Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cheneyspeak, More Polls, and the Poor S.O.B.

Here we go. Barack Obama takes to the airwaves tonight to let us know what action America is going to both take and not take against the Islamic State.

Today our old pal Dick Cheney addressed some right wing outfit known as The American Enterprise Institute. He had these words of advice, "Our president must understand we are at war and that we must do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to win."

NBC reports this nugget of wisdom came a day after Cheney addressed congressional republicans about mid east foreign policy.

Senate majority leader, Harry Reid responded to all this Cheneyspeak by issuing a statement which said, "Dick Cheney is more responsible than anyone else for the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the nation." That is a diplomatic way of  saying, "Listen you gruesome fuck, if you hadn't invaded Iraq for absolutely no reasons beyond ego and profit none of this shit would be happening now."

Meanwhile those busy as beaver pollsters over at NBC and The Wall Street Journal made some calls, crunched numbers, and came up with a few facts. Back in April, 47% of Americans thought the United States should be less active in international affairs. As of a few days ago that number had dropped to 40%.

In addition, 27% now believe we should be more active in foreign affairs, which is up from 19% five months ago. The percentage of people who think our involvement in foreign affairs, rather like baby bear's porridge is just right, went virtually unchanged and still hovers around 30%.

While those numbers would seem to indicate most of us have very little interest to dive head long into some sort of mid east maelstrom, the telling question was, "Is taking military action against ISIS in the United States' national interest?" 61% answered yes, while only 13% said no.

You have to hand it to that vast collection of sociopathic monsters known as Islamic State. It was going to take a lot to get this nation fired up for more military violence, but because of their willingness to show the world how truly evil and barbaric they are, they've managed to do it.

So what does all this mean when it comes to those jockeying for the pole positions in the 2016 presidential contest? According to NBC, when you break the numbers down by party, 41% of republicans want us more involved in the miasma known as the middle east, not to mention elsewhere, as opposed to 15% of democrats.

Two things immediately come to mind, at least in the short term. Rand Paul's sales pitch just got tougher. He has staked out a territory known as neo-isolationism and recently bragged he could win over democrats and independents in a national election by convincing them Hillary Clinton is an over the top hawk.

Yes, that is all fine and good, but you have to get the nomination first and if the majority of your party actually are over the top hawks you have problems. Besides, there isn't a single tea bag loon out there who wants anything to do with a candidate who will actually appeal to left wing democrats.

As far as Mrs. Clinton is concerned the far left might not particularly like what she thinks when it comes to international policy, but when the only alternative to her is some corrupt beast who could well end up being Dick Cheney Part Deux, they will vote for her. Trust me--nowadays nihilism is strictly reserved for the American ultra right and bitter losers turned psychopaths who are cutting off heads for heresy and fun.

The President of the United States of America will speak to the nation shortly. The only thing we can count on is every republican in the nation will despise whatever he says. They will call him a foreigner, a communist, a Muslim, an incompetent, and everything in between.

The rest of us will understand the poor S.O.B. simply never had a chance from the day he was inaugurated.


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