Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Dispatches: Malaysia Airlines Takes a Hit, The Ebola Conspiracy, The Newest Citizen of the Islamic State, and Gov. Fallin Can't Have it Both Ways

MSN news is reporting there is big trouble at the headquarters of Malaysia Airlines. According to an on line story the company has announced it will soon lay off up to 6,000 of its 20,000 employees. The outfit is also looking for a new CEO, although not a new name--something a lot of marketing wonks think must happen if the airline is to survive.

Of course there are more than a few people around who wonder if the corporation should survive. Let's face it, when a person, or persons unknown commandeers one of your planes, along with 293 people and flies it off into the murky netherworld of the Twilight Zone, then another is routed over an war zone and gets shot down, serious questions about competency will be asked.

According to the airline's own stats there has been a 11% drop in passengers, although that figure might be wildly optimistic. MSN's report also notes some of the few brave souls who still fly Malaysia Airlines have taken to posting mid flight photos of nearly deserted cabins.

In the It is All a Conspiracy Department, citizens in Nzerekore, Guinea went a little funny in their collective heads when, for some inexplicable reason, they came to believe health officials were spraying the ebola virus throughout a local market in order to infect people with it. MSN quoted the president of the Guinea Red Cross as saying the run amok rumor his organization was attempting to spread the disease was, "...totally false..." Of course in the minds of die hard members of the conspiracy community, he would have to say just that, otherwise it wouldn't be--you know--a conspiracy.

Apparently none of the rioters, many of whom were armed with clubs and guns, thought to ask the most obvious question. It being, why would the Red Cross do such a thing? However, given the breaking news, there can be little doubt YouTube accounts are being created at this very moment which will give us indisputable evidence of Iluminati involvement in the deadly plot.

As a result of the violence health workers were forced to seek shelter at a local army base while troops were deployed to quell the rioting. There was no word on the number of casualties.

A Fox report says Nidal Hasan, the savage crank who murdered 13 soldiers and wounded another 32 at Ft. Hood in November, 2009 has written an open letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS. In it, he, "humbly" requested he be granted Islamic State citizenship. The Fox talking heads, predictably, vented their stunned outrage. Why they should be surprised by anything Hasan says is a bit of a mystery. The former army major has repeatedly told everyone who will listen that before he opened fire he had decided to defend Islam with deadly force. He has also claimed he should be treated as a prisoner of war.

Even if granted citizenship, the newest member of the Islamic State will continue to sit on death row until he takes a needle in the arm for his new team.

Finally, today's The Oklahoman reports governor Mary Fallin, who is up for re-election in November, is also outraged, but for a different reason. Earlier this year the tea party hacks in the legislature dumped out of the Common Core education program because--well--it sounded like something Barack Obama liked. The article, by Tim Willert, points out the immediate result of the legislation has been the loss of a flexibility waiver under the No Child Left Behind Act.

The waiver would have allowed Oklahoma to use right around $30 million of federal education funds however it saw fit. As of today, the state is required to spend the money on, "tutoring and transportation at schools now considered to be in need of improvement."

Willert quotes the governor as saying, "It is outrageous that President Obama and Washington bureaucrats are trying to dictate how Oklahoma schools spend education dollars."

The story said U. S. Department of Education Assistant Secretary, Deborah Delisle told state schools superintendent, Janet Barresi the waiver was denied, "because Oklahoma can no longer demonstrate that the state's standards are college and career ready standards."

In her befuddled anger, Fallin whined Oklahoma was being punished for repealing Common Core, which was developed, not by Obama, but the National Governor's Association.

In addition to Fallin's maniacal blubbering, Willert reported reaction to the decision by three educators and one democratic legislator. They all said the loss of the waiver was a done deal the moment the governor signed off on the repeal of an act she once supported and that no one should be surprised it happened.

And there we are sports fans. Sometimes, no matter how real the delusions might be, you just can't have it both ways.

Ladies and gentlemen, for obvious reasons, the bar is now open.


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