Things: A Hot High School Principal, A Paranoid Governor, Ted and Hillary on Facebook, and Jeb Rakes in the Cash

It has been a long week with strange things happening nearly everywhere.
Take the case of Krista Morton. She is the 45 year old principal of Mavericks High School in Palm Springs, Florida. Wednesday night she was busted while sitting in her car along with a male student and a little less than 20 grams of marijuana. The police said they were called to the scene because they received a complaint of, "sexual activity." When popped Ms. Morton's blouse was reportedly undone part way and her shoulder and upper chest were exposed. After she was arrested the principal initially claimed she didn't know the kid. She said she picked him up because she was lonely. Madam Principal has been suspended from her job, but it can be assumed many in the student body--at least on the  male side--will lobby for her quick return.
Down in Texas, resident tea party quack and governor, Greg Abbott went into a paranoid frenzy when the U.S. military announced a multi state drill, code named, Jade Helmis. Abbott claimed he was fearful the exercise was a ruse by the feds to ultimately impose a declaration of martial law. He also said it could be the beginning of a crack down on, political prisoners. Without explaining who the political prisoners are, because the governor and other Anglo hot shots in Texas certainly aren't, Abbott ordered the state's National Guard to, "monitor" the exercise.
You know a politician jumped head long into a Twilight Zone episode when someone like Ted Cruz had to step in and sound like the calming voice of reason. Well--sort of. According to Cruz, he had spoken to Pentagon officials and they told him no, there wouldn't be any tanks patrolling the streets of Lubbock, or marines storming the beaches at Galveston. He was quoted as saying, "I have no reason to doubt those assurances, but I understand the reason for concern and uncertainty, because the federal government has not demonstrated itself to be trustworthy in this administration. The natural consequence is that many citizens don't trust what it is saying."
In other words, while Obama does want to take over the country by force, this was a false alarm.
Speaking of the wild and crazy Canadian, NBC reports his campaign launch on Facebook had 5.5 million interactions by 2.1 million individual users within the first 24 hours. In comparison Rand Paul's Facebook kickoff had 1.9 million interactions in the same time frame. Ben Carson's site took 1.5 million hits, Marco Rubio had 1.3 million, Mike Huckabee 814,000 and Carly Fiorina 515,000.
Hillary Clinton's Facebook launch had 10.1 million interactions from 4.7 million different users in the first 24 hours.
While the numbers Cruz and Clinton garnered might seem impressive, one has to remember an interaction isn't necessarily a sign of support. In fact if I were to become a Facebook member and go to Ted Cruz's site in order to say I consider him nothing more than a Adolf Hitler wannabe, it would be counted as an interaction.
Finally we have Jeb Bush. Politico reports the former Florida governor has set up a super PAC called, "Right to Rise." According to the story it is estimated that by the end of May, Right to Rise will collect $100 million in contributions. Politico goes on to say Bush has decided to wait until middle, or late June to officially declare he is a candidate.
There is a reason for the delay which has nothing to do with indecision. As long as the Jebster isn't officially running he can fly all over the place, performing God only knows what sort of deviant sex acts with mega donors in order to raise money for Right to Rise. Once he does declare he's in the race, his campaign team and the people running the super PAC can no longer legally coordinate their activities. One GOP insider believes Bush, through Right to Rise, will have at least three, or four times more money than any of his primary opponents. Political wonks expect, Right to Rise will actually out spend Bush's official campaign. If that happens it will be the first time in American political history a supposedly independent entity does so.  
And just think, there are still people out there who tell me this is a democracy.
What a bunch of happy go lucky jokesters. They crack me up.

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