Friday, March 6, 2015

The Mystery of Flight MH370: Welcome to The New Journalism

A year ago on this coming Sunday 239 passengers and crew climbed on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. They were preparing to depart from Kuala Lumpur and were scheduled to arrive in Beijing early the next morning. Within an hour, or so after takeoff, between 1:30 and 2:30AM local time something went terribly awry over the South China Sea. The Boeing 777 made a sharp left turn then flew off into, not only never never land, but legend.

Within weeks of the disappearance conspiracy theorists from across the globe were running completely amok on the internet. Some claimed it was a false flag operation perpetrated for murky reasons by the United States military. Others said the aircraft was shot down accidentally by the U.S. and to avoid international condemnation a vast cover up was concocted. That was followed by the super secret particle beam weapon test, then the computer hacker remote control hypothesis. Both of those led us straight to the alien abduction/Star Trek like cloaking device argument.

In addition to all the other crazed bullshit there was a disturbingly large number of people who blamed the whole thing on not just Israel, but Jews everywhere. Indeed, the Illuminati under the leadership of the Rothschilds was frequently mentioned to be at the core of the mystery. The Bush family and Saudi royals, obvious allies of Jews, were also suspected Illuminati players because they supposedly had their hooks in a corporation called Freescale Semiconductor and a secretive holding company named the Carlyle Group. Both profits and patents were widely mentioned as motives for a mass whack job.
Depending on the person posting, MH370 either crashed in Vietnam, was hijacked to Afghanistan, was spirited to the American naval base at Diego Garcia, or was broken apart somewhere and secretly shipped to Israel where it would be reassembled for nefarious reasons.

Even members of the main stream media began wondering aloud what steps governments would be forced to take if the plane suddenly reappeared and whoever was in control seemed intent on a 9-11 type suicide mission.

Earlier today, James Wood the brother of the only American on the flight, Philip Wood, told NBC News that when it comes to conspiracy advocates, "I don't want your opinion." According to Mr. Wood dozens upon dozens of people have told him where the plane is, but not one of them has any proof.

In another NBC interview the Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Martin Dolan, was quoted as saying, "...the outlandish theories are upsetting to the families of the victims." He also said--well, sort of--anyone who thinks flight MH370 ended up north of the equator is nuts.

A number of sources say the Aussies have covered over 9,200 square miles of the area they suspect the plane went down in with sophisticated deep water sonar equipment. Unfortunately that's only 40% of the target space.

How long they'll keep looking is up to question. Regarding the search, earlier this week Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told the press, "We can't go on forever and eventually a judgment has to be made."  Other reports, which Mr. Truss seemed to back away from, said Australia had been talking to both Malaysia and China about ending the hunt in May of this year.

In January the Malaysian government officially declared the disappearance of flight MH370 an accident and that all on board were presumed dead.

The only thing most of us can agree on is the tragedy really wasn't an accident. Someone, probably the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, or co-pilot Abdul Hamid, for whatever reason, went bat shit crazy and decided to end it all. Everyone else on the flight was nothing more than collateral damage to the squirming brain of the person who flew the airliner deep into the middle of nowhere.

That's my theory anyway.

And yes, you're right, I have no more proof of it than some clown in Bokchito, Oklahoma who claims Zionist bankers magically transported the entire aircraft to the planet Neptune for financial gain.

In the end, that's the nature of  mysteries and legends in the 21st century. Everyone can go worldwide with what they think happened, but precious few choose to back up their words with actual facts.

Welcome to The New Journalism.
sic vita est

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