Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two More Savage Losers and the People Who Sell Them Stuff: Manhunts in Pennsylvania and Fighting Windmills in San Antonio

In the wake of a tragic weekend the search is on for a couple of different deadly geeks in the good and great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia police have named Devon Guisherd as their lead suspect in the shooting death of Megan Doto. Ms. Doto was talking to a neighbor on Sunday morning when police say young Mr. Guisherd showed up dressed from head to foot in black and fired a couple of dozen rounds just because it is so easy to do. The authorities have speculated he was trying to hit friends of Doto, but thanks to either poor marksmanship, or eyesight he managed to miss everyone except her.

The Huffington Post reports police and medics performed an emergency C-section on the 26 year old woman who was eight months pregnant. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital and the baby died several hours later.

Guisherd is now on the lam and there is a $40,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

He isn't the only one.

Pennsylvania police are also searching for Eric Matthew Frein. He is accused of staging a cold blooded ambush last Friday which ended in the death of one state trooper and the wounding of another.

Frein--and see if this doesn't sound a tad familiar--is being described as a bit of a loner and survivalist, who at age 31, still lived at home with his mother and father. His old man, a retired army major, taught him how to shoot and kept a few weapons around the place, despite what appears to be a long history of overt hatred of law enforcement officers and fantasies of carrying out a mass shooting. In fact his views and wet dreams were so well known by acquaintances that, after interviewing them, a police spokesperson described the shooting as, "not unexpected."

The father told investigators two weapons, a .308 rifle with a scope, which is believed to be the weapon used in the shooting and an AK-47 are missing from his house. He described his son as an excellent shot who, "doesn't miss."

Thanks for the heads up, Dad. You know that information might have come in handy to someone before last Friday night.

Fearing a repeat of the Sandy Hook elementary school nightmare, the Pocono Mountain School District's ten schools have been closed down as the search for Frein fans out across the area.

Wild Eric Frein borrowed his father's car in order to get to the Blooming Grove state police barracks where the shooting occurred. However, not being the brightest bulb, during the getaway he drove the Jeep SUV head long into what is being described as a swampy area and had to abandon it. Police say they found everything from shell casings, to camo face paint, to information about foreign embassies in the vehicle.

Proving a murdered highway patrolman is worth a little more than an inner city woman and her baby, the reward for Frein is sitting at $75,000.

Finally, in the fighting windmills department, the parents of Jessica Ghawi are suing four online sellers of ammunition, tear gas, high capacity ammo clips, and body armor. Sandy and Lonnie Phillips' 24 year old daughter was murdered by Jimmy Holmes along with 11 other people at an Aurora, CO movie theater two plus years ago.

The San Antonio couple allege Holmes equipped himself with 5,000 rounds of ammunition, a 100 round ammo clip, two tear gas grenades, and four pieces of body armor from the web sites of firms called, Lucky Gunner, Bullet Proof Armor, BTP Arms, and Sportsman's Guide.

According to the suit, "It was highly foreseeable to the defendants that their potential customers included persons with criminal intent, including James Holmes."

Highly foreseeable yes, but as long as it's legal and the people who run such businesses don't give a rat's ass if a drooling maniac buys their stuff, don't count on a favorable decision--not to mention any changes in the way those clods market their wares.

Even if the Phillips family does win look for the NRA to wrap itself in the constitution and finance the appeal, because that is exactly what they do. There is no body count too high for them to compromise even an inch.

So there we have it. Two more savage losers with access to guns are running amok and then we have the people who gleefully sell all the accoutrements to them without question.

Who says America has gone soft?


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