Monday, March 16, 2015

Turn Right, Turn Right ! Republicans on the Stump in the Biggest and Most Epensive Game in the World

Everyone who watches a NASCAR race knows the drivers must endlessly turn left. When it comes to republican presidential candidates just the opposite is true, at least until one of them actually gloms onto the nomination.
All sorts of GOP wankers are running around New Hampshire this week. Each one of them is trying to prove to the voting public he is the most right wing son of a bitch within the borders of these United States of America. 
It has gotten so bad Ted Cruz even told a three year old kid that, "Yes, the world is on fire! Your whole world is on fire!" This apocalyptic vision was accompanied by a series of gosh darn countrified comparisons between northern New Hampshire and Texas, because--you know--Canadian born Princeton graduates who call home an upscale Houston high rise condo are just plain folksy.
It should be no surprise Cruz is pitching this bilge. He has, after all, been doing it since he hit the floor of the Senate two years ago. He promised the crowds, if elected, he would immediately abolish the IRS and the Department of Education. He even dragged Steve Forbes' flat tax idea out of the attic, dusted it off, and proclaimed it his.
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker made that sharp right turn the other day when he said he is no longer in favor of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He has to add that, no longer part, because until he started pandering to the tea party edge of the party and the big money there, he was all for it. Walker has previously claimed he is qualified to take on the Islamic State loons in Iraq and Syria because he fought and won against the unions in Madison.     
Which brings us to Jeb Bush, who now says he wants to re-engage in Iraq with a small force of American troops. He wasn't specific on what his idea of small is, but sometimes it's best to remain vague on such issues. Bush spends much of his time, "explaining" his support of the common core educational program--he is for the idea, but against the federal government's involvement in it. In addition, he continues the nifty balancing act of being a Bush, but not one like his brother, or dad.
NBC reports that in an interview with a Tampa paper, Marco Rubio tried to exploit Bush's dilemma by saying, the GOP needs, "...a name from the future, not from the past to win (in 2016)." NBC also says both Rubio and Utah Senator Mike Lee were lauded by Ramesh Ponnuru, described by the network as, "an influential conservative writer and policy expert," for their joint tax plan. According to Ponnuru the senators, "..have come up with the most pro growth tax reform since Calvin Coolidge's presidency."
Yes, ol' Silent Cal's reforms worked out quite well for the nation didn't they. Within months of Coolidge leaving office his pro growth plan facilitated The Great Depression and millions of people became not only unemployed, but homeless.
In his never ending battle to remind everyone he is still around, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal has been jetting around the south. Right now he is condemning every republican currently in congress for failing to hold onto their conservative roots. Jindal is in so much trouble he might want to go back to his home state and take care of business there. The Washington Post is reporting he spent 145 days of the last year on the road not being an official candidate. At the latest CPAC conference straw poll he garnered 0.9% of the vote and came in four places behind that political heavy weight, Donald Trump. National polls show him sitting at 2%.  
Finally, while we're on the subject of lost causes, pals of NJ Governor, Chris Christie have formed a super pac called, America Leads. Unfortunately Christie is a long way from leading anything. In the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll 57% of republicans say they couldn't support him.
The race is, as they say, heating up. The only thing certain is most of these clowns will be gone by the middle of next spring. And a couple, like Jindal and possibly Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and Fox News shill, won't even make it that far.
Such is the nature of the biggest and most expensive game in the world.
sic vita est

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