Monday, September 15, 2014

A Long NRA Type of Weekend

It started to go downhill last Thursday.

That is the day sixth grade teacher, Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery had a bit of a mishap in the faculty restroom of Westbrook Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah. It seems Ms. Ferguson-Montgomery has a license to carry a concealed weapon and thanks to Utah law can do so with impunity even on school grounds. In fact the statute is so strict school administrators not only can't stop her from carrying a weapon, they can't even ask her if she is packing one.

The good folks of Utah might want to re-think that particular piece of legislation because we all know what is coming next. Ferguson-Montgomery's firearm went off, "accidentally" while she was in the loo. The round slammed into a toilet causing it to explode. The educator who has been teaching for 14 years, was wounded in the lower leg by flying shards of porcelain and perhaps even fragments of the bullet.

The police did not release any information describing the teacher's position, or posture, when her pistol went off, however NBC does say she is listed in "good" condition at a local hospital. In addition classes were not interrupted, presumably because the learning process should not be disturbed just because a good person with a gun stopped a bad commode without one.

Tragically, on Friday things turned much more deadly.

Around 11pm that evening Pennsylvania State Police Corporal, Bryan Dickson and Trooper Alex Douglass were ambushed just outside the Blooming Grove Barracks, which is 35 miles east of Scranton. The shooting occurred during a shift change. One of the officers was reporting for duty as the other was leaving. Dickson was killed and Douglass seriously wounded.

The perpetrator, or perpetrators are still at large. If the authorities have any clues about who, or why--other than the obvious one, that being the shooter is not only armed, but nuts--they are withholding them from the media.

Early Sunday morning, proving once more nothing good happens on the street after two am, Anchorage, Alaska police say an argument took place between members of a family and their friends outside of a place called the Kodiak Bar and Grill. In typical American fashion someone decided to settle the dispute, not with passionate discourse, or compromise, but by trying to blow the heads off those stupid sons of bitches who can't see how wrong they are.

Luckily the shooter, or shooters--police are searching for two suspects--had impaired marksmanship. Six people were wounded, one critically, but as yet, no one has died.

Then it got worse.

Late Sunday morning in Philadelphia, 26 year old Megan Doto was sitting outside talking to a neighbor. A car came down the street and someone inside it opened fire, striking her in the face with at least one round.

Doto was eight months pregnant at the time of the shooting. She was rushed to a hospital, but couldn't be saved. Doctors performed an emergency C-Section in order deliver the baby, but it also died shortly after birth.

NBC reports police found as many as two dozen shell casings a short distance away. Philadelphia authorities are speculating the real target of the drive by was a friend of Ms. Doto and she was hit by accident.

Perhaps her killer should spend a little more time at a gun range to hone his, or her shooting eye and exchange ideas on proper form with those two deadly geeks from Anchorage. After all what good is a firearm if you can't hit who you are shooting at?

Yes it was a long NRA type of weekend. Once more we've proven the dreadful fetish is still in full bloom. Apparently there isn't an American male alive who needs to ingest Viagra in order to get an erection--all he has to do is load his weapon, then whip it out and use it.

In the face of all this stupidity and vicious barbarity, how dare we call ourselves a civilized nation?


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