Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Saturday Recap: Genocide, Blame the Victim Games, Another Rough Night in Ferguson, and the NRA Moment of the Week

If this week has taught us anything it is you'll never be able to accuse humans of acting humanely. Indeed, the entire concept of behaving civilized has escaped massive portions of the species, calling into question that whole theory of evolution thing.

The AP is reporting that about 12 days ago a large number of Islamic State fighters surrounded the Iraqi village of Kocho. Most of the town's population belong to the Yazidi religion. According to the IS, being Yazidi is a capital crime, which in itself isn't unusual, since the outfit's brain trust thinks every religion in the world, other than theirs, merits a death sentence.

Unfortunately for the Yazidis, they are stuck living in the same place where these demented geeks are running amok. Yesterday the IS moved its men into the town and gave everyone a choice. You could convert to their version of Islam--because after all, no other flavor will do--or die. According to witnesses when 80 some odd Yazidi males refused the demand they were marched to the outskirts of the village 10 and 12 at time, then gunned down with assault rifles. Afterward IS men walked through the carnage firing pistol rounds into the bodies of anyone who might be still be alive.

There is a flashback a lot of people, especially older Jews, could have done without.

The AP reports surviving witnesses say afterward the Yazidi women and children were carted off to the nearby town of Tal Afar. At this point no one has been willing to hazard a guess what is going to happen to them, although given what has gone on so far, the odds are when we do find out the answer words like horror and outrage will be used to describe it.

Photos and or videos of the massacre will, no doubt, be posted on the internet by the IS, if they haven't been already. That's because, unlike the Nazis who perpetrated similar atrocities, these grotesque fucks are more than happy to brag about how evil they are.

Meanwhile here in the states a number of people in Ferguson, Missouri decided to cash in on the death of Michael Brown by looting a few stores last night.

Brown was the unarmed teenager shot a week ago by a white Ferguson cop, who was identified yesterday as Darren Wilson. In the never ending game of blame the victim, Ferguson police chief, Thomas Jackson claimed Brown was suspected of using strong arm tactics to steal a $49 box of Swisher Sweet cigars from a convenience store prior to his death.

Actually there is some evidence that Brown did commit the crime. However, according to Jackson once again, Officer Wilson was unaware Brown was a robbery suspect at the time of the shooting.

Oops. That means, without any knowledge of Brown's alleged crime, Wilson shot an unarmed kid multiple times--one who, three witnesses say, was holding his hands up in the air to show he was unarmed as he attempted to surrender.

In a fit of rage, irony, or simply the DT's a few of the demonstrators broke into Ferguson Market and Liquor and began looting it despite the loud objections of many others in the crowd. It is the same place Brown was accused of stealing the cigars from. In the end about a dozen protesters cleared the store of looters and stood in front of it, protecting it from further damage.

After starting their campaign to sully the image of Michael Brown, the local police began an attempt to restore theirs. Only one tear gas canister was fired last night while the armored vehicles, dogs, and rubber bullets which had been previously employed by the authorities were absent.

Then finally, we have our NRA moment of the week. Early Tuesday morning Easton McDonald woke up in his Winchester, Virginia home when the burglar alarm went off. McDonald, a Sgt. with the Loudon County Sheriff's Department, armed himself and began to investigate. When he saw a shadowy figure entering through the garage door he opened fire, apparently, without warning, or saying something like, "Hey, who's there?"

His marksmanship was impeccable. The suspected prowler was hit and went down. The only problem was Sgt. Easton McDonald put a bullet, not into a would be thief, but his 16 year old daughter.

After he realized what happened Brother McDonald attempted to drive his kid to the hospital, but ended up in a car wreck. EMT's finally got her there and she is listed in "stable" condition at this time.

So there we have it. Genocide, the start of a foul PR campaign, looting, and outright stupidity.

Yes, given the current circumstances it seems safe to say Mr. Darwin's ideas could use some serious tweaking, at least when it comes to Homo sapiens.

If anyone asks, I'll be in the bar.


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